The Mis-Adventures of Star Cat

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Chapter 4

[Time: 10:15 AM]

Sauntering out of the kitchen and back into the throne room with a full belly and a smile on his face, CKM asked, “Reginald, is my throne fixed yet?”

“It’s almost fixed, your Majesty! I just have to add the finishing touches to it, which shouldn’t take me longer than a tail whip or two.”

“Thank you so much! It’s perfect,” said the King as he flopped down into his throne, too full of cheese to stand up any longer, “and did CMM take care of the Princess?”

“Yes, he showed up as soon as you left for the kitchen and said he would talk to her in the dungeon where he could lock her up first.” Laughing a little and slowly shaking his head, Reginald went on to say, “She sure is a feisty one, isn’t she?”

“I suppose feisty is a good word for her,” reasoned CKM. “I’m glad I don’t have to deal with Little Miss Feisty again anytime soon. Thank Cheesiness I have a son who is so helpful and loves me so much that he deals with my prisoners for me.”


CLANG!!!! BASH!!!! BOOM!!!!

“What was that?” whispered Cheese.

“Sorry!” said Star Cat.

Annoyed because Star Cat is a klutz, and she just scared the living cheese out of him, Cheese said, “Will you try to be more careful please? If we’re caught, we’ll both be in trouble, but you’ll be in way more trouble than me!”

“Well it’s not my fault that your dad has all this junk in his garage,” said Star Cat.

“But it is your fault when you knock it over!” said Cheese in an agitated tone.

[Narrator] You know, Star Cat, he makes a good point.

“Thank you, Narrator,” said Cheese, “I thought I was being sensible.”

“Grumble…Grumble…Grumble…” grumbled Star Cat under her breath, “Remind me, Cheese, why we’re here again, in this dump your father calls a garage?”

“Really,” said Cheese in disbelief, “you need me to remind you, again?”

“I don’t tease you when you forget stuff,” whimpered Star Cat making an adorable kitty face in an attempt to get Cheese to be nicer.

Trying to resist how cute Star Cat’s kitty face was, Cheese looked away quickly and said, “Remember, we came here so that I could finish rebuilding your hover craft? That way we can escape!”

“You mean my hoverboard?”

Cheese brushed off Star Cat’s last comment and said, “Hoverboard, whatever. It’s going to be so awesome!”

Worried about what was going to happen to her awesome pink hoverboard, Star Cat said, “I think it’s fine just the way it is. What if you break it?”

“Star Cat, do you want to escape or not?” asked Cheese.

“Yes, I obviously do.”

“Do you want a cool hover…thing?” asked Cheese again.


“Do you trust me?” asked Cheese for the third time.

“Kind of I guess.”

“Then shut up and let me work!” yelled Cheese.

[Narrator] OOOOOOOO! Star Cat just got told! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

“You too Narrator! BE QUIET!” ordered Cheese.

[Narrator] So, we were all very quiet for a few minutes while Cheese tinkered with Star Cat’s hover thing, but then I had to ask him a question that had been bothering me for a long time.

“What do you want to ask me, Narrator?” said Cheese still looking down at his work while he talked to me.

[Narrator] Well, I was just wondering why you want to escape with Star Cat? I mean, you’re not the one being held here like a prisoner, and you’re a prince! So, why would you want to leave your life of luxury?

As I said that, Cheese looked over at Star Cat sitting on her stool with her chin in her paw beginning to dose off, and then he said, “I don’t think she’ll get very far without me. There are guards everywhere, and I don’t know how familiar she is with navigating the solar system. Plus, I feel like it’s all my fault that she’s in this mess. I was the one who wanted to go to the Cheese Festival on Planet Cater. That’s the only reason my father and I were there in the first place. And on top of that, my father is so stubborn. I think this whole situation is going to get very messy. No matter how much Star Cat or I could reason with CKM, there’s likely nothing we could do to change his mind that she’s actually not the princess. My father is not the nicest king, and he loves taking ransoms and starting wars. It’s sort of what royals do, like a game we play, you know? I’m sick of it, though. Especially after we kitten-napped an innocent civilian! I just can’t be associated with my father anymore, and I need a friend. I feel horrible about it all. It really is quite remarkable, though, Star Cat’s resemblance to Princess Starry, don’t you think? Before she made that phone call, I was also convinced that she was the princess.”

[Narrator] Wow, being royal sounds a little crazy. So, y’all just kidnap each other and cause wars all the time?

Suddenly Star Cat woke up and interrupted our conversation by yelling, “I’m bored to tears! See, I’m actually crying because this is so boring. I’d rather be sucking on a frozen cheese bar back in my cell so my lips get all big! That was so cool.”

“Fine…” said Cheese while trying to get back to his work, “if you are so bored then why don’t you think up a plan for us after we escape?”

“What a fun idea!” said Star Cat, “Okay, we could…and…maybe…” she said rambling off ideas about what she had in mind for the future.

After a few minutes of listening to her rambling, Cheese couldn’t take it any longer. So, he suggested his own ideas, “How about, instead of becoming princesses, we go and build our own club house?”

Star Cat was a little hurt that Cheese didn’t want to become Princess Cheesy, but she did like the thought of building a club house. So, she decided to compromise and said, “That would be cool too, as long as I can be the Princess of our club house.”

Now Cheese was so excited about the clubhouse idea that he didn’t even hear Star Cat’s comment about being a princess. He said, “Hey, we could build it on our very own asteroid! One that’s nice and stable, and we could use metal so the clubhouse will be sturdy.”

[Narrator] But where will you get all the materials for that?

“I can take all of my dad’s tools,” said Cheese, “but finding that much metal might be difficult.”

“Isn’t there a ton of metal on the sun?” said Star Cat, “Like so much metal that they are just giving it away because they don’t know what else to do with it?”

[Narrator] I did hear that on the news the other day. Good thinking Star Cat!

“Really?” asked Cheese. He was astonished at Star Cat’s great idea and said, “That sounds like a fantastic plan to me! We might as well go, and if all the metal is gone by the time we get there, we can find it somewhere else. For now, the sun is probably the closest place to go anyways.” Then shaking his head, Cheese said, “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, good idea Star Cat.”

[Narrator] Believe me those good ideas don’t happen very often, and now that you’ve used up an idea from Star Cat, you’re going to have to wait a little while until her brain recharges to get the chance to use another.

“It’s true,” admitted Star Cat, “I need some time between my brilliant ideas.”

“So, we’ll need food, water, …” said Cheese starting to make a list of everything they would need to take.

“And sunblock!” said Star Cat.

Smacking his forehead with his paw, Cheese realized that they are going to need a TON of sunblock if they are going to the sun. “Oh no, you’re right Star Cat. We do need sunblock, but the only way for us to get any is to buy it from my dad.”

“What? How in blazes are we going to do that?” asked Star Cat. “We’ll definitely get caught, won’t we?”

“Well it seems as though my father hasn’t even realized that we’re both missing yet.”

As soon as Cheese said that an alarm sounded off through the entire castle over and over again, red lights started flashing everywhere, and you could hear the words, “ALARM! PRISONER BREECH! ALARM! PRINCE MISSING!”

“So much for that plan!” Star Cat yelled while she held her ears and rolled her eyes.

“Well we should be safe if we just stay in here,” said Cheese. “This is the only room in the castle with no surveillance cameras. Based on the alarm, it sounds like everyone thinks Star Cat kidnapped me on her way out the door since the alarm said prisoner “breech” but only prince “missing”. My father trusts me enough that he would never suspect us to be hiding out in his garage. He’s probably so worried about me that he’s searching the rest of the castle and the entire kingdom as we speak. I’ll have to send him a post card when we get to the sun, but, for now, we should be safe.”

Star Cat replied, “Okaaayyyyyyyyy…” and just held her arms out waving them around for a while.

[Narrator, looking at Star Cat but talking to Cheese] Cheese, I think she’s trying to ask what should we do now? Yep, I’m almost positive that’s what she wants to know.

“Oh,” said Cheese, a bit confused by Star Cat’s hand gestures. “Well, I guess we could sneak back into the palace somehow and steal some sunblock for ourselves.”

“Your dad doesn’t have any sunblock in his garage?” asked Star Cat.

“Nope,” sighed Cheese, “the only sunblock in the entire kingdom is located in the middle of the castle in his storage closet. Selling the only sunblock on the planet actually does bring in a small fortune. However, it is really inconvenient for everyone, especially when the weather gets nice, because everybody has to wait in a long line, sometimes we run out, and-”

“ALRIGHT!” yelled Star Cat interrupting him, “I think we get the point.”

“Well, I have a plan, Star Cat, but you’re going to have to fully cooperate. Otherwise, we’re never getting out of here. It has to work!”

Star Cat slowly turned her head to meet Cheese’s gaze. She took a dramatic pause and then said, “Okay Cheese, I’m all ears!”

[Time: 10:30 AM]

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