Revenge of the Forgotten One

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CHapter 4

They descended down the spiral stair until they had reached an opening. The opening led to a massive space in front of them. Directly ahead, within a few feet from the entrance stood a stone gargoyle. It was crouching and looking straight at the entrance. Not giving it much thought and thinking that it was a mere decoration, Max entered the opening to find more about the space. As the whole group entered, they began dispersing and inspected the space closely. Max looked around and was not as concerned as the rest. He had already scanned the room to find out that there were no threats that could harm them. However, there was something else in this room that was giving him a small warning but he could not figure out what was the cause of it. He did not want it to delay his search of the room hence he placed it at the back of his mind. He made sure not to touch anything in the room as he feared there may be hidden traps.

Just as he was off in his own thoughts, he heard a ‘click’ had resounded in the room. He swiftly turned to his back to see the cause and saw one the men’s foot had stepped on the lever. He looked at the man and saw that color had drained from his face. Seconds later, the man had been drained and what had replaced him was his skeleton. It turned out that the lever had absorbed his essence and his flesh into it, leaving only his clothes and his skeleton clean of any flesh. At the center of the room where the statue was, the gargoyle’s eyes lit up. A menacing red emanated from the gargoyle’s that could easily pierce through one’s soul, it let out a deafening roar. Sandy shrieked in fear while covering her ears hoping to block out some of the noise.

Daniel clicked his tongue and looked at the corpse.”Bah! Useless fellow. He had to activate it and die.” He was furious as they are now left with dealing this troublesome mess while the one who activated it had a clean death. They were left with two choices; either they retreat and wait for reinforcements or they try their utmost best to defeat the monster before them. With so little time in hand, he had to pick one and he decided to try their hardest to defeat this adversity. There were major reasons why he had to pick this option in the span of time given such as achievements and the safety of his family. If they managed to be victorious and brought back the sword, he would be promoted and the safety of his family would then be guaranteed with his new prestigious position. Hence, this had driven him into making the decision and he began to command the remaining people to fight the beast. As he was trying to strategise, he noticed that the commoner was missing. He tried scanning around but to no avail as he could not sense the other’s presence. Without wasting any more time, he ordered his man to be in front while he and the girl would be at the back, trying to wear the beast down with their magic.

Sandy was shocked at Daniel’s suggestion. This meant that death was just around the corner. At this moment, she could not do anything but to comply as Lucy’s life was in their hands. If she were to retaliate, she feared that Lucy would be implicated and she did not want her childhood friend to be in harm’s way. She looked towards the gargoyle that was towering before them. What had been a harmless statue had now grown into a massive gargoyle looking down on them. The gargoyle then flapped its wings to take flight. Even though it could not fly higher due to its size, it still managed to levitate a few feet off the ground. Every flap of its wings sent gayles of wind towards their direction. They were barely holding on, utilising every muscle in their body to stay grounded. She casted a quick spell towards the wings of the gargoyle. Despite the strong winds fighting her, she rejoiced as she managed to land it accurately. The gargoyle, however, was unaffected by the spell as it continued flapping its wings.

“We need to focus and shoot at the wings. It’s the only way to stop the wind!” She shouted towards Daniel. She was not keen on working together with him but it needs to be done if they are to survive.

Daniel did not look at her and just gruntled. He was not in the best of moods since his man had died and there was no sign of the commoner anywhere. He thought that at least there would be a corpse of the commoner lying somewhere but he could not find it. The only logical explanation was that the commoner had run away discreetly. He gathered all his energy and tried to target the wings of the gargoyle. As the gargoyle was massive, he was sure he needed to use all the magic power he had along with the girl’s power to at least take out the wings of the gargoyle. That way, they could at least retreat and gather magic power again to fight the disabled gargoyle.

As if upon instinct had taken over, the gargoyle let out a huge roar and began charging towards the duo. It seemed to have been threatened by the magic power that had been gathered by the duo. It only managed to reach within a few feet before it was greeted with a massive blast of fire and lighting aimed at one of its wings. It tried to manoeuvre away from the blast as fast as it could but unable to as it was very close to the spellcasters. The blast from the spells took out both its wings and it wailed in pain. Its look now had changed. It wanted to obliterate these duos that had the gall to take out it’s only means of flight. It opened its mouth and gathered magic energy. The dark magic energy took the form of a ball as big as its head and took its aim.

Sandy looked towards the gargoyle and quickly activated her magic shield. She did not know if this was enough to survive the blast as this was the last remaining energy that she could muster. She panted and tried her best to stand. Her legs were almost numb and she could hardly keep herself awake as she felt she could faint at any second. she had lived while the stronger Daniel was blasted into inexistence. The next thing she knew, her vision was covered in purple. It was eerie but spectacular as the darkness had enveloped her completely. The whole phenomenon lasted ten seconds before shimmering away. She tried to look around to see the impact of the blast. Daniel who was standing beside her was no more as there were no signs of him in the cave. She was astounded at what had happened and was puzzled as to why The gargoyle stood there, looking pleased with itself as it thought it had pulverised the two intruders. Feeling that it had accomplished its task, it began walking towards the center of the room to resume its previous position when it saw Sandy. Its stone eyes widened, perhaps to question how the girl had managed to survive. Sandy’s legs gave way and she fell to the ground with a loud thump. She was terrified by what was going to happen to hre. She was left alone with the gargoyle. She believed Max and Daniel had been pulverised and it was maybe some twisted divine intervention of making her die in another gruesome way. She could not do anything as she had no energy left hence she closed her eyes, surrendering to her fate.

“At least it will be quick.” she said, with little sadness in her voice.

Looking at her movement, the gargoyle seemed to understand what had transpired and it seemed to snigger in approval. The gargoyle opened its mouth once again, hoping to finish off this one intruder that managed to survive for some reason. This time however, the magic gathered was not as huge as the previous one.

She shut her eyes as tight as she could, wondering if dying would actually hurt.

It had been some time and she wondered if she had actually died. She was partly surprised and thankful that it did not hurt.

She pried open one of her eyes slowly to find out what had happened. Her blurry vision was slowly recovering and she found out that she was still in the cave with the gargoyle standing in front of her. The gargoyle cocked his head, as if bewildered as to why the girl was still alive. Letting out a roar to vent out its anger, it charged towards Sandy as it thought that his claws would do the trick as it looked like Sandy had some kind of immunity towards his magic.

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