The Mis-Adventures of Star Cat

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Chapter 16

[Time: 6 PM]

Cheese was very confused by the star cats’ strange behavior. “What’s wrong with you guys? So what if you’re late for dinner?”

Just then, another loud, “BOOM,” was heard and the castle shook slightly. Queen Sun Spot looked up from scolding CKM, and said, “Let me guess, that must be some more star cats crashing into my roof? I cannot catch a break today, can I?”

Little did she know, Queen Sun Spot’s guess was pretty close to the truth. A Dog Guard came running into the throne room, appearing very distressed, and screamed, “Ah! It’s going to knock down the doors!”

Everyone became very alarmed at hearing this. What was it, and why was is trying to knock down the doors? Well, everyone was alarmed except for Star Cat, Jon, and Chris.

“Don’t worry,” said Star Cat, “it’s not here for you; it’s here for us.” The loud booming sounds continued coming from the entry way into the castle. You could see on the surveillance cameras that the enormous castle doors were beginning to cave in from the impressive force of the monster. Everybody was panicking, running around the throne room, trying to find a place to hide, while the Queen was cutting CKM loose from his glued-down robes.

“What on the Sun are you talking about?” screamed the Queen. “We have to evacuate now before it kills us all!”

Just then, the doors to the kingdom fell, and a huge wave of dust flew into the castle, misconstruing the view of anything further than an arm’s length in front of you.

All that could be seen was a stream of light from the outside, and a large, ominous shadow of the creature in the doorway of the throne room. Nobody made a peep in the hopes that the monster might go away and not eat any of them. Suddenly, a low growl emerged from the monster, and its shadow seemed to grow larger and larger as it made its way into the throne room.

As the dust began to settle, you could see a small figure standing in the doorway of the throne room. I mean, I could see the figure. Star Cat, Chris and Jon could see the figure as well. Everyone else was covering their eyes and cowering in fear. Hey, wait a second Star Cat, is that Momma Cat?

Star Cat looked over at me, nodded her head in agreement, and said, “We’re in big trouble now.”

Queen Sun Spot slowly lifted her eyes to see the monster that had destroyed her front doors, and when she saw a small star cat standing in the doorway to her throne room, she was completed flabbergasted. She was very angry with the star cat, and she began to say, “How dare you destroy-” but before she could even finish her sentence, Momma Cat interrupted her.

With the roar of a lioness, Momma Cat suddenly seemed to grow three sizes that day, and she screamed, “YOU’RE LATE FOR DINNER!” while pointing to Star Cat and her brothers.

Star Cat took a few small steps towards her infuriated mother, and tried to explain why they were late by saying, “I’m so sorry that we’re late mom, but you see Cheesy King Mouse kidnapped me, and –”

Momma Cat turned her anger towards Cheesy King Mouse and roared, “IF YOU EVER TOUCH MY DAUGHTER AGAIN, YOU’LL WISH YOU WERE NEVER EVEN BORN!” So, you know how Cheesy King Mouse had been lying on the floor earlier, and you would think that it could not be physically possible for him to get any closer to the floor? Well, you were wrong. His body was flattened against the floor in fear of the wrath of Momma Cat. One might have referred to him as, ‘Cheesy Pancake King Mouse,’ in that moment.

Star Cat let her mother finish, and then continued to say, “And Queen Sun Spot wouldn’t let my friends leave, and –”

Momma Cat promptly turned towards Queen Sun Spot and roared, “HOW DARE YOU MAKE MY KIDS LATE FOR DINNER! HAVE YOU NO ORDER IN YOUR KINGDOM?” Queen Sun Spot was so scared of Momma Cat that she wasn’t even looking at her anymore.

“I’m sorry your kids are late for dinner,” said Queen Sun Spot in between tears, “but can you please leave now?”

Momma Cat grew even larger with the mounting fury of the situation that her children were in, and she let out one last roar screaming, “WE ARE LEAVING FOR DINNER RIGHT NOW! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN US, YOU MUST LEAVE WITH US IMMEDIATELY!”

As Momma Cat’s hot air blew out of her, she shrank back down to a normal, not-so-angry size. Then, while holding her children by their tails, she led them out of the castle to their hover car.

Everyone started to stand back up and dust themselves off after the star cats had left. “Well that was scary,” said Queen Sun Spot.

“Yeah it really was,” said Cheese, “but she did invite us all for dinner, right?”

“I would love to eat some cat food right about now,” said one of the Guard Dogs.

Princess Sunny Dog barked joyfully with excitement. You know how much dogs just love to eat cat food.

“Well,” said CKM while throwing his hands up in the air in defeat, “I guess it’s settled then. Let’s all go eat dinner with Princess Starry.”

Then, in unison, everyone yelled, “HER NAME IS STAR CAT!”

So, everybody walked out of the castle to the parking lot, hopped into their respective hover cruisers, and followed Momma Cat back to planet Cater for a delicious home cooked meal. When they arrived, they all sat around the table and began making small talk. Jon looked over at Slimey and said, “First off, I love what you’ve done with your hair! Second, can Chris get his hoverboard back soon? I’m only asking because he won’t stop using mine, and it’s annoying.”

“Oh yes, don’t worry about that,” said Slimey. “I found Star Cat’s helmet, and Chris’s hoverboard is fine. I had to rough up Cheesy King Mouse’s Guards a bit, but my other half is on his way to planet Cater as we speak. Everyone will have their stuff back by the end of dinner. Also, thank you for noticing my hair. I just wanted to dress up for dinner, so I threw this old thing on.”

Jon was happy knowing Chris would get his hoverboard back, but Slimey had a question for him too. “Hey Jon,” said Slimey, “why did you and Chris try to save Star Cat if you could have just waited for Momma Cat to come and save her anyways?”

“Well,” said Jon, “the wrath of Momma Cat is only to be tampered with as a last resort. We must try our best to avoid upsetting her at all times, or, as you witnessed, property and emotional damages may occur. So, really, it is for the greater good if we keep Momma Cat happy.”

“Ah,” said Slimey, “that makes sense.”

Just then, CKM pulled out his cell phone. Chris saw this and tried to warn him, but it was too late; Momma Cat had already seen CKM take out his phone. “NO PHONES AT THE TABLE!” screamed Momma Cat as she snatched CKM’s phone out of his paws and set it on the countertop.

“Good heavens,” said CKM in a bit of shock, “what an interesting culture you cats have.”

Momma Cat cleared her throat, and gently explained why she had to take his phone away. “I do not allow cell phones out during dinner time because I enjoy speaking with my children. If the children are looking at their phones, they magically turn into robots who have forgotten how to talk to their sweet mother.”

“Ah,” said CKM, “I think I am beginning to understand. Communication is heralded during mealtimes in the culture of the star cats. Is that right?”

Momma Cat smiled at the King’s deduction and said, “Yes, that is exactly right.” Then Momma Cat started to sit down and said, “Okay everybody, you may begin eating.” But before she sat down completely in her seat she popped right back up and said, “Oh, I almost forgot!” She walked over to her stereo system that was situated across the room and turned it on. The music was so loud that everyone was having difficulty hearing each other. Then, Momma Cat walked back over, sat down, and yelled, “THAT’S BETTER! I LOVE THIS SONG!”

While Momma Cat was dancing in her chair and enjoying her meal, CKM leaned over to Cheese and tried to say, “I guess I was wrong about the communication thing then?”

Cheese couldn’t hear him, though, over the blaring music and over Momma Cat’s singing. “What?” he yelled.

[Narrator] Nobody could hear a thing other than the music, and, as you all know, if you can’t beat them, join them. So, Momma Cat, Star Cat, Chris, Jon, Slimey, Cheese, CKM, Queen Sun Spot, Princess Sunny Dog, and a Dog Guard joined together and sang songs while they ate their meal. There was really nothing else they could do. Talking wasn’t an option, cell phones aside, as nobody could hear anything other than the sappy music that Momma Cat was blasting over the stereo. Anyways, all seemed right with the world; Star Cat was back home with her brothers, and CKM was beginning to consider that maybe she really wasn’t Princess Starry. Momma Cat saved the day, and there are still plans in the future for Cheese and Star Cat to build their metal club house on the perfect asteroid. Well, I hope you enjoyed the story. Until next time, the end.

“Oh, wait a second, Narrator,” said Chris. “I have one more question for Slimey before the story is over.”

“What’s your question, Chris?” asked Slimey.

“I know you’re going to give us back my hoverboard and Star Cat’s helmet, but what will you do with CKM’s priceless cheese that was stuck to Star Cat’s helmet? Maybe it’s not even on her helmet anymore.”

Slimey leaned over to Chris and whispered in his ear, “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that, Chris.” Then, Slimey winked at him and said, “Let’s just say, I’ve got my eye on it.”

The end.

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