Twice Awakened

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Anya, a soon to be 18 yr old has lost her parents 5 months previously. She decides to escape the pain but moving across Ambridom and start fresh. She meets a much different crowd of peers who befriend her and support her. Glimpses of her mates scent tease her as she builds herup her new home. Meeting Vladymir opens new adventures, especially when he escapes his father the Alpha King. His father isn't ready to hand over the throne instead he sets out to kill his son at all costs. Anya's lineage becomes in question when her second awakening of power comes to life. First her wolf now her powers that match the moon goddess herself. What tales unfold for the two lovers on this adventure?

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

I was staring at myself in the mirror. A 17 year old girl with long, auburn hair that wisped around her face stared back at me. Her pale complexion was complemented with sporadic freckles across the bridge of her nose and upper cheeks. Frosty ice blue eyes with silver flecks studying her outfit she had chosen for the day. An oversized, soft, gray hoodie that came to about my mid thigh matched to a pair of black jeggings with silver swirls that danced from ankle to knee. I nodded as I was satisfied with my choices and began slipping on my running shoes, readying myself for the walk to school. Grabbing my school bag that lay beside the door, I began to venture downstairs, towards the kitchen.

" Hello sunshine,” Lizara beamed at me. She was my mom’s best friend and my godmother. ” how did you sleep?”

" Better than the night before.” I pouted my lip a bit. The flashbacks of my parents’ tragic end flashing tidbits through my mind.

“I am sorry Anya. I miss them dearly everyday too and wish we could change things.” she sighed heavily going into thought.

It had been 5 months since their fatal tragedy. They were away for the Alpha’s top secret mission, the very mission they were coming back from when they were t-boned by a semi causing them to veer off the road and down the shallow, jagged Howling Cliffs. It wasn’t until the next morning when they were found and Lizara had gotten the call to come identify the bodies at the morgue. Leaving behind their only child, Anya. They were smart and had insurance just in case a mission went wrong, that way Anya would always be taken care of and helped her with her future. She would receive it all on her eighteenth birthday, two days from now. The same day that she would graduate and would leave this town to start afresh in a new place to try and escape the pain.

" I know, I just wish I could see mom’s smiling face one last time or hear one of dad’s corny jokes.” I sighed remembering my mother’s beautiful smile and the way her baby blue eyes glistened when she looked at me or my dad. Remembering how my parents stared at one another in the most loving and passionate way. I always saw their love radiating from them. A tear streamed my cheek as I smiled remembering them. Lizara stared at me sympathetically, walking around the kitchen island, and wiping the tear from my cheek before embracing me in one of her comfort hugs.

“I know kiddo, I know.” she said soothingly. ” Have you thought of the city you are moving to yet?” she asked trying the change the subject before i was in a sobbing mess on the floor.

“I am looking at possibly Zcythe or at least one of the little towns around it by the sea.” I nibbled my lip in thought. Slightly afraid to make eye contact for fear of changing my mind.

" Oh.... that’s clear across the continent and Ambridom isn’t a small continent.” pulling back a little, she worriedly looked at me.” However, I will support your decision no matter where you go and I will always have your back.” her expression softening and eyes full of love.

" I know but I want to get as far away from the pain, the memories, the questioning stares. The pain from the kids at my school looking at me like I am broken, like the orphan that I am.” I held back the urge to sob, my words only wavering for a second. I knew Lizara could feel my emotions pour out of me as I felt her hug tighten.

“Anya I understand. You don’t have to explain it to me. Angora brought up a good point, what about Titant? ” pulling back enough to look at me. Angora was Lizara’s wolf. Something I also had to look forward to at 12:00am of my birthday. The day the bond to my wolf will be awakened and I will go through my first transformation, fully completing the bond to the wolf the moon goddess had bestowed upon me. As I pondered what Angora said my alarm on my phone started to go off. I had 15 minutes to get to school and it was a good 30 minute walk from my house.

" I’ll drive you to school!” Lizara beamed as she held up her keys.

" Liz, just so you know, I love you!” I smiled back at her.

The drive to school was peaceful as I watched out the window the passing woods and occasional house. Lizara’s music playing softly in the background as I ponder Titant for my move. It was a slightly bigger town than Lilop, but was nowhere near as big as Zcythe. Depending on the house I settle for, it was only a 45 minute drive away from Zcythe. Titant being a port town I would have the ocean to go to when I pleased.

" We’re here.” Lizara stated as she nudged my arm, snapping back to reality.

“Thanks Liz! You are a lifesaver!” I smiled as I hopped out of the car. Walking as fast as possible to the double doors of the school.

As I made it to my locker the first warning bell sounded. I had 5 minutes to get across the school to my first period. I hurriedly crammed my belongings in and rushed down the hall. Halfway there the second warning bell chimed letting me know I had 3 minutes until I was marked late. Not once this year have I been late and plan to keep that record going for the last two days of school. I took off down the stairs and bolted to my class. Making it a few seconds before the final bell.

“Anya what are you doing here?” Mrs. Glitz questioned, looking up from her book confusedly. “Seniors get the last two days off to prepare for their graduation ceremony, parties, and to get things in order.”

“I did not know that and I am so sorry to intrude.” I stated, just as confused as she was.

" Go home Anya, you have had a rough year and deserve to take a break. You have excelled in everything given to you even after what had happened.” she sadly stared at me knowing there was no ceremony nor party planning. However it gave me time to pack what little I had and begin searching for houses in Titant. Pulling out my phone I messaged Lizara as I began grabbing all of my belongings and leaving the school’s books at the bottom. Only stopping briefly over a photo of me and my parents before gently placing it into my bag’s front pocket to keep it safe.

Hum Hum

" Is everything OK?′

" Yes, seniors get the last two days off. I had no clue.”

“OK, b there n 5”

I clicked my phone’s screen off and began walking out to the curb to wait. taking in everything one last time. The walls had this yellowish white with horizontal brown stripes, bumpy yet smooth to the touch. Off white floors with brown speckles slung around each tile. Occasional pictures of landscapes that seemed they were from foreign lands. By the main doors a trophy case full of plaques of names, trophies, and jerseys. Nothing to much to miss, four years of seeing the same walls and I felt numb to it all. I use to love this school. I use to have friends. Now I have nothing but a bitter taste towards it all. Pressing against the cool metal handle one last time to the outside world. A slight crisp breeze full of the morning smells dances around me. I close my eyes and inhale deeply, taking in the smells of the freshly cut grass of the grounds, the smell of dampened leaves of the Sacred Woodlands that bordered the grounds.

“Hop on in kiddo!” Lizara’s voice rang out, startling me a bit. I chuckled a little bit and gave her a half smile. Her blonde curls bouncing with every flick of her head, beautiful mint green eyes that had a similar twinkle like my mother’s, and dewy, sun kissed skin. She smelled of warm honey and vanilla, which comforted me greatly.

“What?” she giggled.

“Just thinking. Thank you Liz for everything these last few months.” I smiled warmly.” I don’t think I could have faced all this alone.” I smiled and went to looking out my window thinking of what my future held for me.

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