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Fairy Tales Gone Wrong

By Byoo1671 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Adventure

Chapter 1

I always had fit in.

There was nothing abnormal about me yet I wasn’t the dullest person either. Sure, I had a few hobbies, but I didn’t excel at anything particularly. My looks were average, believe it or not, and I wasn’t too smart either. In school, I wasn’t popular; my role was most that plain, average guy in your class who you notice but probably never talk to.

On the street, I was just one of those faces you see once in a crowd then forget about a few seconds after. No qualities of mine really stood out that much other than my sometimes orange, dirty blonde, or even purple dyed hair. I was a wallflower, really, and I liked it that way.

Life was just ordinary.

But God was kind enough to grant me four marvelous friends that I had befriended on my path of life. Sticking with them through struggles and obstacles made us change from acquaintances to friends to brothers. My memories with them were some of the happiest of my life. They were ordinary too; just like me. We goofed around, caused havoc, and made special memories.

We were just simply normal.

But there was a strange trait of mine which always made the guys roar in laughter and poke fun at it. I admit that is a bit atypical especially for a male, but it just became a part of me.

I love fairy tales.

I mean not only like the classic ones but also Disney stories with the princesses and things like that. It's something that little girls and satirical teenagers fancy so that's you can see why I've always been given a hard time because of it. And eventually I learned to hide this fact from everybody. Well everybody except my four closest friends, of course.

They grew used to my hobby, or maybe even obsession, but even so, they couldn't help but to mock me sometimes. It was their favorite ‘pick-on-Bryant’ past time. For instance, one of their favorite things to do was to refer to me as the princess and also maybe occasionally me their 'prince'. Yes, yes, it’s very funny guys. Very mature too.

Ever since I remembered, I've always chosen these beloved stories over others, and I really don’t really have a clue why. I’ve just taken a particular liking to them and prefer them over what regular boys my age would enjoy.

Once, when the guys and I were going to watch a movie, I chose to watch Tangled instead Tokyo Drift or whatever that action racing movie was called. And I didn't regret it, not one bit. People gave me strange looks when I stood up and clapped at the end of the movie when the credits were rolling, but I didn't care. That was a spectacular movie.

Disney, you did it again.

By the way, I share a dorm with the guys and a room with Noah, the youngest of us all, just a freshman in college. And since he always tries to act serious and mature, I guess because whenever he sees my personal shelf stacked with Disney and fairy tales, he cringes and grumbles something to himself. I am well aware that he isn't too fond of my interests but I'm not too happy to constantly deal with his obsession with weight training that I have to pay for by constantly tripping over dumbbells. It evens out.

So every Saturday, the five of us have a movie night since it was the only time all of us were pretty much available. It was a form of bonding to keep us all close together since university kept us all busy. And today, we were watching The Human Centipede which I didn't get since half of them are horrified by horror movies.

"Oh my god the ghost is behind him isn't it? Don't turn around! Don't you dare turn around! Don't- AHHHH" Noah threw the blanket over his head, now lying on the ground in a fetal position. A couple of us laughed at his reaction but the others were too frightened to do anything and were staring intently at the screen. Eventually Noah scrambled to his feet and dashed to the kitchen, screaming. "I'd rather watch Bryant’s sissy movies than this!"

I scowled, glaring daggers at the closed kitchen room. "Bite me!" I yelled back and returned to watching the movie, kicking Juan, the second oldest, lightly on the back. "Dude, why'd you pick this? You aren't even into horror movies."

"Well first of all it's my turn for movie night so I can choose whatever I want." He retorted, eyeing me. "And second, it's entertaining to get some screams from these idiots sometimes, right Jay?" He hit the male on the back, making him scream and elbow Juan in the stomach. He repeated the same process that Noah did and made a run for the kitchen.

I smirked at his pained expression, cupping my chin mockingly. "And how's that working out for you?"

"Shut up."

Holding up my hands in sarcastic surrender, I leaned back, sinking into the comfy couch and continued watching the movie with indifference. Horror movies weren't my thing either. I mean it's not real so what is there to be afraid about? The monster under the bed is a hoax and there is no such thing as the boogie man. Childish. Wow, aren’t I a hypocrite…

"I don't get it."

We turned our heads to where Noah and Jay were cautiously making their way back, eyeing the TV as if something was going to pop out. "If Bryant is so into princess and girly movies, why in the world is he not afraid of this?"

Then all eyes landed on me, full of curiosity. In response, I shrugged, staring them all down. "That's because horror stories aren't real."

Juan scoffed at my statement, judging me openly. "And fairy tales are?"

"Not exactly, but it's applied in the real world. Even if the story isn't real, I know that there is some form of it out there."

"Isn't that the same with horror movies? There's been talk of ghost hunting and the zombie apocalypse!" Noah blabbered on and was eventually hit by our second oldest who commanded him to stop talking because he'll only scare himself even more.

I rolled my eyes, tuning out the argument coming behind me until the doorbell rang, echoing into the now dead silent living room. Before Jay could yell out that it was the "monster", Henry, our oldest friend and a starter for our college football team, put him into a headlock and shut him up nice and good. Seeing that nobody made a move to answer it, I went ahead and took the chance to since they were either too lazy or scared to.

"Package for Bryant Wickerson!" A chirpy voice greeted, holding out a large package and a clipboard. I stared at the person, blinking.

"Package? I didn't order a package." I responded, confused, but she merely smiled, shrugging and looking like she honestly didn’t care.

"That's not my problem mister. I'm just doing my job." She stuck out the product even closer to me, practically shoving it against my chest. "Hurry up and take it please. I have six other deliveries to make and I don’t want to get home after midnight."

I reluctantly accepted the box, messily scribbling my signature before shutting the door. The delivery girl rushed away in a blink of an eye and it made me a bit speechless and dazed. Ok, what was that all about? Scratching my head, I closed the door silently and eyed my package. When I shook the box, I heard a faint rattling inside, making me wonder even more what this mysterious gift contained.

"Package!" Noah shouted, perking up everybody's attention as it shifted from the movie to the cardboard box currently in my hands. They always did like presents…

I shrugged my shoulders and set the box square on the wooden floor and within seconds everybody gathered around it like it was the most fascinating thing they've ever seen. We sat around for a couple of minutes, our imaginations just running around trying to guess what it contained.

"What did you order?"

"I don't know. I didn't buy anything."

"Well don't just sit there. Open it up!"

All the whining was getting to me as I finally made the decision to rip off the tape. It was filled with a bunch of crumbled newspaper which meant that it was fragile. My hands itched to remove the excess as I peeled the pieces away from the inside of the box, crumble by crumble, only to reveal a very antique looking mirror.

"A mirror?" Noah stared at it incredulously. "I knew you had a big ego, but I never knew you were narcissistic too."

"I'm not!" I snapped back after careful picking up the small yet heavy item. "And I told you. I didn't order it." Examining it, I noticed that it had some similarities with the mirror used in Snow White. You know, the one that talks, and apparently my friends did as well because in an instant, it was stolen from my hands.

Jay admired his work when he had taken down a hanging photo frame and replaced it with the mirror. The reflection showed all six of us staring directly at it, amazed. But the magical moment was ruined when Noah nudged Jay, asking whether the mirror would answer them if they asked it a question.

The whole group except for me again burst out into laughter, shuffling and pushing each other to ask questions like they actually believed the mirror would talk back. And before I knew it, I was caught in their grasp and shoved right in front of our new item, confused and annoyed.

"Oh great mirror, here is Prince Bryant of the angels! If a poor peasant like me may ask, when will he abandon his sissy movies and find a real queen to rule the land with him?" I glared at Henry for both his insults and his, if I may say, terrible acting skills. But the real agitation was when that smartass Juan began to open that big fat mouth of his.

"Peasant Henry, the time that Prince Bryant achieves this will be the period when Lucifer is accepted back into heaven!" He remarked in a squeaky voice. "This pitiful man will remain forever alone and end up marrying his collection of princess movies! Soon he will become Prince Bryant of Disney World!"

By now the whole entire dorm was filled with howling laughter and my cheeks burned at their embarrassing behavior. I'm pretty sure that the neighbors will stomp over here any minute due to the intense rowdiness that was happening. Not being able to handle all of this teasing, I yanked the mirror off the wall, tucking it under my arm safely before telling them all to cut it out and stop acting like a bunch of jerks.

"Aw come on. We were just joking around. Don't be such a party pooper!" Henry laughed, eyeing my mirror again. "But seriously who would give Bryant a mirror? It's his style, but it's weird. Are you sure you didn't order this?"

"Of course. We have so many mirrors in this place so why would I need another one? I'm not narcissistic- Don't you dare." I glared at Jay who was leaning over to whisper something into Noah’s ear but was instead caught by me. "I'm going to bed." I declared, stomping over to my shared room.

"Oh come on! We didn't even finish the movie."

"On second thought, I'm going to bed too."

"Noah! Come back here!"



Bryant carefully placed the mirror beside his bed, staring at his reflection for a while. Questions were running through his head. Who gave it to him and why? Was this some stupid prank from one of his classmates or something?

Otherwise, it was quite beautiful to look at especially at the ovular carved wooden border that adorned the plain mirror in the center. He admitted that it did remind him like the future telling mirror used in Snow White like his friends said but that's just a coincidence. There are so many mirrors in the world that look exactly like it so no big deal.

He shifted his gaze from the mirror to across from him where Noah was tucked into a thick blanket. The weather was turning more and more into winterish and pretty soon the first snow will fall. He always enjoyed watching snow fall because it was a beautiful sight and was quite fond of standing under it as it would softly melt on him.

Sighing to himself, he kicked his socks off and threw his feet on the bed before covering himself with his own thick blanket that reached his chin. Not bothering to think of it any more, he forcefully closed his eyes and let his mind go blank, falling into the spell of sleepiness.

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