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When All Else Fails

By MichaelaAnneSchultz All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Adventure

The Beginning

“Many reports and debates have been put forward as to what the research company known as Pathogenesis Core had discovered while doing research at the sight of the worst nuclear accident to have ever happened throughout history. The explosion of reactor four in Chernobyl, Ukraine left many unanswered questions and the company’s president, Christopher Lawson reported that this discovery founded in the cooling pool of reactor four could change everything we...”


“Good morning passengers aboard flight QR 771. We are beginning are descent into New York so please kindly fasten your seat belts and remain seated. Thank you.” The blonde haired hostess announced through the speaker system on board the plane. Her voice was expertly disguised to be pleasant and friendly.

She placed the intercom back in its hold, and brushed down the wrinkles of her skirt as she walked back to the attendants’ quarters. Her gaze wandered around for a moment before it landed on a young man seated in the first row of the plane. From her post, she snuck a gaze and watched him with a predatory and lustful gaze when no one was looking at her.

She found herself fascinated by the young man and how she wanted to run a hand through his dishevelled, unkempt midnight black locks that stuck out in various places due to the multiple times she had seen him run his hand through it during the last five minutes.

Throughout the flight, each time she noticed the devilishly handsome man’s exposed arm muscles clench tighter than a steel line haling in the catch of the day, she nibbled the inside of her lip, wondering where or not he would make a worthy contender of the mile high club, especially if it were with a seasoned veteran as herself. An image of his perfect tanned body pressed up against hers made her eyes shine with glee and unrestrained lust. Even if he was gripping the seat rather tightly, and his sea green eyes were widened to an impossible size, a quiet, light moan parted from her lips the more she thought about him.

He glanced her way for a moment when she was getting a passenger something to drink and she quickly folded her arms under her chest, and puffed it out, tilting her head a little to the left, a strand of her short blond hair falling in front of her face so she tucked it behind her ear. She smiled brightly at the man, quickly winking at him. The man didn’t notice as the plane hit a patch of turbulence and the guy whined, screwing his eyes shut and digging his nails into the leather seat as if his life depended on it.

Maybe this poor gentleman could use some company, the hostess thought as she hurried along and took a drink to man with a mullet of salt and pepper hair. She turned round and headed towards the green eyes passenger when she frozen in her tracks. Her previous flirtatious actions hadn’t gone unnoticed as the air hostess faltered beneath the threatening gaze she received from the woman seated next to the man (who she stupidly, did not notice) and yet, she found herself very confused as to why this woman was glaring at her.

The air hostess paled when the woman with lengthy tresses of liquid gold deepened her hateful glare, her ever darkening blue eyes were swirling storms of rage, fixated on the air hostess, internally smirking as she raised her left hand, showing off the rich, polished gold wedding band she wore on her ring finger proudly. The hostess eyes widened as her gaze flicked to the man’s left hand and saw the gold wedding band on his ring finger.

Newlywed wife Evelyn Sanders watched as the air hostess disappeared from her sight, obviously feeling utterly humiliated and downright stupid for attempting to prey on a vulnerable and scared married man with his wife present. With a satisfied huff, Evelyn smiled as she leaned back into her seat and turned her attention to her wonderful husband whom she had been married to for just over three weeks now, feeling regretful for putting him through this torture when she noticed the violent shakes running through his leg as it tapped on the floor, the constant biting of his bottom lip to suppress his whimpers every time they hit any turbulence.

No matter how many times he said he was okay taking a plane and the fear was all worth it, Evelyn still felt guilty because he was doing this for her. If there was one thing that Evelyn knew about her husband, it was that he had never enjoyed flying, and that was using the term very lightly. However, he was determined to take Evelyn on their dream honeymoon to Greece to make her happy. That’s how much he loved her.

Twenty-six year old Evelyn Brie had become Evelyn Sanders in a beautiful small wedding ceremony on Long Island Sound, the very place that she met her incredible husband at this summer camp that they both went to as children.

On the first day of summer, little twelve year old Evelyn had arrived that morning to camp feeling like that day was going to be a wonderful day filled with sunshine, games and an array of enthusiastic greetings to all the new comers. Little did she know she would be meeting one of the most obnoxious, immature ingrate in her life. In the beginning she believed that Patrick Sanders was nothing but a brat when he arrived, constantly arguing with her over fickle things and intentionally riling her up.

She judged him before she even got to know him. When she found him out by the canoe lake pier one early morning, with his canoe overturned, him in the water of the canoe lake with green weed on his head and a pout on his face. Evelyn had been standing on the pier barefoot, in her camp shirt and shorts, her hair sticking out from her favourite Yankees cap offering her hand out to him. “You’re such an idiot sometimes.” She announced with a smile as she caught his attention, “Come on kelp head. Take my hand.”

And he did.

From that day on they started talking and Evelyn soon learned that Patrick was something she had never expected. Before she knew it, they had become the best of friends. Then feelings developed and by the age of eighteen, Patrick manned up and asked her out. After being together for almost six years which were filled with ups and downs, some separation included, multitudes of unromantic declarations of love on Patrick’s account— the fact he loved her was just enough.

And then came Evelyn’s twenty-fifth birthday which turned out to be one of the best birthdays of her life.

When she started dating Patrick, she knew that he didn’t have a romantic bone in his body, so she found herself utterly surprised when Patrick blindfolded her and took her on a long drive (which she struggled not to peak out from behind the blind fold) and when they arrived, she was almost brought to tears when Patrick removed the blind fold and revealed a utopia of dancing lights decorating the large pine tree that stood atop the hill they descended into camp every year.

There was a table covered with a pearly white table cloth, a large and spectacularly beautiful bouquet of white roses mounted in a crystal clear vase that the light refracted off of and created the illusion of a disco ball. Upon the table, there were two polished silver cloches and crystal clear champagne glasses. She spent so much time admire the beauty she failed to notice that Patrick had slipped down onto one knee and held in hand, a red velvet ring box stood open, within it cushioning embrace was a simple elegant diamond ring.

That night, Evelyn actually started to believe that her clumsy, annoyingly sweet, loyal, idiot of a best friend, boyfriend, and her fiancé that night could be romantic if he wanted to.

And now here she was, having finally gotten through all of the strenuous planning, nervous break downs, constant dress fittings filled with multiple alterations and numerous fights over the guest list and menu, and the cake—especially the cake— she was finally married to the man she loved.

She couldn't help but snicker as she tried with great difficulty to pry Patrick's left hand off on the arm rest but he held onto the chair with such a vice grip, not even his elbow budged.

"Oh for crying in a bucket, Patrick. I know you hate flying but could you let go of one of the arm rests so I can hold your hand." Evelyn ordered with good intentions, no longer finding this funny after fighting to pry his hand away for the last five minutes now.

Patrick hesitantly released his tight hold on the leather seat in the first class he was seated on and took Evelyn's hand in his, a shaky smile on his face.

"Sorry Eve, but I really hate turbulence." Patrick confessed with a quake entering his voice. He shakily raised Evelyn's hand like an old man and brushed his lips against her lemony scented skin. "I love you so much Evelyn."

Never in Evelyn's life has she ever heard a man sounded so genuine and real, well that was until she met Patrick.

"I know Pat. I know." She couldn't help but lean forward and languidly press her lips against his, savouring every wonderful sensation that struck her as her nerves dance rhythmically to the fast beating pace of her heart. She had been on an everlasting high since their first night in their incredible honeymoon suite at the lucrative hotel Patrick had booked them into and she wasn’t sure when that refreshing feeling would go away. She didn’t want it to go away.

Evelyn admitted to herself that she was nervous that night. She had heard so many different stories from all of her friends that told them about their first times, but the recurring theme in all those tales was that it hurt in the beginning. It did hurt at first but Patrick was so tender and gentle with her, worshiping her like a goddess and the further it proceeded the better if felt and then she experienced that euphoric, blissful moment where she felt like she was in heaven on earth.

It was a surreal moment, being with him in such a way and it brought tears to her eyes when she realized that Patrick was the one and only person she would ever be with in such an intimate way. She only wanted Patrick, no one else. Patrick was the only one for her and Patrick felt the exact same way as he tenderly kissed away her tears and held her in his arms, promising to never let go and that he would never leave.

Evelyn always found herself sighing dreamily as she thought about their first night and when Patrick's lips twitched against hers into a smile against her lips did she come back down from heaven.

"I can't stop thinking about it either." He whispered as he pulled away but not too far because his lips still touched hers as his warm, yet shaky breath blew against her already sensitive and tingling skin.

"I love you so much Mr. Sanders." With a bright grin on her face as she stared into the beautiful sea green pools of his eyes that she wanted to dive right into with her own, conveying as much love as she could muster. The bright sparkles that Evelyn could see every time she looked into his eyes never dulled and twinkled as if there were permanent silver flecks in his eyes, even if he was wracked with fear the sparkling twilight in his eyes never vanished.

"Right back at you Mrs. Sanders." He replied, his signature lop-sided smile making an appearance on his face.

“Hello passengers. This is your Captain speaking. Welcome to New York City, and thank you for flying Qatar Airways. We hope you had an enjoyable flight, and have a great day.”

Evelyn couldn't help but laugh a breathy laugh as Patrick ran out of the airport cheering happily as he thanked the lord that he didn’t die during the flight. Evelyn followed him, pushing the trolley that carried their suitcases. When she came to a halt beside her husband who was basically doing the titanic pose, breathing in the familiar air of home in which Evelyn hadn’t missed at all.

Oh how she already missed being in Greece. She missed the salty breeze of the sea as they lay on the beach; she missed the fresh and delightful aromas that danced through the air as they walked through the Plaka or visited the sights hand in hand as they were on their honeymoon. She missed the culture and history she learned about in more depth at the various museums Patrick took her to and the peaceful and friendly atmosphere surrounded them but the beautiful architecture. The scenery that embraced Evelyn every where she and Patrick went. She would miss all the wonderful alone time she had with Patrick because sadly they only had two days before they jumped head first into their jobs and started work again.

She sighed for longingly as she fixed the tattered and fading denim shorts she had chose to wear so that they hugged her comfortably around her hips and she re-positioned the circular neckline of her dual, dark and see green toned crop top that exposed her tanned abdomen that she certainly had fun showing off on the beach. The top left her shoulders out and exposed to the sun.

She couldn't help but tilt her head to the right, admiring how comfortably the board shorts Patrick was wearing seemed to caress his behind or how the blinding white buttoned up shirt moulded to his frame in all the right places. If they weren’t in a public place, she would be showing exactly how he was making her feel just standing there, looking so perfect and Evelyn’s heart sung praises because this man, though childish and silly sometimes, was all hers.

“When are you going to stop admiring my bottom dear Wifey? Not that I am complaining because I quite like it when you stare.” Patrick spoke up playfully doing a cute little hip shake, bringing Evelyn out of her adoring trance. She instantly blushed when she saw that Patrick wasn’t even looking at her. His eyes were still closed. She hated it when he did that because it really did freak her out when he could sense what she was doing without even looking at her. She could never figure out how he did that.

“Alright Patrick, let’s go before you embarrass the hell out of me in public.” Evelyn stuttered, though she didn’t miss Patrick’s almost silent snicker as he appeared beside her and took over the duty of steering the cart towards the main road.

Patrick walked over to a cab he picked at randomly. Evelyn frowned when she detected the familiar scent of cheap wine and a hint of tobacco smoke. The cab seemed to be in a better state than the driver who seemed unfazed by their presence and seemed more fixated on the severely tatty looking newspaper he was reading.

Patrick cleared his throat and the driver groaned, closing his newspaper and removing his shoes from the dashboard.

“Get in.” He grumbled complacently, shoving open his door and walking around to the other side. He banged the centre of his trunk, causing it to pop open before Patrick grabbed their bags and loaded them. The two climbed in the car and the cab driver glared at them with the rear view mirror.

“Where to?” He demanded, and Evelyn already knew this was going to be a long drive.

“79th Street, Upper East Side.” Patrick answered quickly and Evelyn smiled. Patrick used to live with his mother in an apartment near the Queensboro Bridge. Of course he just felt the need to go there first and see his mother.

The man groaned as he took a long glug of a diet cola he had with him before crushing the can in his hand and chucking it on the seat next to him, driving off right after. Evelyn really did not like the cab, especially the stench of the back seat. It smelt like vomit, dirty socks and pigeon poop. She cringed at the scent.

“I know Evelyn," Patrick said, reading her mind. "But all we can do is open the window and enjoy every minute we have left alone together before we have to start work.” Patrick spoke in a disheartened tone, a longing look in his eyes. If there was one thing Evelyn enjoyed, it was knowing that Patrick loved to spend as much time with her as she with him.

Evelyn nodded as Patrick forcefully turned the old window handle, cool air blowing into the back of the taxi. Evelyn nudged Patrick’s arm with her shoulder and he smiled, raising his arm into the as Evelyn tucked herself neatly into his side, and Patrick wrapping his arms around her securely.

Already they had driven a while at a nice, steady and relaxing pace which surprised the both of them because of the driver but he really wasn’t paying attention. He was just doing his job so neither of them could really complain. At least they were in each other’s arms, well more like Evelyn in Patrick’s arms with his hand playing with one of her golden curls, twirling it playfully around his finger as Evelyn cuddled into his side a little more, silently breathing in his naturally salt scent.

Evelyn couldn't help but look at the water outside the window while they road over the Queensboro. Their driver who Patrick had learned to be Dionysus—like the Greek wine dude as he referred to it and Evelyn shook her head, instantly explaining that Dionysus was the Greek God of Wine, Madness and a few other things. They were oblivious as the cab came to a holt, ready to turn onto East 62nd Street. As he turned, a car came straight at him but swerved at the last minute, only scratching the side of its red body as the Prius crashed into a fire hydrant, which started shooting out water by the gallons.

Dionysus cursed as he climbed out of the cab, heading over the crashed car as the driver, a lady with grey hair but she didn’t look that old. Dionysus approached her and she looked off to the side, screaming before running away from the scene like no tomorrow. Patrick watched with amusement and curiosity as Dionysus got drenched by water, cursing at the woman and demanding she return but Evelyn’s ears honed in on screaming.

She looked at Dionysus, he was there one second, before he was tackled down by a figure and then she heard gut wrenching, curdling screams like someone was chocking. Then all she saw was a figure leap out from nowhere, breaking through the windshield, trying to reach through the glass separator, smearing blood against the glass and growling like a blood thirty beast. Evelyn stared right into its milky white eyes.

Evelyn screamed instantly as the figure effectively broke through the glass that rained down on them. The thing stared, reaching out for Evelyn. Patrick jumped into overdrive, letting go of Evelyn as he raised his feet and kicked the hands away. Patrick turned, kicked open the door, and climbed out, dragging Evelyn out with him. They started to run, the sound of screaming coming from behind them and Evelyn did the wrong thing and looked.

Behind them, people scrambled closely but the stragglers and slower people were attacked and jumped by figures just like the one that tried to attack Evelyn. The screams only worsened as they kept running. Patrick had only one place in mind to get away, they had to get to Grand Central Terminal because it was where everyone seemed to be going so it was the best option.

Patrick never anticipated a figure jumping out and forcing Evelyn to the ground. Evelyn lay helplessly under the woman who was already soaked from head to toe in blood as she tried to get at Evelyn’s throat, screaming and snapping her jaws together like a crocodile.

Patrick searched desperately, picking up the first thing he had found which was an old silver bat with chipping paint from the nearby sports stand and quickly swung hard. The bat connected to the crazy woman’s skull with a thunderous crack. She rolled right off Evelyn who scrambled to Patrick, but the woman got to her feet, her head lolling to the side, blood trickling from her wounds.

She hissed at him, Evelyn screaming as the woman lunged at Patrick who was ready and waiting. He thanked the gods for deciding to play baseball in college as he held the perfect batting stance, waiting for the right moment and then he swung as hard had he could, hitting the mark perfectly as the woman’s body collapsed, her head twisted to the other side.

“Come on Evelyn.” Patrick grabbed her hand and they started running, never looking back at those who fell before their attackers.

Their attacker had diverted them off the road they were on and Patrick quickly looked at the streets signs before turning left onto Park Avenue. All along the road were bodies of people who had already been killed by those things with their bodies being feasted on by some creepy humanoids. The second Evelyn and Patrick ran past some, they hissed and growled and started chasing after them.

So many people were running for their lives and so many were caught by the pale, monsters that killed them viciously, claiming their life and soul. It seemed like Patrick was the only one sensible enough to have some sort of a weapon with him which came in very handy because he used it on any creatures that got to close, swinging it expertly like a sword, somehow never breaking his running pace—Evelyn was very thankful she was fit and was thankful for the various physical activities that they did at their summer camp because it certainly helped.

She could see the Grand Central Terminal Station building, but Patrick saw the number of people trying to get in but the main doors were barricaded so no one could get in or out. He frantically searched for another place to go, but they didn’t have a choice because of the army that was making its way towards the mob of people trying to get in. The main doors themselves were completely blocked by the gathering of terrified people but the windows weren’t.

Patrick did something crazy, naturally. He dragged Evelyn to the window and slammed his elbow into the glass, shattering, shifting the rest away with the bat. He ignored the throbbing pain emanating from his elbow as a small stream of blood trickled from his wound; but that didn’t matter right now. Patrick looked in through the window and saw that there was a short drop onto a pivot point of a stairwell leading down into the station so he climbed in, ignoring the glass that jabbed into his hands, and he jumped down, landing with a cat like grace.

“Evelyn, jump down! I will catch you!” Patrick called out as he held his arms out, ready and waiting. Evelyn climbed onto the windowsill and looked down. She seated herself on the edge, closed her eyes, and fell forward. Patrick expertly caught her in his arms, her legs wrapped around his torso, arms around his neck, her forehead against his with Patrick's arms cradling Evelyn with the uttermost care, like she were a porcelain doll that could break at any second.

“You okay?” He spoke, his voice laced with concern.

Evelyn smiled as she looked into his eyes. “I am alright.” She whispered back as Patrick set her feet down on the ground. He didn’t release his arms around her. He held onto her for a moment just to be sure she was okay.

They were instantly interrupted by a cacophony of screams coming from outside the window and the glass doors slowly cracked beneath force of people desperate to live.


Everyone on the stairs with them started running down the stairs, the echo of the shattering glass drowning out by the screams of those who had been caught. Patrick shot forward, taking Evelyn with him through the mob of people running towards the trains as guards blew their whistles, directing everyone, other using their registered guns to keep these things at bay, but many fell by the sheer number that attacked.

Patrick was in such a hurry, he didn’t notice Evelyn’s hand slip out of his as the crowd carried her in a completely different direction. She called out to Patrick who stopped and searched for her. Evelyn’s eyes were filled with tears as she called out desperately to him, the sheer agony of the two being separated completely destroying her. She screamed for him as the crowd carried her into one of the trains, and right at that moment, Patrick looked at her, their gazes locked.

He shoved his way forward, trying to get to her but all of the train doors closed before he could board. Evelyn shoved everyone out of her way as she plastered her body against the door, banging on the door to get Patrick’s attention.

“Someone please open the doors!” She begged as she slammed her hand with a bruising force against the metal door as she sobbed.

“Evelyn!” Patrick screamed as he arrived at the door, furiously banging on it before he turned round, looking for someone to help as people ran for their lives. He had lost the bat he picked up. A NYPD policeman had his gun pointed as he protected the train super who was trying to get a connection on his radio.

“Hurry up!” The policeman pressed as he looked in front of him and saw a woman soaked from head to toe n blood charging at him. No matter how many bullets he shot she would not go down. She knocked him to the floor and she bit him, the police officer gargling on his own blood as he tried to scream. The moment the police officer was down, the woman got the super. The radio in the man’s hand flew towards Patrick as the super was knocked to the ground, before the woman started devouring into him too.

In sheer desperation, Patrick picked up the radio and raised it to his lips. “Conductor, get these people out of here, go to the furthest station away from here.”

“Alright. Over and out.” The voice crackled through the radio and the train roared to life. Patrick could hear Evelyn as she screamed helplessly, still banging against the window.

“Patrick please! You promised we would stick together!” She screamed tearfully as Patrick pressed his forehead against the glass, tears in both of their eyes. At this moment, Evelyn couldn't hear the dying screams of those who were caught by these monsters; she couldn't hear the crying as people helplessly watched their loved ones be mauled and ripped apart before their very eyes. All she saw was Patrick.

“You promised that you wouldn’t leave me.” She whispered as she stared into his eyes through the glass.

His green eyes filled with so much sorrow and despair it broke her heart. The usual mirth and bright sparkle vanished as he stared at her through the glass that separated them, but his eyes still held a fiery determination that left her hopeful.

“Get out of here Evelyn, don’t wait for me. Don’t look for me, just get out of here. As soon as this train stops, run. I will find you, Evelyn. I swear, I promise, I will find you.” He promised as the train jerked forward, and one moment Patrick stood before her, the next, he was laying on the ground with the same woman that killed the policeman on top of him, snapping at his neck like an alligator desperate for a meal.

“NO!” Evelyn screamed as she forced her way through the crowd of the moving train that chugged and rattled forward. She pushed through people, shoving them out her way as she passed through each carriage, determined to get to the back to make sure that he was okay. She couldn't see him as she ran towards the back of the train, and as she slammed her body against the back door, ignoring the painful sting of colliding with the cold metal and stared out of the window in disbelief.

She screamed out in agony, staring helpless at the hand that lay in a pool of crimson red blood, unmoving, and still. The ring upon the hand’s ring finger made Evelyn scream louder than she had ever before, begging the hand to move, willing it to do something, anything, everything but…

…but it remained as still as the night itself, looking as if it were trying to reach for the hand held radio that lay only a short distance away. The gut wrenching, tormenting screams had everyone’s attention as they watched Evelyn crumble to the ground in a heap, tears rushing off the edge of her eyelids like a waterfall in the bucket loads. Her heart deflated and dying because of the other half that was missing since the moment the door closed between her and Patrick.

“Patrick…” her voice hoarse from the screaming as she whispered, each tear carrying a piece of her shattered soul within it as Evelyn sobbed; the cold metal of the train doing nothing but bring forth the painful reminded that she had lost her warmth. The familiar, wonderful warmth that wrapped itself around her in a protective embrace that was Patrick whenever he held her or touched her skin was gone. A single door separated them, a thin piece of glass prevented her from holding his hand one last time, from feeling that warmth one last time and now, she would never feel it again.

She hadn’t got a chance to be with him, to be happy because he was taken from her. They just got married and now….The fates were cruel mistresses but never had Evelyn believed that fate would have this planned for her. She had just found happiness, happiness and love with Patrick, and now he was gone. He was never coming back.

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1. The Beginning
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