Inherited Extinction 1 Adam

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The world is in crisis, so when scientists think they have found the solution in the male contraceptive. A vaccination program on a global scale is rolled out. But it has a nasty side effect and soon the human race is staring extinction square in the face. So the Adam program is initiated and a select group of genetically engineered boys are raised to keep the human race going. Now even that is failing and the solution comes from an unlikely place. Adam doesn't want his life he wants to see the world and find his brother. Hatching a plan to escape. Celina's mission has been a disaster from the start. Arriving to collect her boy she is confronted with chaos. One of the Mothers begs for her help to find her lost boy. Only to find he isn't lost he is escaping.

Adventure / Romance
Claire Booth
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Chapter 1

Glancing out of the window my fingers guide the pencil across the paper. Scrunching my face in concentration I block out the sounds of the boys playing in the snow as I try to capture the energy and enthusiasm of their robust game.

‘Adam, where are you?’ A gust of freezing air follows the voice as Mathew bursts into the room. He shuffles over to the fire and sits as close as he can without setting himself on fire. For a moment I picture this in my head ending with him running about in flame like coat setting the whole school burning. Blinking I focus on him again.

‘Why? What’s going on?’ His damp, dishevelled state brings a smile to my face. His auburn hair is plastered to his forehead and his face is pinker than normal. This suggests that he was somehow involved in the snowball fight, possibly the instigator. He watches me drawing for a bit before answering.

‘Oh, they’re organising a snowball fight between the Mothers and the boys, if you’re interested.’ His gaze travels to my face as his mouth turns up in a smile, his green eyes shining.

‘Oh, I see. Do you mind if I pass?’ Sucking my pencil I study my drawing.

‘Nah, I told them you would say that,’ he grins back and gets to his feet, warming his hands against the fire one last time. He wanders over to the door, puts his hand on the handle and turns to me.

‘Catch you later,’ pulling it closed behind him. My solitude is short lived however as I soon hear the voice of my Mother.

‘Adam, Adam, sample time,’ she says in a sing song voice. She opens the door and steps inside, smiling at me, waggling a sample pot in her fingers. Her impossibly high heels clacking on the wooden floor, long blonde hair loose down her back.

‘Why weren’t you outside?’ She asks, sitting on the sofa to my side. Well, sitting isn’t quite right, perching would be more accurate. She crosses her long slender legs.

Taking in her form-fitting dress and low neckline that doesn’t leave much to the imagination I shrug, meeting her gaze. ‘Didn’t feel like it.’

‘Oh, are you ill?’ She reaches out and strokes my face with her fingers, before ruffling my blond hair. She does this on purpose, as she knows I hate her messing with my hair.

‘No, I’m fine,’ a frown forming with annoyance as I growl at her and push her hand away. Her lips twitch as she suppresses a smile.

‘Good, right, well, sample time, are you ready or do you want some help?’ She runs her hand up my inner thigh stroking and caressing.

‘No, I don’t need any help.’ Her hand rests on my crotch, closing my eyes, relaxing my body. ‘Do we have to do this can’t we just skip it today? I’m not feeling too into it.’ Casting my eyes upward I wait for her reaction.

‘You weren’t feeling very into it last time either, or were you unwell? It’s difficult to keep track. Come on what’s gotten into you?’

‘It’s just, what’s the rush? If there are only so many samples that can be taken, why the big hurry to get them all out of the way now? Why can’t we…you know space them out a bit, take it easy?’

‘Adam, not collecting your sample will not stop you from being retired at twenty, that’s just the way it works, honey. All that will happen is that I will get into trouble for not meeting my quota. I can’t keep making excuses for you.’ Worry in her voice as her eyes sweep over my body.

‘But I don’t want to be retired at twenty. I want to have a nice long happy life. And what with the downturn hardly anyone can afford to buy an Adam nowadays. What if nobody wants me and I don’t sell?’ I complained. Not that I want that either, I want to be my own person, not some woman’s property.

‘Oh come on Adam, there are still plenty of women out there with more money than sense. And who wouldn’t want to buy a Lil’ cutey like you, huh…coochie coo.’ She jokes pulling at my cheek.

‘Aaah stop.’ I laugh pushing her hand away, mock scowling.

‘Now come on let’s stop messing around and let me get this sample so we can both get on with our day,’ she says suddenly all business again.

‘Alright fine,’ I agree petulantly.

So here I am, lying on the couch, while a stunningly attractive woman strokes and generally coaxes me to perform, so she can collect my sample.

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