I'll Show You Mine, If.....

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Relaxed friendship.

Close to the end of their second week doing this, they were fully relaxed with each other, swimming in only their underwear.

As they laid in the sand, by a fire he’d built on the shore, Babs bravely unsnapped her bra to give herself some relief from its uncomfortable tightness, watching him trying not to watch her as she did that. She laid back, covered by it, getting herself comfortable, closing her eyes as she dried out, digging a shallow hollow in the dry sand by moving her body from one side to the other.

He watched, of course. He was deeply interested in everything about her, and she knew he would be watching her even now... could feel his eyes on her.

He hadn’t said anything, but he’d noticed. Oh, yes… he’d noticed!

She was adequately covered for the moment, but it could easily change at any time she chose, or when she decided to become accidentally careless. It was warm in the sun. The fire was warm too, crackling away, but she could hear the insects over that noise. It was so nice to relax, away from all cares; easy to dream.

She awoke.

She hadn’t realized she’d relaxed enough to doze off, but she had, even if only for a minute or two. She turned to look at him to see what he was doing.

He was lying on his front, close beside her, watching her attentively, blushing, and smiling. He said nothing.

Why was he smiling?

She remembered what had woken her up. He’d lifted her bra to put it back over her breasts. It had pulled loose as she’d moved around to get drier and warmer and it must have slipped from covering her, or it had even been completely off. Her panties had slipped too.

She checked, hoping to not be too obvious about it. She was mostly covered down there.

He’d obviously looked, but he hadn’t touched, or pulled at her panties to adjust them for her… or moved them out of the way because of his own curiosity. He’d only lifted her bra back over her breasts, but he hadn’t wanted to. She knew that already about him.

“I didn’t mean to wake you up. You slept so nicely but your… things… had moved off you, and I know how shy you are.”

She sat up suddenly, clutching at her bra as it fell away from her.

She wasn’t that shy! Not now. So he’d seen her breasts. It hadn’t been for the first time, though previously there’d been only fleeting glimpses.

He’d closed his eyes, even miming, covering his eyes with his hands as though shocked at seeing her there, so that she wouldn’t be scared or embarrassed by him seeing her like that.

In truth, he seemed more scared and embarrassed than she was, waiting for her to tell him off for that, and for staring at her.

She didn’t say anything.

It was about time for things to change.

She took a deep breath and calmly put her bra over the log beside them, saying nothing, before she sat back against it.

She’d found courage from somewhere to leave it off. She didn’t need it around him.

He could look at her there as much as he wanted to look now.

She wouldn’t do anything with her panties to adjust them to where they should be. He’d seen enough of her there too as he’d watched her different times. He might even have lifted them away from her to see what most interested him about her there too, as she’d dozed, but he hadn’t. They were loose enough, and light enough that she wouldn’t have noticed. He wouldn’t have seen much.

He was always curious about her that way, and he was no longer so shy, just as she was no longer so fearful or concerned.

He’d soon see more of her. It was getting to that time when they should learn more about each other and, being older than him, she would have to be the one to guide that along.

She should just get rid of them too. But not yet.

That inner voice warned her.

He was no threat to her, and he liked to observe her, so she would let him look as much as he wanted to, but she wouldn’t overdo it the first time. She went half-way, and left her bra off, but didn’t adjust her panties. It didn’t matter that much now.

They sat and shared lunch again, now that they were warming up, while avoiding any admission, or conversation about what she’d just done.

They sat almost opposite each other beside the fire; their backs against larger logs. He would be able to see almost as much of her as he wanted to, considering where her panties were, sitting even below her hips as she’d moved around in the sand. He might be able to see some of her vulva, the top of it, and that lighter hair on it as she’d laid back again with her eyes closed, knowing he would look... wanting him to look.

She avoided looking at herself there, to see.

His ears were burning. He’d never seen a half-naked girl before who was so confident in herself and who constantly challenged him. He was nervous too.

His shyness was a delight for her to see. It said everything about him.

They could talk about some of those difficult, personal things now. About those peculiarities that distinguished girls from boys, and boys, from girls. They could ask their most-searching questions of each other. Soon, it would get to more interesting things as they gave their curiosity more freedom.

After they’d eaten, they laid back down by the fire again after he’d made it up. He hadn’t dressed fully this time either, and he had sand sticking to his underwear too. It was heavier material than her panties, but he had more to protect, to support, and to hide, than she did. He was also cautious around her, not letting her see too much of his body at any time, and he often adjusted himself behind his clothing... as boys did.

Why he was that way, she wasn’t sure. He was a boy and they weren’t usually so shy. He couldn’t help that ‘bulge’, down there, any more than her brothers could.

In truth, she was as curious about him, as he was about her.

She took his hand and moved it to rest on her midriff as she held it there, neither one place, nor the other, neither up, nor down, just yet. She felt him flinch, wondering what she intended for him.

He was nervous and would have pulled away, but she held his hand where it was.

“It’s nice to just doze off here in front of this fire. I don’t mind you touching me, Steve, if that’s what’s making you nervous.”

It was.

They should get more used to touching each other. They were friends, considering how they played so well together and talked, as they swam and explored around the lake.

She leaned over him, smiling, taking off her necklace as he watched how her breasts behaved, now that they were no longer constrained, and she swung her necklace, a small, silver cross that glinted in the sunlight, in front of his eyes as she leaned over him.

She could have captured him just as well, even much better, with her breasts swaying in front of him. They were doing that too, most of the time she moved. They weren't as small as he'd thought, and as they had first appeared.

She spoke in a monotonous voice. “You are feeling sleepy… sleepy. Your eyelids are heavy.”

His eyes slowly closed, going along with her game, alarmingly aware of how relaxed she was, to be almost lying onto him, letting her breasts touch gently at him as he touched her at the side, and as aware as she was, of how loose her panties were.

He, wasn't relaxed.

She didn’t seem shy.

“You will sleep. Sleeeeep. Sleeeeeeeep.” She drew out that word each time she said it.

He began to breathe deeply and steadily, letting out a fake snore, going along with this game, wherever it would lead. Hoping; as all boys hoped, and used to having his hopes dashed. One time... just one time... it would be different.

She whispered.

“Are you asleep?”

“yeeeees,” he sighed. “I am asleep.”

He wasn’t fooling anybody!

He was playing a game with her, as she was with him, needing to see what she would do next. He was also tense, not knowing what she intended.

She picked up a small leaf and tickled him under his nose with it.

He laid there, not responding, but nervously conscious of everything that she was doing. Tense.

“Yes, you are asleep.” She knew he wasn’t.

“Now what should I do first?” She spoke aloud to him, tormenting him with unspoken possibilities, but letting him know that she was planning something.

She blew gently over his face as she stared down at him, and then used the leaf to tickle him under his neck… on his closed eyes… and then upon each of his small nipples… nothing like hers. They didn’t become any more erect, like hers would have done had he been doing that to hers, and that were beginning to do, even then.

He did not respond. He could barely breathe with tense excitement.

She tickled him on his abdomen with the same leaf, seeing the muscles there, suddenly tense and stand out. How interesting! She did it again. Same response. He couldn’t help his muscles responding reflexively to that stimulating touch.

He said nothing, though he was clearly on edge; a bundle of nerves.

She moved down, and did the same thing along the waist of his undershorts. It provoked the same reflexive response with his muscles, but with no other response from him, personally, so she did something that she knew would get an instant response out of him.

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