The Mis-Adventures of Star Cat

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Chapter 14

[Narrator] Star Cat followed the sun puppy to a tiny little doggy door in the back of the castle. It wasn’t much of a back entrance, but it would have to do. She dove through that little door as fast as she could. Her heart was still racing as she braced herself for the impact of the shooting star. She covered her eyes with her paws and assumed the fetal position. It wasn’t even a second later when she heard the, “BOOM!” of the shooting star hitting into the castle. The castle shook for a moment, and then all was quiet. Star Cat finally looked up to find herself in a cute little room filled with dog toys, and she saw the puppy hiding underneath a blanket in the middle of the room. She seemed to be pretty afraid of the shooting star as well. So, Star Cat went over to comfort her. “There, there, puppy,” she said while patting the lump underneath the blanket, “we made it inside, and I guess we’re safe now.”

The sun puppy crawled out slowly from under the blanket and gave Star Cat a little kiss right on her face. Don’t you love it when dogs just lick you on the face without warning? Yuck! Well, Star Cat feels the same way. “Oh, thanks for that,” said Star Cat while she wiped the dog slobber off her cheek with the back of her paw. “Where are we anyways? Is this your room?”

The sun puppy’s ears perked up, and she barked happily in agreement.

“So, if you live in the castle does that mean you work here or something?” asked Star Cat.

The sun puppy shook her head, “No.”

“Okay, so you don’t work here, but you live here. Does the Queen know you live here, or are you freeloading off the government? You’re not one of those creepy people who sneak into someone else’s house and live there without anyone knowing, are you?”

While the sun puppy was a little concerned about Star Cat based on her strange questions, she was tired of the guessing game. So, she simply responded to Star Cat by walking over to her vanity and putting on her royal crown.

“Yeah that’s a cute crown, but that still doesn’t answer my question.” said Star Cat. “I have a plastic crown at home too.”

The sun puppy was beginning to understand that this might be difficult to explain to Star Cat. So, she walked over to her bedside and grabbed her royal scepter. Then she pointed to her scepter and crown, hoping that Star Cat would realize that she was the princess of the kingdom, Princess Sunny Dog.

Star Cat still didn’t get it, “I’m sorry that I don’t speak dog, but I really don’t know what you’re trying to tell me. I’ve always been bad at charades.”

So, Princess Sunny Dog decided to give it one more try. She walked over to the foot of her bed, grabbed her royal robes and threw them on. She was completely dressed in all of her official princess attire, and she even pointed out her royal portrait that was hanging on her wall which had the word, “Princess,” clearly written on it.

Star Cat thought the puppy looked super adorable, and so she really wasn’t paying much attention to detail at this point. With hearts in her eyes she cooed, “You are such a cute little sun puppy with all of your cute little outfits and paintings.”

Princess Sunny Dog was so frustrated that she smacked herself in the forehead in disbelief. Just then they heard alarms going off, and all of the windows and doors to the palace automatically slammed shut.

[Time: 4:45 PM]

“Ah!” yelled Star Cat, “What was that?”

Princess Sunny Dog barked loudly and ran towards another door leading out of the room. Star Cat wasn’t sure what to do, and so she just stood there in fear. A few seconds later, Princess Sunny Dog ran back into the room, grabbed Star Cat by the belt, and dragged her out of the room. After a minute of being dragged, Star Cat started following Princess Sunny Dog willingly, and they quickly gained speed as they headed down a long, dark hallway in the castle. Star Cat had no idea where they were going, but since she was trapped inside the castle anyways, she figured it really didn’t matter all that much.


[Time: 4:50 PM]

“Oh no, the crazy King is stuck outside too,” said Chris. “If we climb down from the roof, he’ll see us for sure.”

Jon wasn’t too keen on the idea of scaling down a tall, smooth, castle wall. So, he said, “Well, maybe we can just stay up here for a bit and hope that he doesn’t find Star Cat before we do?”

“Boys, don’t worry about a thing,” said Slimey. “I have an idea.” Chris and Jon both looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Then Slimey jumped off the roof!

Both of the boys were horrified. “No,” screamed Jon, “you had so much to live for!”

Chris and Jon were both hugging each other and crying about Slimey’s untimely death, and Chris was yelling, “WHY?”

Then, they heard Slimey’s voice after a few seconds. He yelled, “Hey!” Hearing this, the boys managed to stop crying long enough to look over the edge of the roof and try to see where Slimey landed. All they could see, though, was Cheesy King Mouse looking right back up at them with big green glowing eyes, and he said, “Be cool. It’s me, Slimey, and I’m fine. I’m going to try to convince the Queen to open the doors so we can get back inside. You guys go stand over by the big chimney and wait for it to open back up again.”

“Why?” asked Jon. “Do you seriously want us to jump down a chimney? Are you crazy? There could be a fire inside!”

“Well believe me, Jon,” said Slimey, “you’ll know if there is a fire burning in the chimney by the smoke that will be coming out of it. In that case, don’t jump down the chimney. Just wait for me to come back and get you later. Okay?”

Both of the boys said, “Okay,” at the same time. Then, Cheesy King Mouse, who was actually being possessed by Slimey, rang the doorbell again. He waited for a moment, but when nobody answered the bell he rang again. Then a very loud screeching voice yelled, “WHAT?!?” over the intercom. It was Queen Sun Spot, and she obviously wasn’t in a good mood.

“I hardly think that’s any way to greet your fellow royals,” said Slimey-Cheesy King Mouse.

[Time: 4:55 PM]

An exasperated voice replied over the intercom, “Listen Cheesy King Mouse, this isn’t really a good time for me to be opening my doors. I am trying to catch a thief who may or may not be inside the castle at this very moment. So, if I open the doors for you, the thief could escape.”

“Nonsense,” yelled Slimey-CKM, “I would catch the low-life if he tried to escape through the front door, and perhaps I can give you a hand. If he is trying to steal from you, then he’ll probably come after my kingdom next.”

“Well, there’s one other problem,” said Queen Sun Spot, “which is that I think your son is in cahoots with the thief.”


You could hear the Queen let out a sigh over the intercom, and then she said, “Okay, hurry up. I’ll open the doors for only one second. So, you better run in quickly.”

As soon as the Queen disarmed the palace, Slimey-CKM ran inside the front doors and the boys jumped down into the big chimney. The boys landed at the bottom of the chimney with a hard thud. Wherever they were, it was dark, cold, and they couldn’t see a thing.

“Great,” said Chris, “we’re never going to get out of here now.”

“Wait a minute,” said Jon, “don’t you still have my hoverboard, Chris?”

“Well yeah,” said Chris, “but I don’t see how that’s going to help us right now.”

“Well, Chris, can you tell me what happens when you turn on a hoverboard?” asked Jon.

“Sure thing,” said Chris. He was starting to get irritated and replied sarcastically, “It hovers!”

“And what else does it do in the dark?” asked Jon.

“Oh,” said Chris, “it glows.”

“Right,” said Jon. “Fire that baby up so we can see where we’re going!”

[Time: 5 PM]


Once Slimey-CKM was inside Queen Sun Spot’s throne room, he bowed slowly to the Queen and said, “Good day your Highness. I am at your service.”

The Queen had a suspicious look about her though, and she asked, “Why are your eyes so green, CKM?”

Slimey-CKM quickly responded, “Well, why is the sky blue? Sometimes eyes are green.”

“Well, they sure weren’t green the last time we saw each other,” said the Queen. She walked closer to him and said, “And your voice seems different as well.”

Slimey-CKM replied, “Well as time passes, it can be hard to remember the little details about old friends. However, I do not appreciate the fact that you have forgotten so many things about me, Queen Sun Spot. But before I get harassed any further, would you like me to help you catch a thief, or can I take my son home now?”

The Narrator and Cheese were standing over in the corner of the throne room with a guard standing next to them. They were being heavily supervised due to their possibly being in cahoots with a criminal. Queen Sun Spot said, “You better help me catch this thief, or I will lock up your son in my dungeon for smuggling the thief inside my castle!” While the King and Queen were bickering, a Dog Guard rolled in an interesting looking piece of machinery.

“What in the universe is that contraption?” asked Slimey-CKM.

“This is what I may need your help with, CKM,” said the Queen. “Are you familiar with using Molecular Gelatinous Consolidation equipment?”

Slimey-CKM hesitated for a second, but then said, “No, not really, but I think I have some equipment in my castle that is similar.” Slimey-CKM became slightly pale as he walked towards the machine.

Queen Sun Spot explained, “Well I had my guards order this from a planet in a faraway galaxy so that I could catch that slimeball thief if he ever returned. However, all the instructions are written in a different language, and we haven’t had time to decipher it yet. If it works, it should pull all the pieces of that nasty ball of slime back together and lock him away inside this solid crystal case. It should be able to attract any parts of him that are still on the Sun. Anyways, do you think you can you start it?”

Slimey-CKM started fumbling around with the machine, pretending like he had no idea what he was doing with it. Of course, he, Slimey, could read the language and start the machine because it was the language of his slime people. He had been trapped inside one of these things before, and, let me tell you, he was not about to go back into another one. While he was messing with the machine, though, another Dog Guard came in with something else.

“Ah finally,” said Queen Sun Spot, “my slime detector!” She grabbed what looked like a metal detector wand. You know, one of those hand-held metal detectors that look like a cricket bat? She walked over to Cheese and the Narrator and said, “Why don’t we try it on you two first?”

“Well, how do you know if it works?” asked Cheese.

The Queen said, “If you have slime on your skin the detector will glow green. Then we’ll know that you are currently compromised, and we’ll hose you down with a nice refreshing blast of water to get all the slime off you.”

“But what if the washed-off slime gets on you?” asked Cheese.

“I am one step ahead of you,” said the Queen. “I have applied anti-slime lotion to my skin. So, no slime this side of the galaxy can possess me!” Then, the Queen let out a maniacal laugh. “I know you helped that slime ball and that you have slime on you. You’re going to get hosed down by me, and then you’ll probably get grounded by your father. At least, you should be grounded,” said Queen Sun Spot while looking directly at Slimey-CKM.

Cheese’s eyes filled up with tears and he said, “But I don’t want to be hosed down and grounded! I didn’t know he would sneak away and try to steal your stuff.”

The Queen patted Cheese on the shoulder and said, “There, there, sweet Prince. All is fair in love and war.” Then she held the slime detector up to Cheese and the Narrator, and it glowed green both times.

Cheese desperately asked, “What color was it?” But it was too late. The Guard Dogs had already begun hosing the pair down. They were soaked to the bones; dripping wet, and you could see some green slime flowing towards the middle of the floor down into the very same drain that Slimey probably escaped through earlier. How did Cheese and I, the Narrator, test positive for slime, you may ask? Remember when Star Cat freaked out next to the storage room after seeing a floating eyeball in her hair gel, and she flung slime everywhere? Well, she even managed to get some slime on Cheese and me, the Narrator.

Puzzled by Cheese’s question, the Queen asked, “Are you color blind, Prince? The slime detector clearly glowed green.”

“No,” said Cheese while wiping the water off of his face, “I just didn’t see it. That’s all.”

“Oh Queeny,” yelled Slimey-CKM, “I’m sorry, but I just can’t figure it out. I’ve tried everything.” The Queen walked back over to Slimey-CKM to see if maybe she could figure it out on her own.

“Here,” she said to Slimey-CKM, “take this.” She started handing Slimey-CKM the slime detector wand.

Of course, Slimey-CKM didn’t grab the slime detector wand from the Queen. If he had, it would glow green right away, and he would be instantly compromised. “Oh no,” said Slimey-CKM, “I’d rather not. Thank you. Perhaps one of your guards could handle that?”

Queen Sun Spot looked irritated. “Just hold it for one second while I take a look at this crazy machine,” she said.

But before the Queen could force Slimey-CKM to hold the slime detector, a door in the back of the throne room burst open, and a little puppy came running in. Everyone turned to look at her as she was barking loudly. Queen Sun Spot said, “Oh, what is it now, Princess?”

The puppy ran over to the Queen, grabbed her by the paw, and briskly pulled her away from Slimey-CKM. She then started growling at Slimey-CKM.

“Oh my,” said Slimey-CKM as he slowly backed away from the barking puppy, “that is no way for a Princess to treat a King, now is it? Down girl!”

“Yes,” said Queen Sun Spot looking concerned by the Princess’s behavior, “that is not polite. Why are you acting this way, Sunny?”

Then Star Cat came running through the door, and she was completely out of breath. She tried to say something, but she had to sit down. “Woof,” she exclaimed, “that puppy sure is fast!”

The Queen asked, “Is that Princess Starry?” while looking at Star Cat.

Everyone in the whole room said, “No, she’s just Star Cat,” at the exact same time, strangely including Slimey-CKM.

“Oh,” said the Queen, “okay. So, this is the other friend that Prince Cheesy Moon Mouse was talking about. Were you trying to hurt my daughter? I’ll have you locked away for this!”

Princess Sunny Dog started barking at her mother softly, and she appeared to be explaining that she was trying to help Star Cat.

“Sunny, you never know if you can trust a complete stranger like Star Cat. What if she was lying to you?” asked the Queen. Both the Princess and the Queen looked back at Star Cat with concern in their eyes.

“I didn’t lie about anything,” said Star Cat. “Please let me explain what is going on, Queen Sun Spot. This crazy mouse King…”

Star Cat’s story was cut off by two screaming voices coming from the very same hallway that Princess Sunny Dog and Star Cat had just emerged from only moments ago. “AAHHHHH! WE’RE COMING FOR YOU, Star Cat!” You could hear them getting closer by the second as the sound of Jon’s hoverboard whizzing through the air became louder and louder. And, after a couple seconds, two more star cats flew into the middle of the throne room. They both tried to jump off the hoverboard at the same time which caused them to fall straight to the ground. Chris managed to sit up pretty quickly and say, “Hello everyone. How’s it going?”

Star Cat was so happy to see her brothers that she ran over to them and grabbed them up into a big group hug. She squeezed as hard as she could and said, “I LOVE YOU GUYS!”

Everyone else was just watching the spectacle silently. “Okay,” said the Queen, “that’s enough of that.” She stood up and threw Slimey-CKM the slime detector over her shoulder as she walked towards the three star cats. So, she didn’t see Slimey-CKM catch the detector, but, believe me, when it landed in Slimey-CKM’s hands it was glowing bright green. “Please, star cats, just tell me why you are all here and where that nasty ball of green slime ran off to with my precious key.”

Before Slimey-CKM could hide the slime detector in his grasp, the Dog Guards noticed the detector glowing green and immediately hosed him down. They were trained very well to do their jobs, and, if done correctly, they would be rewarded with treats. Everyone turned to look at the Dog Guards hosing down a mouse thought to be merely Cheesy King Mouse. Though, as the green slime ran down the drain and as CKM’s eyes changed back from green to black, they all quickly realized that the King had actually been possessed by Slimey the entire time!

CKM was very confused as he slowly snapped out of his possessed trance. “Well, thank you for finally letting me inside the castle, Queen Sun Spot,” he said.

The Queen screamed with frustration, “No! He’s getting away! Turn on the machine quickly!”

“What in the universe are you talking about?” asked CKM.

The Queen didn’t have time to talk at the moment. She was too busy kicking and pushing buttons on her Molecular Gelatinous Consolidation machine. “While Slimey was possessing CKM, he must have tried to break my beautiful machine while pretending to help me get it to work.” She angrily screamed, “WORK YOU STUPID THING!” as she continued to forcefully shake the contraption.

[Narrator] Since the Queen was acting somewhat violently, Cheesy King Mouse decided he should back away from her and the machine. During this time period he noticed his son, Star Cat, me, and Chris and Jon all standing in the corner of the throne room. “Ah hah!” he screamed as he pointed his long, ugly fingers towards us, “Come to Poppa Mouse!” Then, CKM lunged towards us with all of his might, but he was unaware that, in the meantime, Princess Sunny Dog had melted his robes to the floor of the throne room. Yes, when Queen Sun Spot ran over to her Molecular Gelatinous Consolidation Machine, Princess Sunny Dog took the opportunity to run over to CKM. As he was still a bit dazed from being possessed, he didn’t even notice that she melted and subsequently glued the bottom of his robes to the floor. Princess Sunny Dog has dealt with CKM before, and obviously she doesn’t like him very much.

So, anyways, when CKM lunged forward, he instantly sprung back onto the floor due to his robes being, quite frankly, glued to the floor. It was a sight to see, let me tell you. CKM made a lovely, “Ack!” sound as he flew backwards through the air.

“Phew!” said Cheese as he wiped his brow, “I really thought he was going to get us. Thanks for putting the King in his place, literally, Princess Sunny.”

Star Cat was still confused by the whole situation, and she asked, “Wait, how did she do that? And is she a Princess? Because, if so, that would explain a few things.”

“Princess Sunny Dog was born with a gift that very few modern-day sun dogs possess; her sun spots can heat up to the same temperature as the sun.” said Cheese.

Cheesy King Mouse was still getting his bearings, and as he tried to stand up, he was instantly pulled back down to the ground again. “Will somebody please get me a pair of scissors so I can cut my robes loose, grab these fools, and bring justice to my kingdom?” ask CKM.

Queen Sun Spot was still kicking her machine, but she managed to yell, “Get me some scissors!” to one of her guards. A second later, a Dog Guard handed the Queen a pair of scissors, and she gave the machine one last good kick. Before she could turn around to hand the scissors to Cheesy King Mouse, the machine miraculously started working. It buzzed and lights were flashing, and it started shaking like a washing machine mid-cycle. Everyone was so scared by this that they all dropped down to the floor in panic.

“What is that thing?” whispered Jon.

“I don’t know,” said Chris, “but we should probably sneak out of here before it explodes!”

But there was no time to sneak away before the crystal orb started filling up with green slime, and then, of course, everyone was too curious to leave. “Ew,” said Star Cat, “is it a booger machine?”

“Maybe it’s a margarita machine,” said Cheesy King Mouse.

Star Cat was annoyed by the King butting-in on her conversation, and so she yelled, “Nobody asked you, King Crazy!”

“Everybody be quiet!” yelled Queen Sun Spot. “I can’t believe it’s working. Now, I’ll be able to get my beautiful key back from that slime thief and send him out to the ends of the universe so that he can never steal from me again!”

After about a minute, the crystal bulb was full of green slime, and Slimey’s eye appeared. “Help me, Star Cat!” he yelled.

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