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Chapter 32

I kept running, thankful that I knew the layout of the place better than Mitch, who was hot on my heels. At the moment, I couldn’t be bothered to think about what would happen to him when he got caught.

At this point, if I didn’t have to run from another person, it’d be too soon.

Plus, I had the gut feeling that this wasn’t even close to the last time I’d be fleeing.

“Come back here, you…” Mitch roared.

I was slightly thankful that he was too out of breath for whatever name he’d called me to reach my ears. First of all, because I didn’t want to be called anything other than my name. Second of all, because it got disheartening to hear you get called the same thing over and over again when anyone else in your position would’ve done the same thing.

All I was trying to do was survive. It’s not like I was trying to hurt people in the process.

I just couldn’t be queen. I wasn’t a leader; I didn’t want to have the weight of that kind of responsibility on my shoulders. If someone looked to me for guidance, the odds are higher that I’d lead them to their demise.

I shook my head roughly, trying to get the thoughts out. Unfortunately, doing so made me dizzy and I collided with a wall.

I hissed in pain as my shoulder hit the stone. I could already tell it was going to hurt the next day. I pushed the wall and kept running, smirking to myself when I heard a grunt.

I had a pretty good hunch that Mitch had just run into the wall like I did.

I tried to stop panting, telling myself that I only had a little bit further to go, but my body was refusing to cooperate. I kept slowing down and I didn’t want to take the chance that Mitch wasn’t.

I gritted my teeth and forced myself to keep going. Once I made it around a corner, I dashed to the door and pushed it open, toppling the current guard from his seat.

“Hey!” He protested.

“Sorry!” I called breathlessly. I didn’t normally apologize, but I figured what was coming next called for it.

I reached the hedges just as there was a large crash behind me. I didn’t have to look to know who it was.

“Hey!” The guard called, louder this time. Then he stopped, “Prince Mitchel?” He asked in genuine puzzlement.

Mitch didn’t reply.

I ducked behind a bush and turned back to see Mitch holding his head. He had fallen onto the ground, but he was pushing himself up.

“Where did she go?” Mitch growled at the guard, still holding his head. His knees had bloody scrapes from falling on the stones, but he didn’t seem to care.

“Where did who go?” The guard seemed puzzled. “The last person that came charging out of there like a psycho? I don’t know. All I know is that you came barreling through like an idiot and knocked me halfway across the room!”

Mitch growled, creeping closer to the man. “Tell me where she went.”

The guard looked annoyed, despite looking fearful. “You can’t lay a hand on me. I’m a royal soldier.”

Mitch grinned that evil smile and I was filled with a sense of foreboding. I looked away, my breath still rasping out of me.

Behind me, there was a sharp crack. One that I’d been expecting to hear earlier, but hadn’t.

I swallowed hard and looked back to see Mitch letting the man’s body fall to the ground.

He was dead.

Mitch looked around the area, searching for me. “Where are you?” He roared.

I shivered, pulling back around the bushes and beginning to crawl away from him. For once, I was thankful for the fading light. Though it didn’t help me see, it helped me get away from Mitch without being seen.

It was an odd circle, but I wasn’t in the place to complain about it.

I kept moving away, but I heard a group of loud voices behind me. After a moment, yelling turned into Mitch’s roaring and the scrape of metal being pulled out of sheaths behind me.

I didn’t dare turn to try to peek out at what was happening. I just focused on one hand getting placed in front of another, waiting for my breath to return back to normal.

Since I kept getting startled, I was starting to wonder if I ever was going to. For some reason, my old indifference to death and pain was gone. I was having trouble keeping it together and I didn’t know what I could do about it.

I was so scared I was shaking and I couldn’t stop my body from getting wracked by another wave of shivers every couple moments. I felt cold even though I knew that my body heat was just the same as it always was. In fact, I should be hotter since my blood was racing.

Why did I used to think that adrenaline was amazing?

I kept pulling myself along until I reached the edge of the shrubs. Slowly, I pulled my legs up under me and peeked around the hedge, half expecting Mitch to be there, waiting for me with that eerie smile on his face.

He wasn’t.

In fact, I couldn’t see much of anything around the entrance to the castle now that I was such a long distance away.

I took a shaky breath and pushed myself up, ignoring my sore muscles. My legs weren’t too happy to keep moving and my shoulder was already scolding me.

I was definitely going to hate myself tomorrow.

However, for the time being, I had to get back to the warehouse.

Since I couldn’t run my usual route, I turned to face town and began walking

It was going to be a long night.

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