I'll Show You Mine, If.....

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How could there be anything wrong with this?

He shook his head.


She sat beside him, then laid out along the jetty on her back next to him, wiping the water off her body with her hands, reaching out to touch him, to hold his hand (he eagerly did that, reaching out for her), and closed her eyes. She let the sun dry her, knowing that he was looking at her everywhere he could see. He was curious about everything; her breasts, and curious about a few curly hairs growing on her down there. He would always be curious about her body.

She sighed and moved her legs apart, so that if he wanted to, he could see even more of her as she dried out. He could touch too; investigate her body, if he wanted to, but she’d have to be the one to get that started.

She kept her eyes closed against the sun so that he would be able to see whatever he wanted to see, as she talked to get him, to try and relax.

He soon laid out beside her, still holding her hand.

She briefly opened her eyes.

His underwear was ‘tenting’, over him.

He was erect this time. She knew about that. He often seemed to get that way when he was swimming with her, if the water wasn’t too cool… and sometimes, even if it was.

She hadn’t asked him about that yet, but soon, she would.

When the sun felt too warm, she sat up from him and turned to face him, encouraging him to sit up and turn to her, letting him see more of her.

“We’ve been coming up and swimming now for almost two weeks together, Steve. I know you are curious about my body. I see you looking at me, trying to catch a glimpse, so I decided that you should see me, as I know you want to. You can touch, and hold my breasts, Steve, if you would like to.” It was about time they learned more about each other.

Was this her, actually saying this?

Would he like too?

He reached out and touched them, then held them. They were yieldingly soft, yet firm; wonderful. He said nothing.

“Now I want your hands please.”

She took them, feeling him trembling, and put them between her legs as she turned even more to face him, pointing things out to him, giving him an anatomy lesson that he would give her in return about his own body when they got that far.

After she’d done that, wondering if she should also reach out and touch him, (but deciding against it), she turned even more to face him putting her legs on either side of him, as he also sat up.

Finding courage from somewhere. It was important (she kept telling herself that), she put her legs wider apart for him, bringing them up to her buttocks so that nothing of her was hidden from him.

She felt no difficulty doing this now, taking confidence from his brief shyness with her. Her own shyness had totally gone. His would soon be gone, too.

He was so attentive to her she wanted to laugh in relief. He wasn’t too shocked by her forwardness, and she was being very forward. She bit back her concerns, seeing how entranced he was to learn everything about her. Everything! It helped.

She almost whispered, slowly gaining more courage from his rapt attentiveness.

“This is my... my vulva. All girls have one of these. Others call it a… quim. Or a more vulgar, four-letter swear word that begins with ‘C’, that I don’t like.” She wouldn’t say it. There were quite a few words like that.

He was enthralled. She took confidence from that.

They should have no secrets from each other from this moment forward.

“You can touch me there too, if you want to, Steve.” She was being very daring.

If he wanted to?

He was curious, and interested, so he touched, with her guidance. He was already lost.

She proceeded. “I have outer and inner labia... lips.” She indicated what she was speaking about as she pulled herself apart, inviting him to find out about those too, for himself.

He caught on fast.

He was intensely curious, fixated upon her there, his face very close into her to learn everything he could, now that this forbidden territory was being opened up to him, not believing that this could possibly be happening for him.

He touched, feeling her flinch.

“At the top,” she pointed…his eyes followed as he breathed into her there… he was so close, “is my clitoris, under this covering.”

She pulled herself open even more. She didn’t understand how she didn’t feel shy, doing this for a boy, but Steve was no ordinary boy. He was even much more than a friend, and she actually ‘needed’ him to know all of this about her.

“I think this is the equivalent of your penis, but I pee out of here… below it.” She showed him.

He was fascinated. He would like to see her do that.

No girl had ever shown this much courage with him before. He’d never been close to any girl before.

He was thoroughly captivated.

“If you move down along that soft groove… gently please,”

She flinched again, her breath catching in her throat, feeling very sensitive there, with him touching her, but he had been very gentle.

“Below everything, is this… my vagina. That’s the small hole into my body. You don’t have anything like this.”(He didn’t have anything like any of these parts.) She pointed to it and touched a little way into it to try and open it more, for him to see. “When I had my period, this was where that blood came from as I ended that cycle.” She would say no more about that.

“You don’t have an equivalent for that.” He had something that was of much more interest to her, but they’d deal with that later. “Your pee comes out of the same hole down the center of your thing… your penis.” She thought sperm did too, but it didn’t make sense for both things to come out of that same hole, did it? She’d have to ask.

“I’ll lie back here and let you find out all of this for yourself if you like. I don’t mind if you touch me anywhere at all now.” She knew he wouldn’t hurt her. He could do other things too, or try to, if he wanted to.

“You shouldn’t be shy you know? I’m not. If you want to see what a girl looks like, you should just ask anytime, and I’ll show you again. I won’t mind. I’ll always let you.” She wanted him to know that.

She’d liked to feel him touching her breasts, and he went back to those again, undecided which part of her body entranced him the most.

She was curious about him too but wouldn’t go there just yet.

They would soon be able to do other things too.

He swallowed hard and nodded. He would always want to see more of her, to touch more, and to learn whatever she would let him learn about her body.

Summer had just become much more interesting. She was very bold, and she seemed to know a lot more than he did.

He moved in closer, barely able to believe that open invitation as he inspected and touched her everywhere, but gently as he breathed upon her. She giggled and squirmed under his light touch all over her body, now that he knew that he was allowed to. It was the first time she’d actually invited him, or anyone, to touch her like this, but it had seemed necessary with Steve.

She warned him….

“Then it will be my turn, Steve, and you will explain to me what I need to know about you… if you are not too shy.”

And even if he was shy.

She would overrule him somehow.

That inevitability didn’t seem to scare him.

“There should be nothing to be shy about now, between us.”

She would really learn about him then.

With her leading the way, he would never be too shy, except, this first time would be difficult for him, for what she wanted. Soon, though.

Where the time went, she didn’t know, but it was getting late. Too late to ask him about his body, or to get him to show her. She’d ask, tomorrow, or take the bull by the horns and undress him herself. Maybe that would be the way to do it.

Get them to undress each other. That would be exciting.

They watched each other dress after that, but he mostly kept his back to her, while looking back often at her, smiling too, his face flushed. She thought she knew why. He’d become even more erect after touching her, sitting in front of her like that with his face so close to her. He was still shy about that, but he wouldn’t be shy for long.

She’d become breathless after noticing that about him before, and she was even more curious now, to see him properly, in the raw flesh.

He’d seen all of her. It would be her turn to see him, next. And to touch.

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