My Double Life

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All of us have secrets, some mild and some deep. Skylar Reigns is a normal teenage girl battling life at its most, still in highschool and working two jobs to help her single parent. Kendrick Gabriel, known bad boy and heartless soon enters her life. The two clash but will it bring happiness or destruction? Join her as she embarks on a journey of self discovery, dark tales and romantic paths.

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"Skylar, come down for breakfast." Mom yells

Sometimes I ask myself if yelling is her hobby. Seriously, she enjoys yelling a lot.

"Coming maaaaa." I shout back

I get up from my very comfortable bed and go into the bathroom to do my morning routine. After that is accomplished, I put on an oversized hoodie and some basketball shorts and go downstairs to a very pregnant mother and a loving desperately 'not trying to get on mom's bad side' father

"Good morning parents." I make my presence noticed

They turn their heads to face me and dad walks over and plants a kiss on my forehead.

"Skylar for goodness sake what are you wearing?" Mom asks

"Uh, clothes?" I answer vaguely

"Yeah but why those clothes?"

You know those moments when you're fighting in your head? Yeah, that's exactly what's happening now

"Uh, because you bought them for me to wear?" Seriously mother

She sighs, "I swear everyday I'm convinced that I gave birth to a boy and not a girl." She says taking her seat beside dad

"I don't see anything wrong with what she's wearing. If anything she looks cool." Dad says

He's only saying that because he doesn't want any boys near me. I see you dad

"You don't see it because you are the one that turned her into what she is with all those sport things." Mom says throwing her hands in the air

"Hey, what's wrong with me?" I fake a hurt expression

My mom has been complaining about the way I dress ever since I made her stop dressing me at a very young age. I was never a fan of dresses or skirts and my mom didn't approve. It's always funny to hear her complain about my dressing

"Normal thirteen year old girls don't dress like that and they bath, girl you are disgusting." She finishes

"It's the manly aroma mother." I laugh as I make her smell my armpits

"Get her away from me please." Mom laughs as she tries to shove me away from her

"Come on Sky, let's go play ball." Dad says carrying a basketball in his hands

"I love you mom." I kiss her forehead

"I love you more now get your stinky ass out of here." She laughs

I join my dad in the backyard and he throws me a basketball which I swiftly shoot into the hoop.

I've always loved playing all kinds of sports and my dad makes it his mission to make sure I learn how to play all of them. He's the coolest dad ever hands down

We continue playing ball until we were beyond exhausted and very much sweaty. Mom isn't going to be happy

We enter the kitchen and mom is already making lunch. Dad throws me a bottle of water and hugs mom from behind

"Eew, both of you in the shower now. I swear to God you are disgusting. Animals got nothing on you two." Mom pushes dad off and we laugh

Dad and I race to the top of the stairs and I win. I get into my room and into my bathroom and have a warm shower. I put on sweatpants and an oversized shirt with a digital watch on my wrist and go back down

"And here I thought your outfit couldn't get worse." Mom rolls her eyes causing me to laugh

"Sorry mother but I don't think it'll get any better than this." I laugh and she throws me a dishcloth. I tilt my head back and laugh even more

"Someday you're going to have a child and you're going to feel my pain." She tells me

"I don't think I'll ev-" I stop my sentence when mom screams in pain

I thought she was metaphorically speaking

"Mommy are you okay?" I rush up to her "Is it the baby?" She nods letting out another pain filled scream



Dad comes rushing down and sends me to get the baby's bag in their room. I quickly run up and retrieve the bag. I come bag down and dad is helping mom get into the car. I hand him the bag and he throws it into the back of the car

"I want you to stay here okay? I'll send someone over to come get you while mommy and I are at the hospital." He kisses my forehead and they drive off

But I wanted to go with. I guess it's too late now

Mom and dad have been gone for hours now and I'm bored to death. I go into the living room and play video games to pass time

"Skylar?" Somebody knocks on the door.

I carefully open it and Mrs Harrison is at the door. I open the door wider and she walks in

"Your dad asked me to pick you up." She informs me

"Are we going to the hospital to see the new baby?" I ask excitedly

"No dear, I'm going to take you to our house so you can be with Karen and not feel so alone." She calmly says

"But I want to see the baby." I whine, my eyes glossy with tears

"You will see the baby soon sweety, just go pack a bag and let us get going okay?" I nod, a little disappointed and turn on my heel

I go up and pack a night bag and soon we are on our way to the Harrison's.

"Skylar." Karen runs to me as we walk through the front door

"Hey Kay." I hug her and she drags me to her room

The Harrison's house is huge, maybe twice as big as ours if not more. Karen starts showing me her doll collection and her new make-up set.

She's such a girl


It has been three days since my parents left for the hospital and I haven't seen them since.

I have stayed over at the Harrison's for a while now and quite frankly I think I overstayed my welcome. I just want to go home

"Skylar, your dad is here." I instantly get up from the hammock, fall off but pick myself up just as fast as I fell to the ground

I run into my dad's arms and he embraces me.

"Are you here to take me home?" I ask and he nods


"That means I can go see the new baby." I jump up and down clapping my hands together

"Y-yes baby." He says sounding a little sad

My dad and I thank the Harrison's for allowing me to stay and taking care of me

"You are always welcome here dear." Mr Harrison says

We get into my dad's car and drive off. It's a little quiet so I decide to turn on the radio

"Wanna do sing alongs dad?" I ask him, the excitement of having a baby sister filling me to the brim

"Not today Sky." He sighs

I don't push it any further, I just look out the window creating images on how the baby could possibly look like.

I miss mom and her yelling, never thought that sentence would come out of my mouth either

"Is mom home too, she must miss scolding me doesn't she?" I ask dad and I notice his hands gripping the steering wheel tighter

He doesn't answer, I'm guessing his not in a good mood. We arrive home and I immediately run out the car and through the front door

"Mom I'm home." I shout but cover my mouth before she cuss me out about making so much noise when there's a baby around

There's no answer instead grandma walks out and she looks like she has been crying. My dad walks in and has the same look on his face

"Dad, where's mom?"

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