I'll Show You Mine, If.....

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A delicate operation.

She took his hand and teased the twine off his wrist, rolling it slowly over his hand and the bandages.

She should have taken it off first, before she’d bandaged him.

“It was a devil to get off me from that other place. If you intend to put it back on me there to reclaim that territory (she did), I’ll have to show you how to do it. It’s tricky. And I’ll have to come out of you.”

She nodded, raising herself off him slowly.

To pee, or not to pee? That was the question.

He was not so hard or so obvious now, but there was still a hell of a lot more of him than she remembered. She no longer felt that overpowering urge to pee, now that he was not in her. She could wait.

She was losing even more of him now. There was a lot of ejaculate running from her onto his pubic hair and legs... she hadn’t remembered there being this much... until she put her panties up to herself. She was wide open again, just as she’d been that evening in the bath when she’d investigated herself down there. It had felt as though she could have put the Eiffel tower in there. (One of the girls again, from that posh school).

It took her a while to recover.

She sat over his legs and passed him the twine, so that he could show her what to do, and then letting her do it.

This would be fun, if they had time for her to finish it before he got too excited for her to continue, or she had to go for a pee, but not both.

He showed her what to do without untying it. She made four loops at his direction, sliding them together, down over his penis as he watched.

He responded well to her doing that.

They were quite loose on him. She pushed them as far down on his penis as possible; the Vaseline... and her... still on him, helped. There was nothing loose enough about them that she could ease all four of them over his balls at the same time. So how...?

She looked up at him for direction, as he talked her through it.

’Snug up the last three turns on my shaft, love; fairly snug, you won’t hurt me there, and loosen the first loop, the one closest to my balls.”

He’d just called her... 'Love'.”

This, what she was doing with his direction, was strangely funny to her, and was even fun, in a serious kind of way. She knew how it would end. She might not even finish before…. Not that it would matter.

She was as eager as he was to be doing this, barely able to contain her building excitement to be doing this thing that neither of them would ever be able to talk about in polite company, but a lot of things like that happened in private, between those in love.

He felt that, her delicate touch, with her anxious to do this for him, finding it to be so enervating for them both. Too enervating!

It would become more difficult to do, the harder he became and as he swelled more under her touch. He’d been like this when she’d first tied it. She remembered her excitement then, and had dreamed of it many times since.

She giggled at what she was daring to do, smiling at him, blushing, focusing so intently as she was, upon a man’s penis for the first time in so many years. And he was a man for sure, now, though he’d been a man where it counted even ten years ago.

He was blushing too, and he was feeling her touch, responding to it, his breath catching in his throat.

She leaned in to kiss him as he held her breasts.

“Patience, Steve, my love.” They both liked the sound of that.

“There is enough of a loop there now, to go… carefully, mind you… under my balls, if you do it one testicle at a time—lifting carefully though, easing it delicately, please—and keep it all, those turns, as low down on me there, on my shaft, as you can. It will be a tight fit, but not too tight, then you can do the other testicle.”

It was hilarious, as well as serious!

He was beginning to pulse, until he focused upon something else to take his mind off that. He thought about castrating Spiro, except that might be too much at this moment, and he shouldn’t think of anything that might involve removing even that vicious little donkey’s balls, and not the way a vet did it. He definitely shouldn’t think of the vet scrunching those balls up like that, even with Spiro under local anaesthetic and not knowing a thing that was happening, but at least it had helped head-off his own reflexes, ‘at the pass’.

She felt how loose and slippery in that sack, his balls were in her hand. They could be dealt with one at a time, if she was slow and careful, taking her cue from him and what he said. They’d had so much fun doing these simple things all that time ago, and they would do them again.

They both laughed over her closely focused attention to this. Although he’d once been focused just as closely on her vulva and everything she was showing him at one time... several times.

As she focused on that, he reached over to touch her more firmly on the breasts, to kiss her, or to caress her down there, feeling how receptive to him she would be, once they’d completed this.

He watched her do the first one. She was so delicate about it, easing one of his balls at a time through the loop as she concentrated on what she was doing, her tongue held just between her lips.

Who would ever have thought that two lovers might ever get up to this?

She was already getting him excited again by these gentle manipulations.

He sighed. “One turn, down; three turns to go.” He would not survive. “Now, tighten that first loop up by pulling the second loop open this time, tightening the others up again, even the one on the other side, and under my balls, and repeat it.” They were both getting into the swing of this.

She followed his guidance. There was an art to this, but time was not going to be on their side. They might have to stop and get something else out of the way again first. She would need to watch that timing for herself, as well as listening to him.

It would be no big deal if they had to pause for a while.

“The only really delicate part of the operation is getting my individual balls through each loop. It cannot be rushed.”

She knew that. But he was still nervous. His balls did that for him.

She repeated that process with the third, and then the final loop, until everything was as she’d originally done it, with that ‘ring’, resting snuggly under his balls and tied over his penis.

It would have been difficult for him to take off, but it had been exciting to put it back on.

She smiled at how cleverly it had been done, but the situation had now become suddenly urgent again.

He was more than ready for her again by then, so she moved over him again and sat down upon him, exactly as before after removing her damp panties from where she was still open for him. He soon discovered that she was more than ready for him to go back into her. She usually had been ready for that.

There was no difficulty this time, but there hadn’t been much, before.

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