The Alpha King's Firefighter/Paramedic Mate

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In a world where werewolves exist, and live peacefully because when they came out of hiding, and realized that they were people we knew we decided to accepted them but one law we have to follow is never mess with their mate, human or werewolf. If your a mate to a wolf they can take you and decide what or if you can go on with what you were doing. My name is Jesse Biggs my family and I had to move across America to a town named Mystic Valley because some guy wouldn't stop stalking me. I'm also a firefighter paramedic. So when I go on a run for a heart attack, and find out the victim is the Alpha Kings human mother, and that I'm his mate, and he wants me to stop being a firefighter paramedic. What do I do I fight, and run. So come along on my story to one stay hidden from a stalker, and also fight the Alpha King because I don't believe in love it's just a four letter lie.

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Jesse Streeter
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Chapter 1

Jesse POV

Well lets me introduce myself before we get to the story. My name is Jesse Biggs, I'm 28 going to be 29. My dad is 45 he had me when he was 16, and at 18 adopted my four brothers. My dad's is name Jeff Biggs he's a former Navy Seal, and current Firefighter Paramedic. Anyway I have long black hair, dark brown eyes with a black ring around the iris, and I have curves in all the right places. I'm also a firefighter paramedic, and you'll learn some more things about me as the story goes on, so let's get to the story at hand.

Mystic Falls is what the sign says as my brother's, my father, and I pulled into our new town. You see we had to move across the country to Washington, st because I somehow manage to get a crazy stalker. Lucky for us we were able to find a fire department in need for a captain, my dad, and lieutenant's my brother's and I. As we drove to the out skirts of town, where our new house was located, a nice two story with seven rooms to fit my brother's, father, and I, and the seventh room is for another firefighter friend who happens to be a werewolf but he hasn't gotten here yet. I hope he's ok. As you may know we stick together, even thought I'm almost 29, and my brothers are almost 30 we still stick together.

As we pulled up to our 20 acres, and house we saw that the moving truck is already there, and unloading everything. As we pulled up I was first to get out, along with my wolf Odin. Oh I forgot I have a wolf, I saved him, and he saved me you'll find out later as the story progresses.

My brother's followed suit and got out of their cars well trucks. You see we all have and also drove our own trucks. Mine is a black Dodge Ram, jacked up, with two stacks. My brothers, and father are the same but different colors, you can tell we are country people and proud of it. Oh and My dad was pulling his 1973 Dodge Charger that's red with a black tint, with scoop on the hood. With that little bit of information out of the way back to the story again.

After I got out of my truck I went into our new house, and straight for the kitchen, but before I could open the refrigerator I heard my dad voice chime in. " You do know there is nothing in there, and don't bother with the cupboards." My dad said starting to unpack a box. " Would you like me to head to the store then." I said looking out into the forest wondering how many werewolves were running in the forest.

Oh I forgot to mention werewolves exist, and no it's not bad like the wattpad stories you read where werewolves take over, in fact we live in peace, and the only rule you have to follow is don't mess with their mates, and even though I don't have a problem with werewolves I don't want to be one's mate, because love isn't real it's a four letter lie, and to me it's way for them to keep their species going. Anyway back to the story, and the end of my rant.

" Yeah would you like to take the charger I know you want to." My dad said throwing me the keys to the charger. "Your brothers have already taken it off the trailer." My dad added before I gave him a hug, and quick kiss on the cheek. " Thank you I should be back in and hour. " I said heading out the door, with my wolf Odin following.

( In Town)

As I pulled up to the store I started to get out of the car when Odin decided to follow. " Odin you have to stay in the car." I was saying when a beautiful middle age and human woman spoke up. " It's ok he can come in." The woman said. " Are you sure I don't want the owner to get in trouble." I said trying to decide if it's ok. " Oh sweety I'm the owner my name is Mabel Barnes." " Jesse Biggs I'm one of the new firefighter paramedics." I said holding out my hand to shake. But instead of shaking my hand she pulled me into a bone crushing hug which stunned me a little because I'm not a hugger. " Sorry dear in this town we are like family." She said with a very warm smile. " Thank you, and thank you for letting odin come in with me." I said starting to walk into the store with Odin and Mabel following. I grabbed a cart and started down each aisle grabbing stuff that we would need for a few days until we can get more stuff. " So you said your going to be one of the new firefighter paramedics." Mabel asked looking at me like I was most fascinating person in the world. " Yeah my brother's, and my father to." I paused looking at the list that I made while I was driving to the store. " Do you have ranks." " Yeah my father is the captain, and my brothers and I are lieutenants" I said heading towards the butcher to get some meat for us and Odin. " That's a lot of responsibility for a woman your age how long have you been a lieutenant?"

Mable asked with a lot of curiosity. " Since I was 24." I said with a lot of pride because I worked so hard to get that rank. " Wow, but why are you here if you don't mind me asking."

I knew that question was going to come up, and I didn't want to tell anyone I just want to get on with my life and live. " It's a long story, say how good is your meat." I said trying to direct the conversation to any other topic. " It's good and you don't have to tell me unless you want to." Mabel said patting me on the shoulder.

After I got everything I started to head to the check out to pay for everything but before I could get to the register Mabel gave me a surprise. " It's on me." She said starting to bag everything. " Oh no ma'am you don't have to I can pay." " No I insist it's a thank you for what you do, and don't bother fighting me I'm not taking no for an answer." Mabel said with finality. " Ok thank you I said while Mabel and I headed to my car to put everything in the trunk.

After I got everything in the trunk I turned to Mabel before I drove off. " Thank you again, and hope to see you around." I said waving at her.

After I drove off I didn't hear her say. " You will Luna Queen." And if I had heard Mabel say that I would have left that night, and never looked back.

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