"Pull me out!"

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a story of 2 friends out on an adventure

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“My feet are cold.” Julie said.

“Well here put these shoes on.” Gina said.

“Ok thanks.” Julie replied.

Hold on a min. I’m getting ahead of myself. So let’s start at the beginning. Okay.

Last year during winter Gina and I went hiking on some trails in the woods. We walked maybe a mile or a half of a mile. We did not know where we were going to. But later we found out where we had ended up at. We walked until we came to a fork on the trail we went left, we walked a little ways and came to another fork we went right. We did not know if we were trespassing on someone’s property. So we were walking quite down the path. Solo, Ginas dog, smelled the path ahead of us. Soon we came to another fork; we stood at the fork talking about which way we should go.

“So Gina which way should we go? Let’s go right. Ok, come on solo.” Was my reply before Gina could reply.

We walked maybe a ¼ of a mile it seemed like a half of a mile to us. We walked thru snow, ice and it was sprinkling rain, so it was cold.

“Where are we at?” I asked.

Gina said, “I don’t know let’s keep walking a little bit more ok?”

“Ok!” was my quick reply.

“Solo wait up!” Gina yelled!

We walked until we came to a place that was right behind the landfill; all that was there was mud and rocks and thorn bushes.

“Gina let’s go through It.” said Julie.

“NO Julieley!” yelled Gina.

“Yes! We won’t get stuck.” said Julie.

“Ok” was Gina’s reply.

“Come on Solo; see Gina? She’s is not getting stuck.” Was Julie’s response to the entire situation.

Gina went first, then I came behind her. Gina was wearing rain boots and I was wearing boots. I really don’t remember what type they were, just that they were yellow and brown. Gina stopped because she was stuck in the mud. When she stopped, I stopped; then I was stuck in the mud. Gina managed to pull both of her feet out of the mud and get on drier ground. But! In the process she lost one of her shoes. She bent down to pull the shoe out and lost her balance; her foot went in the mud.

”THAT’S COLD MUD!” Gina yelled.

“HA! HA!” I laughed loudly and often at her. It was an amazing site to see her struggling in the mud.

Little did I know that I too would lose not one but both of my shoes in the mud as well. I went to pull my shoes out, lost my balance and fell on my butt in the mud.

“HA! HA! JULIELEY” laughed Gina.

“Oh shut up Gina!” I yelled!

Gina finely got out of the mud and she found a rope and through it to me.

Gina said, “Here hold on I will pull you out.”

“Ok” came my somewhat irritated reply.

“On three” replied Gina.

“1, 2, 3 pull! Hold on Gina.” I said.

“Ok Julieley.” Gina replied.

I pulled one foot out and lost the boot I tried to pull it out but it didn’t move. I got a piece of wood and put my foot on it and tried to pull my other foot and when it came out the other boot was lost. Then the other foot that was on the piece of wood went back in the mud. So I was flipping out thinking that I was never going to get out.

But I pulled one leg out and stuck my knee on a piece of wood, and got my other leg out and stuck my knee on a piece of wood and crawled my way out of the mud pit. Gina and I argued for awhile. All Gina had on her feet were her shoes and socks. All I had on my feet was socks but soon I took them of.

We walked back the same way. Gina had her boots and I was walking with no shoes and no socks on.

“My feet are cold.” said Julie.

“Well here put these shoes on.” Gina said.

“Ok thanks.” said Julie.

We walked a little ways and I took them off.

“Gina here put these back on.” I said.

“Ok, why?” Gina asked.

“Because they hurt my feet.” I complained

“Ok” Gina replied.

By the time we made it behind a house, it was the 3rd house from Gina’s. My feet were so numb that they hurt. We walked through the first two yards; the 2nd yard had snow all over it. While Gina had shoes on her I was walking barefoot in the snow, ice and mud; with no shoes and no socks. My feet were numb. I went to walk on the road but it hurt my feet. We finally made it to Gina’s house and went inside. Gina’s mom made us take a warm shower. Gina went first by the time she got out I had my feet wrapped up in several blankets and they were starting to get warm. I went to take a warm shower. Gina and I NEVER went back to that spot again.

“Who cares about any new pair of boots; stuck in the mud?”

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