I'll Show You Mine, If.....

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After that, things began to change between them even faster.

The following day, when he came, she was swimming ahead of him, undressing quickly and getting into the water when she saw him approaching.

He noticed that she’d left all of her clothes there, this time; her panties, as well as her bra. That thought excited him. Everything about her excited him.

She must have just got rid of them. They were still warm when he touched them to find out, as he sat down beside her clothing and began to undress too, but only as far as his underwear, again after some soul-searching.

What she was doing, watching him undress, to see how far he would go, was daring of her.

He could see flashes of her pale body in the water as she looked up at him.

He paused; wisdom told him that he shouldn’t take anything else off.

“You should leave all of your clothes off this time, Steve; like I did.”

She was challenging him, feeling very confident in herself and what they'd achieved with each other so far; wanting to move things along much faster between them. Summer was coming to an end.

He might be too shy just yet, to do that final thing. That 'almost', final thing. She might have to show him what to do for her, but he must already know what to do, with his body signaling his readiness for her the way it did.

“I did. I got rid of mine.” She repeated herself, emphasizing those words.

He could see that she was swimming nude for the first time.

“It’s more exciting and satisfying this way.”

She struck out away from him, swimming on her back very daringly, looking at him, showing that she really had got rid of everything, with nothing breaking the continuity of pale skin, from legs to head, and with her breasts breaking water, enticing him to join her.

He was dumbstruck, watching her floating on her back in front of him, letting him see everything at a distance, albeit indistinctly in the water… still trying to encourage him to join her.

He should do as she asked. He wanted to.

He almost fell in.

“My brothers used to come up here, and I’d watch them skinny dipping. There is nothing wrong with doing that if we are alone, together.”

She was misleading him. Her brothers had never bathed naked like this, and she’d never watched them, but he wouldn’t know that, or know her brothers. They’d never brought her up here either. She didn’t know if they even knew about this place.

He shook his head, at first. She put it down to him still being shy, though they’d made good progress in getting rid of that as they’d played together, letting things go a little farther forward between them almost imperceptibly. Almost. They both knew what was happening as they became steadily more careless about everything.

She’d found she was just as curious about him and his hidden body, as he was about hers, whether it was hidden or not. He'd seen hers often enough; a little here, a little there. He'd be able to touch her, soon.

She didn't want to swim alone, so she returned. She would swim later, with him. He watched as she lifted herself out to stand by him on the dock.

She was utterly naked this time, rubbing at her hair with her shirt where it had got wet, her breasts standing out beautifully for him to admire; moving as she moved, and stickling out more obviously from her with her arms raised. They were maybe not fully-formed yet, but they were already big enough to attract the admiring attention of any male, especially him, and her nipples were standing out. The cold water did that to them… and her emotions... when she was with him.

Her breasts moved gracefully, delightfully, even as she moved. He decided that they were exactly as they should be. He noticed that. He noticed everything about her, driving him wild.

She was smiling at him, knowing what she was doing to him, seeing changes that he had little control over behind his underwear. She would let him use the towel to dry her naked body when they climbed out to get dressed, but that wouldn’t be for another hour or even for two or three, if the weather stayed warm. They wouldn’t just swim. There were lots of things to do around the lake. She would be naked this time, even if he wasn't. He'd soon get into the swing of it.

She’d seen his body change like that before as they’d sat together and eaten their lunch, and she’d let him see progressively more of her body as she'd wiped sand off herself from inside her panties and off her skin. She knew a little about that change in his body. She had older brothers, and she was nosy, and curious.

One time she would ask to see him properly … there… the old, ‘I’ll show you mine game, if you’ll show me yours’. She would touch, too. It would all be done coyly. He would need to be led slowly, rather than pushed.

That was a boy’s game, but some girls were like that too. Or, as they played doctors… examining each other in detail. There were lots of variants to get to the same point… the clothes coming of... but they’d already got a head start on all of that by swimming together.

‘Spin the bottle’, was another one… as the participants sat in a circle with their legs apart and feet touching; taking off a piece of clothing, according to the rules as the bottle pointed at you. It slowly became more exciting as both, or more participants, lost more and more of their clothing to the delight of the other or others. It would be more exciting if only two played... facing each other... legs wide apart, feet touching, and the bottle between them.

She would ask so see him there, if she had the courage, or would just act, not giving him chance to refuse her but would remove his underwear for herself before he could stop her.

He said nothing. He was blushing, wanting so much to look up at her, even to touch.

“What’s the matter, Steve? Have you never seen a naked girl before?” It was an innocent enough enquiry.

He shook his head, not looking at her too closely. Girls could be strangely unpredictable that way. But not this one, for some inexplicable reason.

This was important to her enough, that she stifled any re-emergence of that older shyness which she’d abandoned soon after meeting him. She would have to lead the way. She didn’t have to think about it.

“I don’t mind you looking, Steve. We know each other well enough now. I think we are both curious about each other in that way, and we have been for the last week and more. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong in that, do you?”

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