The Mis-Adventures of Star Cat

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Chapter 10

[Narrator] Jon and Chris were hovering out of the castle as fast as they could go. Chris was still confused as to why Jon would ever agree with the crazy King, and he wanted answers. Jon had a good grip on his paw though, and they were hovering so fast that Chris couldn’t get his bearings until they were already off Planet Swiss Cheese.

[Time: 12:20 PM]

Jon slowed down a bit which allowed Chris to yank his paw out of his brother’s grip and yell, “What in the galaxy is going on with you? Why did you agree with that lunatic King, and why did you drag me away like that?”

Without saying a word, Jon pulled out the piece of paper that he found in CKM’s garage with Star Cat’s scribbles all over it and handed it to Chris. It was the only proof Chris and Jon needed to know that it was definitely their sister that CKM was mistaking for Princess Starry. Chris realized then that Star Cat was in danger, what with this crazy King after her, and that he and Jon were in more imminent danger since the King wanted his precious cheese back. Unfortunately, said cheese was still stuck to Star Cat’s helmet, and the helmet was currently in the boys’ possession. “I have an idea,” Chris said, “follow me.”

Jon nodded his head, and the boys zoomed off into space. They were fortunate that Star Cat made such a huge mess of sunblock on Planet Swiss Cheese because it took the King’s Guards several minutes to clean off all the royal spaceships. That allowed Chris and Jon to get a good head start. The boys figured that Star Cat and CMM went to the asteroid field based on her drawing. So, Chris decided that they should send Star Cat’s helmet off into space in the opposite direction; that way the King wouldn’t catch up to them.

“Jon,” said Chris, “does our GPS still have additional tracking devices?”

“Oh yeah,” said Jon, “it has several. Why?”

“Here’s my plan,” said Chris, “we stick a tracking device on Star Cat’s helmet and hurl it off into space in the opposite direction of the asteroid field.”

Jon sighed and rolled his eyes saying, “Star Cat’s going to be super mad at you when she finds out you threw her helmet into space...”

Chris tried to wipe away the frustration from his face, sighed, and then said softly, “No, Jon, you don’t get it. The King is going to chase after Star Cat’s helmet so that he can retrieve his priceless cheese, and, in the meantime, we’ll go save Star Cat. Then, when the King turns around to come after us, we’ll know his exact location because of the tracker that we will put on Star Cat’s helmet. That way, we can sneak up on him and get her helmet back.”

Jon’s face was blank for a moment while he thought over Chris’s plan, and then suddenly said, “Ohhhhhhhhhh...” and nodded his head gently to show that he understood. Well, he probably understood, right?

“Trust me on this one, Jon,” said Chris, and he grabbed Star Cat’s helmet from Jon’s paws and slapped the tracking device on it, “I saw it in a movie once.”

Sarcastically, Jon replied, “Well, that must mean it’s a good idea then, right?”

Chris took a second to make sure he could see the location of Star Cat’s helmet on the GPS. After he knew it was working, he quickly took a bite of the cheese residue that was still on the helmet and hurled it into space with as much strength as he could muster. He licked his lips and made a yummy sound while Jon looked at him with disgust.

“Dude, why would you eat old, crusty cheese?” said Jon.

“Okay,” said Chris while ignoring Jon’s last question, “we need to go!” So, the two boys promptly spun around on their hover-boards to get into racing position.

Jon yelled, “Last one to the asteroid belt is a rotten can of fish!” and then they took off as fast as they could go.

[Time: 12:30 PM]


“REGINALD, FIND MY CPS!” screamed CKM in absolute fury, “I have to catch those thieves and quickly!”

Reginald was scrambling to find the King’s CPS, or Cheese Positioning System, while the King was pacing around and losing his temper. “It should be in this drawer, your highness,” said Reginald nervously, “I’ll find it soon.” The CPS works in a similar fashion to a GPS, but instead of only finding locations, like a GPS, a CPS can detect and find the location of the King’s special cheese!

CKM’s ears were turning dark red with rage, and, right as he was about to start yelling again, Reginald miraculously found the CPS. Both the King and Reginald let out long sighs of relief simultaneously, and then CKM snatched the CPS out of Reginald’s paws and ran to his garage without even saying so much as a ‘thank you’ to poor old Reginald. Once there, the King jumped into his royal spaceship, and a guard was already inside waiting to accompany him. Two more guards were also waiting for his orders in another smaller hover-car. They all put on their headsets and started their engines while CKM booted-up his CPS. After a few seconds, the screen lit up, and he could see two detectable traces of his cheese just outside of his planet’s atmosphere. He was confused for a second as to why he could not only see two moving points on his CPS, but two points moving in opposite directions. “That’s strange,” he whispered as he twirled his mustache in a kingly fashion. “No matter,” he declared, “we will recover the cheese and the thieves all the same. Hover-car two, I need you to follow this UFO,” said the King while he typed coordinates into the computer, “and we will follow the other one. Your mission is to find my cheese as well as to take the thieves into custody. Once you have made progress, or if you’d like to call to tell me how wonderful I am, let me know immediately. Is that clear?”

The guards in spaceship two looked over at the King and gave him a thumb’s up. Then the doors to the garage opened, and the two vessels whizzed off. Oh no, Chris should not have taken a bite of that cheese. There must be a little bit stuck to his fur or something, and the King’s CPS can detect it. I hope he cleans his face soon, or the boys are going to get some unexpected company!

[Time: 12:40 PM]


[Narrator] Cheese and I knew pretty quickly that something was up with Star Cat. Slimey had to be using some weird evil alien powers on her, right? Anyways, we slowly walked back into the cockpit to discuss our observations in privacy.

[Time: 12:20 PM]

Cheese looked over at me and whispered, “Uh, Narrator, does Star Cat sound kind of weird? Like she has something in her throat or...?”

[Narrator] Dude, yeah, and, um, her eyes are glowing green! Didn’t you notice that?

Cheese seemed completely confused by my observation and said, “Okay, that’s fine.” He rolled his eyes and said, “I don’t really care what color her eyes are.”

[Narrator] No, Cheese, didn’t you see her eyes changed color from blue to green right before her voice changed?

Cheese laughed nervously and said, “Oh, right, of course I did.”

[Narrator] Cheese, do you not know the color of Star Cat’s eyes? Are you color blind or something?

Before he could respond, Star Cat came walking over and said in her normal voice, “Hey guys! What are you whispering about?”

This startled Cheese who quickly yelled, “Nothing!”

[Narrator] Star Cat’s feelings were instantly hurt because she felt left out. Her ears fell down and she started to turn away. Wait Star Cat! We can’t tell you because it’s a surprise.

Star Cat’s ears immediately perked up and she started bouncing up and down with excitement. Then, Cheese looked at me and whispered, “What do we do with this crazy alien thing that can possess people?”

[Narrator] Well, I have no idea, but I’d say we need some professional help. We don’t need this crazy ball of slime hurting any of us, so let’s just go to the sun like we planned, and see if we can get help from the locals.

Slimey was still standing over by Star Cat, watching the two of us whisper to each other, and he said firmly, “Okay that’s enough of that whispering business. Tell me what you’re talking about, or I’ll possess the cat again!”

Star Cat really hadn’t seemed to notice that anything out of the ordinary happened to her. This was probably due to the fact that she “spaces-out,” or daydreams, quite frequently. So, I’m sure that when Slimey possessed her, she just simply didn’t realize that she wasn’t, in fact, merely daydreaming. However, upon hearing Slimey threaten to possess her, Star Cat went from happily bouncing around to feeling enraged. “WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!” she screamed as she leaned over Slimey with her fists clenched, ready for action.

Slimey’s body shrank down into the floor with fear, and, as he looked up at Star Cat with his one giant eye, he whispered, “Uh...nothing. Sorry.”

Star Cat slowly put her fists away, began breathing at a normal pace again, and said, “That’s better.” After a moment of silence between everyone on board, she added, “If you decide to possess me again without asking, I will not be so forgiving.”

Cheese and I were both shocked by Star Cat’s ability to handle the hostile situation. We were speechless for a moment before Cheese said, “Well, we better get going if you want to see your surprise, Star Cat.”

Star Cat had hearts in her eyes as she started bouncing again, but then she glared at Slimey and said, “And if you ruin my surprise, we won’t be friends anymore. Also, when you possessed me, it was weird because I could see and hear what you were saying to my friends, obviously, but I could also see our spaceship sitting on the asteroid from outer space. I didn’t even realize anything was happening. It just felt like I was zoned-out like I was in a crazy daydream or something. Can you please explain why?”

Slimey slowly rose back up from the ground, dusted himself off, cleared his throat, and with some dignity he said, “There must still be some slime from my meteor on the surface of the asteroid. I kind of work like a walkie-talkie if parts of me get left behind. Well, I guess you could call me more like a, ‘seeie-hearie,’ because when I possess you, for example, you can then see and hear what is going on with my other half. If I get split up more than once, it starts to get complicated for my viewers since then you might be witnessing three, four, or even more of my experiences all at the same time.”

[Narrator] Cheese hadn’t heard any of this information as he was already in the front of the ship starting up the engines and setting coordinates to the sun. However, I, the Narrator, felt rather unsettled by this new knowledge, and decided to let Star Cat and Slimey continue their conversation alone while I joined Cheese in the cock-pit.

When I sat down next to him in the co-pilot’s seat, he took one look at my facial expression and asked, “Everything alright back there?”

[Narrator] Yeah, I think so. Star Cat seems to have it under control. I have a question for you, though.

Cheese slowly turned his head away from the controls to look at me and said, “Ask away, Narrator.”

[Narrator] Well, why didn’t we just go back to Star Cat’s house and hide out there? Wouldn’t that have been easier?

Cheese shook his head and said, “It’s because my dad would have found us there. He has spies on all the nearby planets, and he would have attacked the Cats to get to us.”

[Narrator] Oh, okay. That makes sense. Your father really is crazy, huh? So, what’s the plan again, Cheese?

“We go to the sun, get the materials we need to build a clubhouse, pick out a new asteroid with no slime on it, and hide out there in our clubhouse for a while until my father calms down.”

[Narrator] How long do you think that’ll take?

Cheese sighed heavily and said, “I don’t know, Narrator. I really don’t know.”

[Narrator] Then we both sat back in our chairs, listening to the faint murmurs of Star Cat and Slimey’s conversation. Since we were completely exhausted, we didn’t talk. Cheese and I had a mutual understanding at that point that silence was appreciated. We just watched all the stars and planets fly by as the sun appeared to move closer and closer to us, when, really, we were the ones moving closer to the sun. Outer space is interesting like that; it’s strangely disorienting due to its vast emptiness. Anyways, enough of my philosophical jabber. Let’s get back to the story.

[Time: 1 PM]

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