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I would prefer to believe that I am one of those, "Nefelibata". Not because I avoid the generation these times, but that's precisely what I'm telling. I mean that it's just more convenient if people these days start acting like they're grown and not be sensitive to light stuff.

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~ Introductions ~

Not meaning to offend anyone out there.

I just want my voice to be heard and let my opinions that’s been clouding my mind to come out. We have different opinions and yes, I respect that...

─── ∙ ~εïз~ ∙ ───

A book based off of aimless ideas at night and pressure:

Written at the timeline of 12:09 AM of September Fourteenth of the year Twenty-Twenty

Out of nowhere, in the middle of chaos even.

Greetings! Thank you very much for viewing this book of mine, you may flip through the pages to see its content.

English might not be my main language but I am trying my best to keep up with it.

─── ∙ ~εïз~ ∙ ───


(n.) lit. “cloud walker”; one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination, or one who does not obey by the conventions of society, literature, or art.


Nefelibata a person who loves day-dreaming.

I consider myself as one, well infact, I actually am one. Beginning with the story of myself coming out of this world in a chaotic generation, the one where you can’t even get a hold of.

Trying your best to fit in is one of the hardest thing you can do at this present time. Definitely saying that most people who I know tries their hardest to be seen, to be known...

It’s pathetic, the whole idea is actually. Observing the atmosphere and the different personalities, I realized one thing... and that is “What are they trying to find? to seek?” Friends? Money? or maybe, Respect? and “Why?”

Some people dream big and some people doesn’t even have one, it’s ok to dream- I tell you that.

“If you reach out to your phone every few minutes, it isn’t the urgency you are catering to but your need to be needed by others, you are seeking attention while battling loneliness” ― Shahenshah Hafeez Khan


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