The Winged Ones

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Two girls try to stop their dorm mate from ruling their peaceful colony. They learn the importance of friendship and wings.

Adventure / Fantasy
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" Ugh, it’s so early,” I said.

“I know, but we have council today,” replies Charley

As we get up, we hear a screech coming from the other room.

" Oh, my plan to wake Luna up worked,” Charley says with a chuckle.

“What did you do? She’s nice to me!” I cry.

Luna storms into our room, wings dripping. ” I can’t with you Charley! You are a butthole and I hate you!”

As we got into our fancy council clothes, Charley and I joked around about who would be our next leader. We elected a new leader every 2 years.

When you get out of dorms the council building looms over you like being on the steps of the lincoln memorial. As I walked in with Charley, the walls opened up into a domed ceiling. We sat in the fifth pew-like bench from the council. Charley and I wanted to be very close every time so that if one of us got called, we could be close enough to hear.

This time was a bit different though. Charley disappeared after the first few candidates were called. I asked around our dorm mates and some of them thought they saw him leaving through the back door. I raced out and found him on a phone, which we're not supposed to have.

I overheard him saying to a deep voice " Yeah, I'll take care of her."

I hid behind a bush, scared that "her" was me.

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