Treasure seekers

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A 16 year old boy named Yaname has always wanted to start a guild, but he needs 5 member to get one approved. In guilds, people called “Treasure seekers” work together to find treasure in places called Dungeons. Random dungeons appear every day throughout the world holding a variety of treasures. Follow Yaname as he strives to be the best treasure seeker there ever was, with great companions and fearsome foes.

Adventure / Action
Mekhi Davis
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Chapter 1

Yaname, a 16 year old lad who wants to create a guild is on a quest to look for five members in order to approve the guild. Yaname has a good friend named Kuzuo. Kazuo found yaname in the middle of an alleyway when Yaname was a toddler. Kuzuo is a well-built guy, while yaname has little to no muscles. Yaname has brown hair and dark brown eyes, while Kuzuo is has pretty similar features. “So kuzuo, where exactly are we headed off to?” yaname says oblivious to the town that they are in. “We are in the town of Mesa, this is where we can sign up for the creation of the guild. Kuzuo says as they continue to walk down the street.

“Kuzuo, when are we going to start looking for members?” Yaname says impatiently. “There Is no need to rush Yaname, once we apply to create a guild, we have thirty days to find members, ” Kuzuo says reassuringly. They finally arrive at the guild approval center in which they can create a guild. “So Kuzuo, what is the name of the guild going to be?” Yaname says as he jumps in excitement. “You will see when I am finished signing the guild forms, ” Kuzuo seems a but annoyed.

Ten minutes pass and the two walk out of the center and see a nearby inn. “We will stay at the inn down the street.” Kuzuo buys a room for two. “I'm going to head out and fetch us some dinner, you stay put for the time being, don't get into any trouble, ” Kuzuo walks out of the room. “What am I to do? There are no newspapers or books.” Yaname looks around the pretty much empty room so he can find something to keep himself occupied. “How about I go do a but of exploration in this town, I should not worry about losing my way, the town is small after all, ” Yaname says reassuring himself. Yaname walks out of the inn, “Crap, it sure is dark out.”

Yaname is walking down the road and he sees a black figure arise from the stone street. “Who’s there?” Yaname says as he slowly pulls out his gauntlet swords from his bag. The figure starts rushing towards Yaname at high speeds. Yaname jumps to the side and takes a slash at the figure, but no harm was done. “What!?” Yaname shouts as he gets attacked by the figure. “What are you?” The unusual creature looks like some sort of shadow. A loud shout comes from across the opposite direction.

A strange guy with a massive sword comes in and slashes the shadow creature into two. The mysterious shadow figure forms back together and manages to escape. “You ok? What were you doing battling a shadow demon?” The man says as he covers his sword in bandages. “Wait, that was a demon?” Yaname says in total shock. Demons appear once a dungeon appears nearby. You are pretty fortunate to have run into a weaker demon. “If it was weak, then why did you let it escape?” Yaname says as he puts his gauntlets swords back into his bag. “I was not in the mood for such a thing.”

“Not in the mood!? What if innocent people were to be in danger? Would you let them undergo such danger?” Yaname shouts in anger. “It’s not a big deal, once the dungeon disappears in the next Twenty-four hours, the demons will retreat to another dungeon.” Yaname does not look very pleased. “Who are you anyways? I'm Yaname, it's a pleasure to meet you.” The boy reaches out for a handshake. “My name is Itsuki, the pleasure is mine.” They both proceed to shake hands. “I have to head out, until next time.” Itsuki walks away into the alleyway. Yaname heads back to the inn.

When Yaname heads back to the room, Kuzuo is nowhere to be found. Yaname starts to panic, thinking that something might have happened to to Kuzuo. Yaname hears footstep coming towards his room, and to his surprise, it was Kuzuo. “Kuzuo! What took you so long?” Yaname says worried about his friend. “Yaname, I am a thirty-five-year-old man, I can take care of my self.” Yaname scratches the back of his head in embarrassment, “Heheheh, I knew that.” The two eat dinner and soon head to bed to rest for the night.

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