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The Odd One Out

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Chapter 2

"Are you trying to get thrown out?!"

Sitting in the uncomfortable seat once again, was me. My hands, chained along with my feet as I sat there slunk back in the leather armed chair facing my guardian and headmaster.

Headmaster Henrix; the name said it all. He was what humans would call the principal of academy; though much stronger and authoritative. He was the first of the Hybrid breed; his mix of Lycan and Drakul; however part of me sensed that there was a hidden line of witch within he and his family genes. Especially, when considering his vast amount of power. However, being bred into three different species was such a taboo that he never before felt confident enough to allow the outside world to know about.

I guess that is why I felt so much resentment toward him. No, it was not an out and out obvious thing to recognize his unusual abilities; however, because I knew within my being that there was more to him than a simply Lycan and Drakul mix, I could not help but feel that had he been brave enough to reveal that there was more to him than what met the eye, maybe things would have been a tad easier on me when I was younger. Still, too I guess I cannot be too angry considering it was that heckling and shunning that allowed me to grow the tough skin I have at present.

"Are these really necessary?" I asked stoically. "I'm sure they were just more review classes."

He heard the sardonic tone in my voice, and did not take too well to my teasing before continuing to answer. "I did not think they were until now!" he spat. "I fear I may have to use this method the remaining time that you are here because it now stands to reason that you cannot be trusted alone, Kai!"

Taking in an annoyed breath I returned. "I assure you, that I am not going anywhere right now." I haphazardly reassured. "Even if I wanted to." I added, concerning the three patrols standing near me. "By the way, was it really necessary to use the Hybrid division? They're a really aggressive bunch." I mumbled.

"Considering the other divisions hate your guts, I'd say the reasoning was simple." Kaius Falcone returned.

Kaius was one of the top guards of the Hybrid's Division; he was extremely talented at what he did; but his arrogance would not allow any commending concerning it.

The academy's ground patrol was set into four sects. Lycan, Drakul, Witches; and the most skilled of them all; the Hybrids, who were not just Drakul of Lycan blood; the Hybrids consisted of all breeds mixed of Lycan, Drakul or Witch. However, never is there one mixed of all three. Though, most consisted of the default hybrids; Drakul Lycans.

Considered the most powerful beings in the school, the Hybrids were widely known and greatly revered. Belonging to one of those four species, was near royalty to an extent; so having had two of one in your bloodline was clearly best of the best. Odd how, potentially having all three, or more would consider you an abomination.

The Hybrid division was never usually called upon actively because nothing was ever deemed serious enough to permission their tactic. Well apparently, I was the exception of course; being the 'erratic and ill-tempered mulbryd.

Kaius Falcone was the second in command to this high ranking student guard and a Drakul Witch; very few of those roaming around the school. And they were the second most powerful among the three most powerful types of hybrid in the Academy; probably even the whole town.

Gentry Stonewall, was third in command. And while he was just as talented as as Kaius, he followed him around, just as a simple minded Drakul Lycan would. He had much to live up to when considering the new brand of hybrids; his kind being the normal of exquisiteness.

Gunnar Price was the head of the Hybrid Division and rightfully so, considering who and what he was. Gunnar was the rarest of the hybrids, him being the only breed of Lycan Witch in the academy. Still though.....yes, his rare breed could have been an obvious explanation to why Gunnar Price emanated such power, but just as I felt with Headmaster Henrix; there was something more to this silent leader than what met one's eyes.

I guess it is easy to understand why someone would so desperately want to be a part of the Hybrid faction. Fortunately, I did not possess such a pathetic feeling. Nevertheless, even if I were so desperate for acceptation, I would be more than qualified for the position.

"So in other words, you're saying that they're afraid of me." I finally countered Kaius's insult with amusement.

"Don't flatter yourself, Kai." Gentry finally chimed in. "You're not worth-"

"Enough!" Headmaster Henrix finally intervened. His dominance always ceased confrontation.

When silence filled the room, I took it upon myself to cut it short. "Can I go now?"

"Absolutely not!" Headmaster bellowed.

Rolling my eyes, I turned away from him. "You do know that I am missing POL." I returned in irritation. As it happened, I quite enjoyed that class; one it being the last class of the day and two-well, it was very informative. That and the teacher was nowhere near as intolerable as Professor Moore.

"Seems that you are well aware of your Powers of Lycanthropy." Headmaster Henrix retorted in discord.

"Shifting my form is not enough t-"

"As far as I am concerned, Kai, you do not need to learn anything else concerning Lycanthropy or any other power, until you have learned to act appropriately as a student first and foremost!"

"Looks like being the Headmaster's charge has made you think that you can do whatever you want." Gentry muttered.

"Shut it, Gentry!" I snapped. "Why are you still talking?"

"Stonewall!" Headmaster scolded. "That is enough of your insubordination!"

Gentry, momentarily shamed, nodded his head. "I apologize for my disrespect, sir."

Accepting his apology with a nod, Headmaster Henrix returned his attention to me. "You cannot be trusted Kai. You're a loose cannon! And it seems you need to have a constant eye kept on you."

"So what? You're going to keep me here?" I retorted. "So I skipped a few measly review classes and went for a run. What is the big deal old man-"

"How would you know if they were review? You were not even present Kai. And while that is a huge problem within itself, it certainly is not the biggest!" I started to ask why when he obliged me. "You nearly passed the border, Kai!" he exclaimed. "That border is not to be crossed! And you know that! Do you realize the potential danger that you particularly can cause in making the slightest bit of contact with that protective barrier, pass the border?"

"No, do you?"

"No, Kai-and that is exactly why I do not want you of all students to go anywhere near it!"

"What is that supposed to mean?"

Headmaster Henrix sat back in his chair, near resignation. "Kai, sometimes I cannot believe the naivety I see from you at times. I cannot believe that you do not realize the potential of your being."

"Who is?" I retorted in defense.

"People that do not slack and disregard the professor's orders!" Headmaster returned with a point of validity. "And even when a person does not reach full potential yet, they have the discipline not to test the fates where others' safety are concerned!"

"I did not place anyone else in harm's way-"

"Kai," the headmaster said and then suddenly pausing. "The whole point in this matter is that you placed, not only the town as well as this academy in danger, but, ignorantly, yourself as well. Whether you realize it or not." his last comment regarding my own.

That was one point I had not took consideration of in all honesty. In further truth I did not care enough too. No one ever thought of me so why should I think of them? Though it certainly was not my intentions to place anyone danger. Still, I guess that persona was a consistent problem in my life. I did not care enough. I was near that of being numb when it came to feeling things. I did not say anything else, allowing him continuance of what else he had to say. It would surely make the time go faster.

Headmaster Henrix sighed in exhaust of me. "Kai, I am the headmaster of this Academy." he said. "But even I cannot prevent certain things." his comment, caught my attention, wondering what point he was arriving too. I looked up at him again, meeting his gaze. "The Board of Academy Masters will hear about this."

"Only if you tell them!" I returned, frustrated anxiety filling me. The one time of a rare few that I did feel alarm. I did not possess the determination to find other lodgings if I were to be expelled from the academy.

"And if I do not, and they find out a different way-the cost will be greater." Henrix said. "You cannot keep doing this-or they will exile you from not only this school-but the whole town." He returned. "And there will be nothing that I can do about it. It will be too late." I had nothing left to combat, concerning his caution. His harsh chuckle led to his next words."Sadly, even in my telling this to you, I fear you will not take heed to it." How well did this man know me? "Your punishment for this insubordination is a week in the Punishment Chamber."

"Wait! What? A week? You've got to be kidding me!" I spat. A week? "For skipping a measly review class?!"

"You are very well aware that your ditching classes is not the full reason." Headmaster Henrix replied.

"This is madness!" I hissed with frustration. "Do you ever even use that thing toward other students?" I asked incredulously. "Its a torture chamber!" Headmaster Henrix started to open his mouth but I was not finished. "I need my blood, old man, you know tha-"

An aggressive hand to my arm cut me off. "You will respect the headmaster." Gunnar Price curtly demanded.

Swiftly, Headmaster Henrix arose from his seat, it seeming Gunnar's abrupt gesture alarmed him slightly. "It's alright Price; its fine." he gave a reassuring smile.

Suddenly curious, I kept my thoughts concerning this odd conundrum to myself, snatching away from Gunnar's grip and returning to a more important subject.

"You know what happens, when I don't feed!"

"You go hungry." Headmaster Henrix simply answered, sitting back down in his seat. "Just as everyone else does."

It was at that moment that I remembered the fact that my and the headmaster's relationship, while was not hostile, did not consist that of opening up to one another. I never did expound him the truth of the rare moment in my life where true fear gripped me. To this day, the mere thought stirred a small fit of anxiety.

"Unless, there is more to it." Headmaster added, his words cutting me from my thoughts.

Suddenly, I had no more to say. "It's nothing." I found myself muttering, my gaze suddenly averted.

"What do you wish for us to do with her now, Headmaster?" Gunnar finally inquired, cutting the conversation short.

"Take her back to her dorm." Headmaster Henrix ordered, after a moment of his heated gaze on me. "She starts her week on Monday." he returned. "Until then, I want eyes on her-around the clock."

"What?!" suddenly my voice was back. "Don't you think that's a bit much?" I asked.

"No. Frankly, I do not think it is enough." He answered, gesturing for Gunnar, Kaius and Gentry to take me.

Gunnar Price nodded in affirmation before he grabbed my arm with aggression, lifting me from my chair.

"Hey! Easy!" I demanded, snatching away from him before heading for the door. "When do I get these things off me?"

"When you are appropriately confined." Headmaster replied. Begrudgingly, I left the room with Gentry, Kaius and Gunnar in tow. "Mister Price." he called before we left.

"Yes Headmaster." Gunnar turned curtly and replied.

"A moment alone if you will."

Gunnar nodded before turning to Gentry and Kaius, wordlessly ordering them to escort me back to my room on their on. Complying with his words, they started to my room, with me in tow."

"I didn't think that even you could piss off Headmaster to this point, Knox." Kaius grinned whilst we headed down the corridors.

I did not respond and only kept to my stride down the hall. Making an escape was unwarranted at this point, considering the trouble I was in with Headmaster Henrix.

"Yea, you're in a lot of trouble freak-zone." Gentry snickered.

"You spent a lot of time coming up that insult didn't you?" I replied sarcastically.

Kaius laughed. "That was kind of lame, Gen." he added. "Still, it must bother you being such a handful to the old man." Kaius said, talking to me again.

I shrugged. "When he decides to get rid of me. There is nothing that I can do. Until then, I will not fight my nature."

"It must suck being you, mulbryd." Kaius mumbled.

"I tell myself the same thing about your breed every single time I see you Kaius." I mumbled.

I could see that Kaius wanted to rebut. However he did not have the chance before Gentry interrupted with a question I considered to be very foolish as it held an obvious answer as far as I was concerned.

"Why didn't you just wait for Runner's Day?" Gentry asked. cutting through the silence as we made way down the secluded halls.

I scoffed. "I'd rather be exiled."

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