The Mis-Adventures of Star Cat

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Chapter 11

[Narrator] It turns out, as you may have guessed, that CKM decided to follow the faint spot on his CPS because, like all bullies, he is a coward, and he was hoping not to run into Chris and Jon. He assumed that the boys still had the cheesy helmet, which would mean that their signal on his CPS would have been stronger. So, had this been the case, then his two other guards would end up intercepting and having to deal with the boys. He figured the faint spot on his CPS was just a glitch or something, but he chased the faint signal as fast as he could. That way, the guard sitting next to him wouldn’t suspect anything. The two were just beginning to fly out of the atmosphere on Planet Swiss Cheese.

[Time: 1 PM]

“Larry,” said CKM, “keep your eyes peeled for those two rotten little kitten thieves.”

Nodding forcefully, Larry yelled, “Aye-aye, Sir!”

The King then slapped Larry on the back of the head for yelling, and they continued searching for the boys. At one point the King handed Larry the CPS and said, “Since you are the copilot, and, since I’m driving, be a good helper and tell me when I need to change course.”

Larry seemed a bit confused by what the King said, so he asked, “ do I know if you need to change course, Sir?”

Angrily, the King asked, “Are you stupid or something?”

Larry’s eyes started to tear up as he sniffled, and said, “I don’t know. My mom says I’m perfect just the way I am.”

“If the dot moves, let me know, okay?” said the king as he tapped the screen of the CPS.

Larry, still blubbering, mustered up an, “Okay.”

The King rolled his eyes, and they continued on in silence.


[Narrator] Chris and Jon were hovering as fast as they could go towards the asteroid field. They had no idea that Chris had a little bit of cheese on his whiskers or that the King was chasing them. Still, they wanted to get as far away from Planet Swiss Cheese as quickly as possible, just to be safe. Once the asteroid field came into their view, the boys instantly felt relieved. Jon slowed down a little to look at his watch, and the boys still had plenty of time to find Star Cat and get home by dinner.

[Time: 1 PM]

He yelled, “What’s the plan, Chris?”

Chris turned around on his board and yelled, “For what?”

Jon started flying faster again so he could catch back up to Chris. Once they were side by said, Jon said, “Do we have a plan to try to find Star Cat in this giant asteroid field? Maybe we should split up?”

Chris just laughed and said, “No, if we split up, we might lose each other. You know Star Cat. She’s kind of loud, what with her constant singing and all. I’m sure we’ll have no trouble hearing her in just a few minutes when we get closer.”

With that being said, the boys were laughing as they approached the asteroid field, and, honestly, thinking about their goofy sister, they couldn’t stop. Finally, they stopped laughing when they came across the asteroid that Slimey’s meteor crashed into.

Jon stuck out his tongue, made a yucky face, and said, “Ew! What’s that nasty-looking green stuff all over that asteroid?”

Chris, on the other hand, was intrigued. Without saying a word, he started flying towards the surface of the asteroid.

[Narrator] If you recall, Star Cat was previously unable to scoop up all of the slime that was on the asteroid because she only had one giant mason jar to fill. That means that she left behind a lot of Slimey’s slime for anyone else to find. Anyways, let’s get back to the story.

Rather alarmed that Chris was flying towards the gross green goo, Jon yelled, “Chris, what are you doing? That green stuff could be poisonous!”

Without slowing down at all, Chris replied, “Oh please, Jon, give me a break. It looks just like the giant boogers that you used to eat all the time.”

Jon, appalled by Chris’s comment, started flying towards the asteroid and bitterly responded, “That’s not true! You ate boogers, not me!”

Chris decided to ignore Jon for the moment because he was so fascinated by the green goo. “It looks like jello,” he said. “Jon, what flavor do you think it is? Green apple?”

Jon was still pouting, and so he said grumpily, “It’s probably booger flavored.”

[Narrator] Then suddenly, the boys heard the whirring sound of an engine off in the distance. They turned their heads towards the noise which just so happened to be coming from the direction of Planet Swiss Cheese. They could see a tiny yellow spaceship approaching them, and fast.

Panicking, Chris yelled, “Jon, what do we do? That yellow ship is probably one of CKM’s cheese vessels!”

Jon tugged on his fur out of fear and said, “They’re going to get us! We need to hide, but where?”

Chris had one idea, which he firmly believed to be their only option. He looked at Jon and said very seriously, “Hold your breath.”

Jon tugged on his fur even harder out of confusion and more fear, and before he could even ask, “Why?” Chris had already pushed him into the huge pile of the green goo. The goo promptly swallowed Jon up, making it nearly impossible to see him. Then, Chris grabbed both of their hoverboards, took a big breath, and dove into the pile of goo himself. Upon taking this desperate dive, the bit of cheese that was on Chris’s whiskers quickly dissolved into the goo, leaving no detectable amount of behind.

[Time: 1:45 PM]

Back in CKM’s ship, as they were approaching the asteroid field, Larry saw the faint dot on the CPS, which they had been following, disappear. He thought maybe the batteries were dying, so he gave the CPS a couple of good, strong jiggles. The King noticed this strange behavior and asked, “Larry, what are you doing?”

While scratching his head, Larry responded, “Well, I think something is wrong because the little dot we were following just disappeared.”

The King let out a huge sigh of relief, because, like I said earlier, he’s a coward. Then, he patted Larry on the shoulder, and gently said, “Oh well, you tried your best dear boy. If we don’t catch those thieves though, I am going to hold you responsible.” Then CKM made the ‘gesture of death.’ You know, where you stick out a finger and slide it across your throat to symbolize that someone is going to die. Of course, the King was smiling while making that horrible gesture to his poor, innocent guard.

Larry was so upset by all of this that he started to shiver in a cold sweat. He turned away from CKM and said, “I don’t feel so good.”

The King giggled evilly, and said, “I’m sure we just lost the signal because of all these asteroids. Let’s keep going, and it’ll probably turn up again.”

[Narrator] For some reason, the King’s small attempt to make Larry feel better didn’t work. Larry was still shaking with fear at the thought of what would happen to him if the dot on the CPS didn’t reappear soon. The King continued driving the spaceship, but his demeanor suddenly changed from hostile to relaxed. Larry found the King’s sudden change in emotion to be quite odd and off-putting. So, like any reasonable mouse would do, Larry crossed his fingers, closed his eyes, and wished for the dot to come back. He wished as hard as he could; shoot, he even wished upon a star. But, a moment later when Larry opened one eye to see if his wish worked, he was sorely disappointed.

After a few minutes of flying, when they were nearly out of the asteroid field, the King asked, “Any luck picking the signal back up on the CPS, Larry?” Larry was still so distraught that he could not speak, so he just shook his head, no.

[Time: 1:50 PM]


[Narrator] The boys were watching the King’s ship fly past them and out of the asteroid field. They were still holding their breath inside the glob of green goo. If you can recall, Jon wasn’t exactly prepared when Chris pushed him into the goo. So, he didn’t manage to take much of a deep breath before being unwillingly submerged. He was starting to turn purple due to lack of oxygen, and he couldn’t take it any longer. Suddenly, Jon jumped out of the ball of slime and landed on the surface of the asteroid. He was gasping for air while Chris leisurely made his way out of the goo. “What’s your problem?” asked Chris.

In between gasps, Jon yelled, “My problem, <gasp>, is that you, <gasp>, tried to kill me, <gasp>!”

[Time: 1:47 PM]

Chris rolled his eyes at Jon while he wiped the goo off of his fur, and said, “I didn’t try to kill you, dude. We needed to hide. So, the goo was the only hiding spot I could find in time, and, so, you’re welcome!”

Jon managed to sit up and catch his breath. Looking around him, he pointed out to Chris that there were several other places to hide which didn’t require either of them to hold their breath. “Don’t you think it would have been possible to jump into one of the many craters on this asteroid? Hmmm? We could have jumped in there, the King would not have been able to see us, and we could have breathed at the same time!”

“There was no time!” yelled Chris. “You’re fine. Now get up so we can get out of here.”

As Chris and Jon collected themselves, the blob of goo that they were just hiding in started to move. The boys didn’t notice right away though, as they were too preoccupied with trying to clean the goo off of their fur. You know how cats are, always cleaning themselves, always so self-centered.

The ball of goo slowly gathered itself together, and a large eyeball appeared in the middle. It looked exactly like the other alien, Slimey, that was on Star Cat’s ship. The alien gently cleared his throat to try to get the boy’s attention without startling them too much. “Eh hem.”

Jon looked over at Chris, thinking that it was Chris who cleared his throat, and asked, “Did you say something?”

Chris looked over at Jon and said, “No, I thought it was you.”

The alien slowly moved up between the two boys and softly said, “Actually, it was me.”

Chris and Jon nearly leaped out of their fur in terror. After a few seconds of hissing and arching their backs, the boys slowly calmed down when they realized the alien wasn’t trying to attack them.

The alien looked at the two boys who were now sitting side-by-side, and asked, “Are you guys done now?”

With both of their mouths agape, Jon was the first to speak up and ask, “What are you?”

Chris quickly chimed in with fear and whispered to Jon, “I think we found the boogie-man. It looks just like a booger, am I right?”

The alien giggled a little at the boys and said, “I am not the boogie-man, but he is a friend of mine, actually. I like you two; you’re funny. The other star-shaped creature was also funny, but a little too chatty if you want my honest opinion.”

Both of the boys’ ears perked up, and they asked, “What? Did you see Star Cat? Where is she?” in unison.

Hearing the desperation in the boys’ voices, the alien knew he had some information that they needed. So, he decided to capitalize on the situation. He replied, “Maybe I saw her, maybe I didn’t.”

Chris was instantly mad and yelled, “What? TELL US WHERE SHE IS!”

The alien turned away from the boys, and said, “I’ll tell you where she is if you can get me more of that cheese that was stuck to your whisker.”

Jon rolled his eyes, looked at Chris, and said, “I told you not to eat any of that nasty cheese, but you never listen to me. Hey, what does Jon know, right?”

“Oh please,” said Chris, “you didn’t know we were going to jump into a big gross blob of alien gloop who would turn out to be a cheese connoisseur.”

“Well, no,” said Jon, “but you never listen to me, anyways.”

“Boys, please,” said the alien, “let’s not be irrational. You need to find Star Cat, and I need to find more of that special, delicious cheese. Just tell me where the cheese is and give me one of your hoverboards. Then, in exchange, not only will I tell you where Star Cat is, but I will even show you.”

“Why do you need one of our hoverboards?” asked Jon.

“Yeah,” said Chris, “you’re not taking our hoverboards! Who do you think you are anyways?”

The alien sighed, moved closer to the boys and said, “Let’s start over.” Holding out his hand, he said, “My name is Slimey. It’s nice to meet you.”

The boys both instantly shook his hand and introduced themselves. It was like a reflex, and they just couldn’t help but feel better now that they were all properly introduced.

Slimey turned towards his broken meteorite, and solemnly said, “I am sorry, but I need one of your hoverboards because my meteorite crashed into a million pieces and is no longer flyable.”

“Well,” said Chris, “can’t you fix it?”

“I wouldn’t know where to begin. Even if I could fix it,” said Slimey, “it would take months, and I would be stranded on this asteroid.”

Jon quickly chimed in with a classy, “Sucks to suck,” comment.

Slimey glared at Jon and said, “Do you want to find Star Cat or not?”

The boys both looked down at the ground and begrudgingly said, “Yes, we need to find her.”

Slimey held out his hand again, and said, “Okay then, hand over a hoverboard.”

“Wait a minute,” said Jon, “how do we know that we can trust you to tell us where Star Cat really is?”

“Would you like proof?” asked Slimey.

Chris said, “Yes, we need proof.”

“Okay,” said Slimey, “here goes nothing.”

Then, Slimey grabbed onto one of Chris’s outstretched paws. Instantly, Chris’s eyes started to glow green, and his body stiffened up like a board. This freaked Jon out a lot, and he screamed, “Ah! What are you doing to my brother? Stop it!”

Slimey calmly said, “Jon, I’m just showing Chris the whereabouts of your sister. Don’t worry, it’s your turn next.”

“What?” screamed Jon, “Ew, no! Don’t possess me! Ah!” Then, Jon tried to get Chris to snap out of it by grabbing his shoulders and shaking him as hard as he could while yelling, “CHRIS!”

Chris’s eyes stopped glowing after a minute, and Jon was so relieved. He said, “Oh Chris, are you okay? Thank goodness that’s over. I thought you were a goner.”

Chris shook his head, shivered a little bit, and said, “That was strange but informative.”

Then Slimey said, “Okay Jon, you’re up!”

Jon started to scream, “No!”, but, before he could finish screaming, he was already possessed by Slimey. His eyes glowed green and his body stiffened. Chris looked over at Slimey and said, “Cool.”

[Narrator] Being possessed by Slimey apparently looks worse than it feels. As the Narrator, I wouldn’t know exactly because it hasn’t happened to me yet. Anyways, Jon was able to see Star Cat sitting in a spaceship. She was just talking away about herself. What a shock right? Haha...When he snapped out of it after a minute, Jon felt completely fine. Both Chris and Jon saw the same exact thing: Star Cat was sitting in a spaceship and talking to someone. They were pleased to know that she was okay, but they still didn’t know where she was exactly.

Jon said, “Slimey, thanks for showing us where Star Cat is, but we still don’t know her exact location.”

Slimey looked surprised and asked, “Well, what do you mean? I showed you exactly where she is, right now, at this very moment. Now tell me where you are hiding that cheese!”

“Hold on there, green fella,” said Chris, “we need to know where that spaceship is headed before we give you a hoverboard and the location of the cheese.”

Jon looked over at Chris and whispered, “So, are we really going to give this guy one of our hoverboards?”

Chris whispered back, “Well, we’ll just let him borrow mine.”

“What,” said Jon, “really?”

“Yeah, because yours is big enough for both of us to sit on, while mine is too small. I think that’s the way it has to be.”

Chris’s eyes filled up with tears because he loved his hoverboard. He started to sniffle, and then Jon said, “But Chris, how are we going to get your hoverboard back?”

“Remember Jon,” whispered Chris in between tears, “Star Cat’s helmet has the tracking sticker on it. So, when he finds the cheese which is on the helmet, then we’ll know the exact whereabouts of Slimey and, consequently, my hoverboard.”

“But how will we know when he finds the helmet?” asked Jon.

Chris patted Jon on the back and whispered, “We’ll know when he finds it because we’ll see the helmet move in a different direction on our tracking device. Then, we can go and get Star Cat’s helmet back and my hoverboard at the same time!”

Jon wasn’t convinced, but there seemed to be no other choice, and so he agreed. Chris looked at Slimey and said, “Okay, if you tell us where Star Cat is headed, we’ll let you borrow this hoverboard and show you the way to the cheese.”

Slimey clapped his hands with joy and said, “They are on their way to the Sun!”

So, like he promised, Chris handed over his hoverboard to Slimey, and then he went on to explain how the cheese was flying through space on Star Cat’s pink helmet. Chris pointed out the direction that he threw the helmet in, and then the boys shook Slimey’s hand one last time before watching him take off into space on Chris’s hoverboard. Chris couldn’t help but tear up as he watched his hoverboard fly away, but he felt a little better knowing that he did it for Star Cat. He’ll probably get it back, right?

“Okay bro,” said Jon, “hop on.” Jon firmly patted the back of his hoverboard and said, “We have to get going so we can get home by dinner!”

Chris jumped up on Jon’s hoverboard, and they both zoomed off towards the Sun. Together on one board, they were a little wobbly at first, but, after a minute of co-flying, they were perfectly balanced.

[Time: 2 PM]

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