I'll Show You Mine, If.....

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Will I see you here tomorrow?

“Will I see you here, tomorrow?”

“He was startled over that question.”

“Do you want to see me here? I thought…?”

He thought she'd been laying claim to the lake? She took a deep breath. Never mind what she’d hinted at before, indirectly.

“I think I’d like to see you here.”

He seemed startled that she would say that. Girls didn’t usually want anything to do with him, which was why he tended to look after himself and to come out here, miles away from anywhere.

She added another comment after that, repeating herself and not knowing why she said it.

“I think I would like that. I like it up here too, and it's nice to have someone intelligent to talk with (she’d look up ‘lithesome’, but she knew what he’d said). We could swim together.”

He managed a smile. His face brightened up. “I would like that too.”

She’d hoped he might.

She turned back to look directly at him. “How old are you, Steve?”

“Thirteen. And you?”

“Almost fifteen.”

So, she was fourteen, and a ‘developing’, fourteen, with interesting breasts and soft skin, and she wasn’t all that shy, not after that first moment… and he’d only just turned thirteen.

He was a mature, thirteen.

She seemed friendly enough now, and was not too shy to talk.

She’d liked his lunch and had appreciated his towel.

She pulled his towel out from behind her. Her vest was dry enough, and she dressed as he watched her struggling not to fall over. She would have to leave her bra off, with him watching.

The sand was not good footing, so she sat down in the sand near him, knowing that he still watched everything she did.

When she looked at him his eyes quickly turned away, but she’d seen his interest in her.

Why was he so interested in her? Her lack of clothing?

It made her even more curious about him.

She used his towel to clean off her feet before pulling on her jeans up to her knees, and then her socks and riding boots, keeping her feet in the air as she laid back in the sand, not wanting to pick up any more sand, except it got everywhere. She couldn't take her panties off, here.

He was fixated on her panties as she did that just in front of him, struggling to get her jeans on, with her feet waving in the air. Everything she did seemed to interest him, especially there, as her panties moved around and as she adjusted them higher on her and ran her fingers around the edge of them, front and back, revealing... what? He wasn’t sure. But he looked.

He could have done that for her.

He was obviously curious about what he might see as she struggled with everything.

He would be out of luck. As a boy, he would always look, except all he would see would be that embroidery on her panties.

He was a typical boy; annoying... in a way, and too damned curious about the wrong things. However, he was also... different... that word again, and ‘interesting’, in a way she wasn’t sure about.

“I’ll try to come up here tomorrow at this time then. Will you be here?” She wanted to be sure she’d heard him correctly.

He nodded. “I’ll be here.”

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow… Steve. Your leg should be okay by then.”

She turned away and walked to her horse, snugged up the girth, untethered the horse, and led it over to the small stream to drink that, rather than the lake water. She looked over to him as the horse drank. He was still watching her.

She felt excited. Why was she excited? She answered her own question.

Because he was different, and he was her first, male friend. For a boy he didn’t seem so bad.

She rode away with a gentle wave of her hand back at him. He was still watching her.

She heard his engine start on his bike, somewhere behind her, hearing him descending the track into town as she rode home in the opposite direction, leaving them both with a lot to think about.

She remembered what she hadn’t done, feeling sand still on her, inside her panties.

She stopped the horse, ground tied her, and began to strip down her jeans, and then her panties, shaking the sand out of them, wiping along the crease between her legs and her body to get the last sand grains off her. She hadn’t been able to do that with him watching her.

She’d have a shower when she got home, to get at the rest, still sticking along her vulva. Her bra could stay off.

He had been different. And he was shy, though he’d tried to hide it. Unusual for most boys. She would have a lot to think about tonight.

She would embroider his initials, at the back of a different pair of her panties for tomorrow.

Why? Why not?

‘SG’. If her mother asked, she could tell her it was for ‘sui generis’, ‘one of a kind’. She was, after all, one of a kind. So was he. And what her panties hid of her, was also one of a kind.

What was even more strange was that she realized that she was looking forward to meeting him again at that place tomorrow.

That, was not her usual style. Typically, she went out of her way to avoid boys.

Damn. She’d left her bra on a rock.

She went back and looked around, but she couldn’t see it.

He must have taken it with him.

She smiled. He’d bring it tomorrow. So he would be here.

He’d had a mischievous glint in his eyes once or twice, and he’d been as curious about her, as she had been about him as she had seen to his scratch.

For some reason she couldn’t fathom, her heart was beating faster than usual, and she was feeling excited and even breathless, thinking about tomorrow.

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