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As Rain is at home he is so excited he can't sleep as he slowly goes downstairs he see's something unbeliveable the next day he went on a school trip to the lost forest and discorvers the creature as his pegasus guardian and the next night he went on a mystical ride on his pegasus NOTE: this story is only chapter 1 in rains life the next chapter will be coming soon

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Deep in the dark midnight moon i was in my room , i couldn't sleep a wink because i was so excited for our school trip tomorrow we were visiting the lost forest and i couldn't wait! so i decided to eat something , i quietly tiptoed downstairs and grabbed a glass of milk but then i saw a mysterious creature and outside bright light was flashing out of curiosity i wasn't able to resist a peek outside and what i saw made me drop my milk with a CRASH!!!it was a creature with a long gorgeous mane , a pointy crown and glorious spreading wings . OMG it was a REAL life pegasus!!!!!!when she saw me it galloped off into the pitch dark sky. i was still shocked when i heard my mom yell " Rain are you ok? what is going on? you better be in bed young ,man " i quickly gasped and replied " yes im fine" i cleaned the mess,ran upstairs and pretended to be asleep but i still couldn't forget what i saw. was it real or my imagination? every second my head was buzzing with questions that needed to be answered .So eventually night turned to day and i got ready for the school trip i waved at mum and jumped on the school bus before i missed it . i was sitting at the front with my enemy Ethel because Miss but me there i kept rolling my eyes and wishing i was at the back when i wondered out loud " what is so good about this forest anyway ? " Ethel smugly replied " don't you know anything? people say they've seen a pegasus there and the ones who see her have a great destiny" again my head was bursting with questions ZZZZ do i have a great destiny? is this all just a weird dream i pinched myself really hard and..." OUCH " i yelled with all my might everyone on the bus laughed at me i was redder than a beetroot i kept blushing and Ethel said " thats what you get hah " i was so embarrassed to say anything then we finally arrived at LOST FOREST yaaay i nearly died of boredom and i lazily got out of the bus with my shoulders drooping until i realised properly into my normal self we ARRIVED! i was bursting with uncontrollable excitement i mean the lost forest is so popular it even comes on the new sometimes !! So we were told to get into groups and we assembled out to the forest it wasn't like what i expected though it was waaay cooler!!we stepped passed the gates into the large forest as our teacher MR Fluffy yelled brighty " WE will be here till midnight explore everyone! " me and my bestie Enid overjoyed jumped around and started to explore the forest was so cool there were secret underground tunnels and even a 5 way path! so we went into one of the underground tunnels called " The Mist " and we kept pointing at the graffiti and other paintings on the wall it was so awesome for a tunnel until our group got into a 5 was path road it was split into 5 sections but my mind was somewhere else i saw the same bright light i saw last night i was so hypnotized by the light i followed it i already knew it was the pegasus and eventually reached the cave i saw the same glorious creature it started coming towards me one hoof before the other a bit frightened i gasped and started stepping backwards the pegasus nuzzled me and whispered " This is our little secret i am your pegasus guardian if you need me say apperi portta " i nodded and my surprised face could no longer be explained in just words .she galloped of into the full moon i went back and apparently everyone was nuts with worry because i had been missing so then we went back on the bus and went on the way home i waved goodbye to Enid . i went off to home and the next night i was so hungry again so i sneaked down stairs and there was a cereal box left for 35 days ewww i went outside to throw it away when i saw Gloria { my pegasus guardian } called to me to come close i stared at her and came nearer and nearer and climbed onto her soft smooth light pink back and she rode me off to somewhere which i didn't know where i started to nodd of on Gloria's back she grinned and whispered i will wake you up when we arrive to....

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