The Mis-Adventures of Star Cat

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Chapter 1

[Narrator] Hello everyone and thank you for joining me today at story time. I would just like to begin by saying that I will be your Narrator throughout this story and shall be referred to as such. I am standing here before you today so that I may share the most epic story of all time; a story about a young cat who journeys far away from her home; a story about friendship and adventure; a story you will not soon forget.

So, here we go: On a planet called Cater, there once lived a cat named Star Cat. Well, technically she wasn’t a cat. She was really shaped more like a star. Anyways, one early paw (the star cats call their mornings paws) Star Cat’s mother, Momma Cat, woke her up extra early. Shaking Star Cat awake, Momma Cat yelled, “Good paw Star Cat! Wake up! It’s already two meows past the first hairball, and if you want to make it to your race today you have to get up now.”

Star Cat turned away from her Momma and groaned, “Awe, come on Momma. Just five more hisses please!”

“No! You’ve been working so hard for this hoverboard race, and I refuse to let you sleep right through it. It’s time to go, kitty.” Then she proceeded to taunt Star Cat with her baby voice and said, “Who’s a good kitty? Who’s a pretty kitty? Who’s going to win that race today, huh? Who is it? YOU ARE! YES, YOU ARE!”

Rather irritated, Star Cat rolled back over in bed towards her Momma and yelled, “Okay! Please stop talking to me like that. I hate that! I’m up! See?” She jumped out of bed so quickly that she started seeing stars, or, you could say, she started seeing herself. Ha ha ha ha ha!

“Now that’s more like it!” Momma Cat said and gave Star Cat a kiss on her forehead. “Alright, hurry up and get ready. You need to leave soon because both of your brothers are already there.”

As soon as Momma Cat mentioned Star Cat’s brothers, Star Cat sat right back down on the bed, sulked and said, “Mom, I don’t think I want to go anymore.”

Momma Cat gently laid her paw on Star Cat’s shoulder and asked, “Well, why not, kitty? You’ve been practicing every day, you’ve improved a lot since last year, and I know you’re going to crush the competition.”

“I know I’m better than I was last year, but I can never beat Chris and Jon! They’re just so fast. Every time I improve, so do they. So, there’s no way I can win,” Star Cat pouted.

[Narrator] Scratching Star Cat’s ears lovingly, Momma Cat reassured her that she’ll never know if she can beat her brothers if she never tries. That being said, Momma Cat gave Star Cat a little glimmer of hope which was apparently all she needed. So, she perked up, put on her belt and her boots, combed her fur, ate her breakfast, brushed her teeth and was ready to go to the race. This race is not just any race, though. It’s the Annual Young Cat Hoverboard Race, where the winner has a chance of becoming a real “star” among stars. Hey Star Cat! Does that mean if you win, I can start calling you star Star Cat?

Star Cat looked over at me, the Narrator, and smugly said, “No Narrator, it means you can start calling me The Queen, Her Royal Highness, Her Majesty, Star Cat the First.”

[Narrator] Wow. I really hope you don’t win then.

Star Cat frowned at me and yelled, “I don’t need your sass right now Narrator!” as she waxed her hoverboard. “I’m kind of under a lot of pressure, and I want to beat my brothers more than anything else in the entire world. Why, you may ask? Because they only beat me by a tail’s length every year!” Ever since Star Cat began riding her hoverboard ten years ago, she has always entered the big race. Her brothers, Chris and Jon, managed to zoom past her in the end each year forcing her out of the top rankings. Thinking about how mad her brothers made her, Star Cat shook her head and said, “Not this year though. This year I’m going to beat them and anyone else who stands in the way of me and the finish line! My hoverboard and I are super agile, with amazing cat-like reflexes, and, not to mention, extremely good looks.” Star Cat proceeded to whip her hair back and forth while holding her hoverboard to demonstrate said good looks.

[Narrator] Well great! Good luck Star Cat. I know you can do it. I’ll be cheering you on the entire time. I’m sorry that I said I hoped you would not win earlier. I was just kidding. You know that, right?

As Star Cat continued to pose with her hoverboard she said, “Yes, Narrator, I forgive you. I’m sorry I snapped at you too.”

[Narrator] Apology accepted. So, Star Cat walked out of her garage carrying her hoverboard. She had a little extra swagger in her step because she was confident that she looked really, really good. Anyways, not only is Star Cat’s hoverboard state-of-the-art and hot pink, but it also has a bunch of sparkly stickers all over it and crazy flashing lights around the edges. For you humans, I guess you could say it looks like an awesome skate board without wheels that can fly. Though, the one thing that you must always remember to do before flying your hoverboard is to wear a helmet, right Star Cat?

Star Cat ran up to me and exclaimed, “My helmet is so pretty! Look! It’s pink with tons of stickers on it.” She held it up against my face and wiggled it around just long enough so that she was one hundred percent sure I saw all the stickers. I tried to move it away from my face, but she kept bouncing up and down with excitement.

[Narrator] Yes that’s lovely. I see it. You can remove it from my face now. Just put it on already!

Pulling her helmet away quickly and hiding it behind her back, Star Cat said, “Geeze, alright, I just wanted to make sure you could see it.”

[Narrator] How could I not see it when you almost stuck it up my nose?

“Well your nose is pretty big…so…,” giggled Star Cat while making her ‘I’m sorry but it’s true’ face at me.

[Narrator] Star Cat thinks she’s funny, but I’ll be sure to get her back later in the story. Okay, what was I saying? Oh, yes.

Star Cat turned on her hoverboard by flipping a little switch on the bottom, and suddenly it began to glow bright pink. She threw the hoverboard up in front of her, and as it floated in mid-air a soft humming sound emerged. Then, without hesitation she leaped onto her board, wobbling only for a second, leaned forward, whizzed away and shouted, “KAAAWAAAABUNGGAAAA!”

[Narrator] Since she was late for the big race, Star Cat was hovering a bit fast, and her whiskers kept flying into her eyes which made her eyes water and her vision blurry. She tried to keep her whiskers out of her eyes, but that just resulted in her wobbling more and going even faster on her hoverboard. In turn, she made a wrong turn since she couldn’t really see where she was going. She thought she was going the right way though, and she was so determined to make it to the race on time that she had no idea she was flying on a deserted road.

Star Cat became puzzled listening to my narration. Without stopping she yelled, “Deserted road you say? You mean with ice cream and chocolate?”

[Narrator] No, Star Cat. Deserted means that nobody lives on this road or has traveled over it in a very long time.

Star Cat was drooling so much from thinking about ice cream that she did not hear what I said, and she assumed that “deserted” meant “having desserts on it.” With drool in her ears and whiskers in her eyes she shouted, “Sweet! Literally!”

[Narrator] Attempting to look for sweets alongside the road while still hovering at a very fast pace, Star Cat began to realize that there were no desserts lining the road. She also started to notice that she did not recognize where she was, and she began to panic because now she was hungry and still late for the big race!

Slowing down on her hoverboard, Star Cat looked at me and said suspiciously, “Wait just a minute. I don’t see any delicious foods about the road. Actually, I don’t see much of anything around here at all! Where am I, Narrator?”

[Narrator] I told you already that you made a wrong turn, and you’re on a deserted road.

Rolling her eyes at me because she still did not understand what “deserted” meant, Star Cat was frustrated and yelled, “Oh yeah that helps a lot! Thanks for nothing! Man, I’m going to be so late for the race, and if I don’t make it there on time, I’m going to have to wait a whole year before I can compete again!” She was so upset that she started to tear up a little.

[Narrator] Okay Star Cat, I’m sorry. If you just turn around, I can tell you where-

“No!” she grumbled as tears rolled down her cheeks, “I don’t need you! You’re the one who got me into this mess in the first place! I’ll be fine!” She turned away from me and started hovering quickly down the road again.

[Narrator] Well somebody’s a little grouchy this morning, isn’t she? Hey, all I did was tell you that you made a wrong turn, but if you want to blame me for being lost, that’s your business. I’m done trying to help you, Miss Prissy Pants.

So, Star Cat continued ignoring me, the Narrator, as she hovered down the deserted road, and finally she came upon a tunnel. “Huh, I wonder where this tunnel goes,” she wondered. “There’s a light at the end of it, so it must go somewhere, right? I bet it leads straight to the race! Oh, thank goodness I’m going to make it!” Overjoyed by her misguided assumption, Star Cat zoomed towards the mouth of the tunnel.

[Narrator] I don’t think that’s a good idea Star Cat!

Rolling her eyes, she asked, “Oh really? Why not Narrator?”

[Narrator] Haven’t you ever heard that saying, “Don’t go towards the light at the end of the tunnel?”

“Huh, no I don’t think so.”

[Narrator] Well, they say if you head towards the light that you’ll die.

Laughing out loud, Star Cat said, “Then I guess it’s a good thing I’ve never heard that saying before because I’m going straight for it! Watch how fast I can go!” She began flying faster than a bullet through the tunnel.

[Narrator] She never listens to anything that I say, does she? Or, if she does listen, she’s too distracted to understand it correctly. Ugh, blondes, what are you going to do? Okay, back to the story.

[Narrator] Off in the distance, I suddenly heard something that sounded like an engine starting. If the sound isn’t Star Cat’s hoverboard, then what could it be? Hmmm…oh no! Star Cat, stop! That isn’t just a light! It’s a-

“WHAM!” My warning was too late to stop Star Cat from being run over by a huge hover car. Oh no Star Cat! You were too young to die! Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! [Narrator crying loudly.]

“She’s not dead,” said a deep voice coming from within the tunnel. The voice belonged to a large mouse who stepped out of a cheese-wheel hover craft and continued to say, “but I think I knocked her out.” He kneeled down and looked over Star Cat who was sprawled-out on the ground.

“Dad!” yelled another mouse from inside the craft, “Hurry up! Bring her inside before we get in trouble! Let’s get out of here and quick!”

[Narrator] No! You can’t take Star Cat away!

But, as I yelled at them, helplessly positioned behind my podium, I watched the mice load Star Cat and her hoverboard into their hover car. The big mouse looked at me and yelled, “You’re coming with us too! I can’t have any witnesses, Miss.” As he started walking towards me, he rudely asked, “Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way?”

[Narrator] The easy way is fine… So, I walked over, hopped into the mice’s hover car, and away we went. I hope Star Cat is going to be alright. She was hit pretty hard!

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