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The New Gwen

Gwen watched anxiously as Dr. Howard plugged her multicolored ribbon cable into the top of the big black ball resting on the table. The husky woman was muttering something to herself as she went along prepping the device for use. Gwen didn’t catch every syllable she was saying… but she did manage to hear a few words about princesses. It was like the doctor was in some weird creative trance. Gwen’s thoughts turned to all the strange nick names this woman had thrown out at her in the last few hours. It felt like high school all over again. In the eyes of Dr. Howard, Gwen was just some airheaded hot-chick, or so it seemed with every conversation they had had.

Gwen wasn’t fooled by these strange epithets. She counted them as manifestation of some inner insecurities on the part of Dr. Howard. Gwen was almost sure something had happened to this woman to get her to compare herself to everyone else. There was a slight frown to the doctors domineer that spoke volumes to the history. Dr. Howard was unhappy in more ways than one, and Gwen didn’t know why…and quite frankly she didn’t care to know why.

I don’t have to apologize for being attractive and successful in life, thought Gwen almost habitually. She paused as her own flattering words pass through her thoughts and circled her mind. She smiled at how self-absolved they sounded.

“Is everything alright?” asked Gwen.

“Everything is fine,” said Dr. Howard. “The prototype is in good condition… considering how long it was sitting in the storage room. That nightshade thought she had gotten the better of us when she destroyed those servers in the back room… but she is in for a rude awaking. We are going to bring these bleachers to their knees!” The doctor opened up a side panel and entered a code on the digital display. She then hit the start button on the laptop. There were a few things that needed to be done before the transfer began.

Gwen watched as lights on the side of the prototype began flashing on and off slowly. The sound of small motors turning could be heard inside the device. Gwen’s attention turned quickly to the ten long spikes emerging from the smooth surface of the sphere. The thick pointed rails were long and chrome like in color. Gwen counted ten of them in total. There were two on the sides of the device; and four on both the top and bottom. The four spikes on the bottom pushed against the table and lifted the prototype into the air like a spaceship. The sound of motors turning stopped as the spikes reached their full height. A low hum was heard from inside the machine as the lights turned blue and waited for a response from Dr. Howard.

“What the hell is that?” asked General Dilk as he emerged from a hallway on the south side of the building. He was holding a tablet in one hand and speaking into his wrist watch, “It looks like the Hollywood version of a cheap bomb… Is it a bomb?”

Gwen smiled at this and looked over to the General.

Dr. Howard rolled her eyes, “It not a Bomb! You guys wouldn’t give me the materials to make a bomb… remember the conversation we had a few months ago on controlled substances entering the base?”

“I kept winking at you the whole time. I thought you got the message… Why does this thing have spikes on it if it’s not a bomb?” asked the General as he walked over to the nightshade on the table and started taking pictures of the body with his tablet, “Every Hollywood movie I have seem puts spikes on their bombs. It’s all part of the protocol for drawing the eye of the audience to the action. The more spikes on the bomb… the bigger the blast. My ex-wife would have loved to see this thing!”

“First off… you never winked at me that whole conversation. You kept randomly bringing up that love book you were reading. Second off… the spikes here are supposed to carry the signals from the processor to the brain tissue of the nightshade,” said Dr. Howard as she reached out and gripped one of the spikes. She could feel it pulsating in her palm. “They weren’t so pointy when I first installed them with Rose. Back then, they were only blunt antennas designed to transmit the dreamer into the data disk of the nightshades. I had to redesigned them on the fly for this mission and stick them back into the ball. I have completely destroyed there transmission range, but that’s okay. We are going to be so close to the host that it won’t even matter. The spikes will open out and set themselves into the Cerebral Cortex of the nightshade. We should have full control at that point.”

“It was a good romance Dr. Howard. I highly recommend it… it looks like you could do with some romance in your own life if you know what I mean.” Said The General as he looked the husky woman up and down for a second. She looked like she had eaten her last date, “You could find a Jane Goodall of your own. The world is full of sexy Jane Goodall’s; you just have to go where all the monkeys are at.”

Dr. Howard stared at the man. How the heck was he a general of anyway? “I’m already where all the moneys are, you idiot…and I don’t like my options.”

“Spikes to the brains sounds more appealing to you then?” Asked The General as he typed into the tablet with his fingers. His eyes never looked down at the screen as he did this. He was staring at Dr. Howard like a crazy person.

Dr. Howard returned the stair with a crazy one of her own. She wasn’t going to be out crazed by some cheap knockoff of Uncle Sam, “Don’t you have a rock to crawl under?”

“When I am done writing this report,” said The General as he fumbled around with the white sheet over the nightshade.

“Cerebral Cortex?” asked Gwen confused. She had been ignoring the two idiots, “Like the brain of the creature?”

“Yep, just like the brain…” said Dr. Howard as she picked up a small crescent wrench from the table and chucked it across the room at the white haired man. The tool just missed The General by a foot and smashed into the far wall. It clattered to the ground and sled under a toppled workbench, “Would you stop looking under the sheet at the nightshade!”

“I am trying to write a report here!” Said The General as he let go of the white sheet and let it settle on the nightshades body again, “The report I’m writer is all encompassing. It seeks to ask the difficult questions about nightshade anatomy. I feel like Beatrix Potter around a collection of mushrooms and algae… My ex-wife loved Beatrix Potter while she was human… at least I think she was human when she told me that,” The General’s voice got louder as he noticed that Dr. Howard wasn’t buying his nonsense, “I need answers Dr. Howard! I need Answers!”

“You’re not going to find answers under that sheet.” Said Dr. Howard.

The General Smile at this, “you sound like my ex-wife.”

Gwen laughed.

Dr. Howard looked over to Gwen and sculled her for laughing, “You’re going to be the one in that body in a few minutes Agent Garcia. Do you really want Uncle Sam over there looking at every inch of it… and thinking about his ex-wife… and mushrooms?”

“These creatures are perfectly symmetrical!” said the General.

“It’s not my body!” said Gwen defensively. Her voice echoed off the pipes above as she spoke, “Who cares what happens to that stupid thing? General Dilk could use it as a surfboard and I wouldn’t care! It doesn’t belong to me.”

“When you get in there that might change. The nightshade’s body might feel like your own body. I don’t want to creep you out… but it’s a possibility,” said Dr. Howard as she brought up the program to start downloading Gwen consciousness into the machine, “Who knows what you will accept and reject about yourself once in that biological fun house…. this hasn’t be done before. I predict that the body itself will change slightly to fit the new consciousness of the host. I only predict that because the nightshades are constantly changing.”

“You mean this thing could adapt to Gwen’s consciousness?” said the General from behind. “Like a Nightshade Gwen.”

Gwen shook her head at all this conjecturing nonsense. Dr. Howard may have been a very smart person with computers but that didn’t make her an expert on alien biology, “That nightshade laying on the table over there doesn’t belong to me. It’s not my body. I feel pretty sure I’ll be able to distinguish that once I am in there.”

“Okay, Okay…” said Dr. Howard as she held up her hands in surrender. This was one argument she was not going to pursue to its end. The goal was to get princess buttercup into the pit of despair; not to talk her out of it. Dr. Howard looked over to General Dilk and motioned to the other side of the room, “can you grab another examination table for Gwen? The program is ready to synthesis her consciousness.”

“Where are they?” ask General Dilk.

“There should be another one in the service closet on the east side of the Lab next to my office.” Said Dr. Howard, “Agent Garcia will need a place to lay when the transition begins.”

“I hope there’s a restroom over there,” said General Dilk as he jogged across the lab.

The both watched him leave in a hurry.

“I am going to prove you wrong,” said Gwen. Her dark brown eyes tried to meet the gaze of the doctor. The husky woman wasn’t looking at her anymore. Instead she was staring at her keyboard and tapping her index finger against the metal table.

“That’s nice Gwen,” said Dr. Howard. She really wasn’t interest in having this motivational conversation with the army bimbo. These hot-chicks were all the same; thinking that the fat kid in the class was somehow their mortal enemy. It was like foxes and rabbits with these people…, “You can prove me wrong all you want so long as it helps to stop the nightshade invasion. Heck, I’ll even buy you a plaque with the lettering on it!”


“Good!” said Gwen, “I want it in gold lettering.”

There was a long pause between the both of them. The sound of water falling onto pavement was the only thing heard in the Electro Lab. Gwen cleared her throat and shifted awkwardly on her feet. She watched as the doctor finished the diagnostics on the dream walking prototype. The blue lights on the surface of the big black ball turned back to white and started flashing slowly. The internal motors could be heard as the spikes retreated back into the sphere. The ball came to a stop as it made contact with the table again.

Gwen was awed by it. There was so much about this operation that she just didn’t understand. This whole meeting today was supposed to be a debriefing on all this technology; instead it had tuned into a nightmare. Gwen cleared her throat again and tried to get Dr. Howards attention. The doctor still wasn’t looking at her for some reason.

“Does this ball really have to go inside the nightshades head? I thought that the bleachers transitioned after digesting the human host… how is the stomach and the brain connected to each other on these creatures?” asked Gwen as she played with the blatherskite around her neck. Her skin was beginning to sweat underneath the plastic device. The perspiration was causing a light itching sensation to take place around the rim. The anxiety in her chest was beginning to rise again as the reality of the situation drew closer.

“The brain and the stomach have everything to do with how the nightshades turn into people. Bob Orton explains that in his book about nightshades.” Said Dr. Howard, “If you haven’t read his book I strongly suggest that you do… I have a copy in my office.”

“I briefly looked over his book before coming to the lab,” said Gwen.

“Well, the book explains a little better how the nightshades break down the human host into a smooth green ball call an Onex Orb. Once the ball is formed it is brought up to the brain of the nightshade through a small tube under the stomach…next to their spinal cord,” Said Dr. Howard as she wiped her hands on her pants and pointed to her own abdomen as a reference. She traced a line from her chest to her head, “All this information has been proven true through the research we have done here at Camp Snowflake.”

“So Bob Orton got all that information correct in his book?” asked Gwen as she reflected on the things she had read. “Did he ever get recognized for any of these discoveries he has made? I mean what are the odds he could guess all this crap right? It’s insane!”

“I’ll let you in on a little secret Agent Gracie. The scientific community doesn’t recognize people they deem as basket cases. Once you are labeled a heretic in the scientific community they revoke your status and have you go live with the lepers.” Said Dr. Howard. “Bob Orton is one of those lepers that has been pushed outside the circle.”

“Have you ever met him before?” asked Gwen. “Who is he?”

“Nope, I haven’t met him personally,” said Dr. Howard, “But I have tried to look into his history a little bit. I figured we live in the digital age… there has to be some personal information on the inner webs about him and his origin. I found some sources that might be credible. They say he matches the description of a dead man that went missing in California about 10 years ago. The police report says that someone broke into a mortuary and stole the body.”

“A dead man went missing?!” ask Gwen incredulously. She was trying to make sense of the comment. What did a dead man have to do with Bob Orton?

“Yeah,” said Dr. Howard with a chuckle. She was enjoying watching the Mexican Cheerleader wrap her head around the whole scenario, “He went missing from one of the morgues in Huntington Beach California. I looked at the pictures they provided in the report… the dead guy and Mr. Orton look a whole hell of a lot alike. Like identical twins.”

“What does that mean?” asked Gwen.

“I have a few theories,” said Dr. Howard confidently. “One of them being that he faked his own death and the other being a little more… nuanced.”

Gwen was silent. She was waiting for Dr. Howard to spill the beans on the nuance.

“Anyway!” said Dr. Howard loudly after a few seconds. She was wondering what was taking the General so damn long to get back with the examination table, “Back to your original question you asked. Bob Orton discovered that the Onex Orbs the nightshade’s create nest in their brain. Once they are there, the brain uses that information to transform them into the human host. Each orb is unique in pattern and design…General Dilk can testify to this fact. He carries around the Onex Orb of his dead wife. I have seen him take it out a few times and look at it during our meetings. I honestly believe he thinks that she is somehow still alive in that thing.”

Gwen remembered him pulling out the small green sphere during their debriefing back in his office. He had looked at the thing the whole time they spoke. Could it actually be true that his wife was captured inside the heart of the stone? Gwen almost couldn’t believe what the doctor was saying. If the humans where actually alive; this would mean there could be a way to communicate with them. “Wait a minute…say that again?”

“It’s an unproven theory my Little Debby Cake. Try not to get too excited about its implications,” Said Dr. Howard as she recalled to memory the tragic events of the researchers who had postulated the theory, “Some researchers here at Camp Snowflake were making headway on the theory before they went missing…”

“Wait what?!” said Gwen confused. She had been at Camp Snowflake for a while now and no one had ever brought this research to her attention. Why was she just now learning about all this crap? What other stuff was happening at the base that was being kept from her, “You said they went missing? Like they were never heard from again kind of missing?”

“Yep, they just went missing one day,” said Dr. Howard as she looked around the damaged Electro Lab. She indicated to all the damages around them. She pointed to the ruptured pipe spilling its guts out onto the floor, “My best guess is that a certain nightshade came into their laboratory and started eating them. The same nightshade that got rid of my assistant Rose and would have finished me off had I not had the Faraday System. The United States Government had to shut down the whole program in this base… and I got paranoid out of my damn mind. I told Rose we had to move all this crap to a new location. I told her we had to change the locks.”

Gwen brushed all that extra information aside. It felt like she was drinking from a firehose, “Yeah, but before that all happened, they thought that the people were inside the Onex stones? Like they were still there living and breathing?”

“I can see you’re getting excited about all this,” said Dr. Howard with a smile. “I am guessing you had a loved one who went missing?”

Gwen kept her mouth shut.

Dr. Howards gaze narrowed on the extraction Agent. There was definitely a whole lot more information under the hot-girl persona, “The research of the Onex Orbs did reveal a few things here and there. They had discovered complex electrical signals resonating from the core of the Onex Orbs. They were dynamic and seemed to respond to electrical stimuli. It was like observing a living organism. It seemed to react to pain.”

Gwen’s heart was racing as she thought about the consequences of the research. If that were true… and the Orbs really did house the person inside, then her sister might also be in one of these orbs, “Do you think the theory has potential?”

“Hell yeah, I think the theory has potential. If it didn’t have potential then why the hell did the nightshade have to get rid of everyone in that department,” said Dr. Howard, “That complex signal could very well be the human soul encapsulated. There is still so much about the Onex Orbs that is not understood by humanity. It would be a kick in the balls to the scientific community if it was left untouched and discarded!”

“That could mean that my sister is still alive!” said Gwen out loud with excitement. She didn’t care who heard her now. This was the best news she had heard in a long time. Gwen’s heart was racing with adrenaline; she needed to act. She couldn’t stand still anymore! She pulled on the ribbon cable attached to her neck as she trotted back and forth.

“Easy there Fido!” said Dr. Howard as she tried to stabilize the dreaming walking prototype, “You don’t want to pull the prototype off the table!”

“Where would they keep all the Onex Orbs?” asked Gwen. “When they came and collected the nightshade that killed my sister they brought her somewhere for processing. It was a government facility… I was too ill-informed to know what was happening.”

“The Government has been giving them to Prewitt Labs for research. Most of the nightshade artifacts collected by the United States Government is given to them,” Said Dr. Howard as she reached out and gripped the ribbon cable attached to Gwen’s neck. She tugged on it and tried to get Gwen to stop pacing, “I would bank that the majority of the Orbs are held in their facility! It’s like the damn Smithsonian for Nightshades!”

We have to go to Prewitt Labs, Thought Gwen suddenly; there was no compromising. I need to get inside this stupid nightshade body and infiltrate Prewitt Labs. She just knew that her sister would be there. She had to see. She had to try!

“How are we going to put this massive black ball in the brain of the nightshade?” asked Gwen as she stopped pacing.

“Easy there gunner. You’re sudden shift in attitude has got me a little concerned about your mental state,” said Dr. Howard. Gwen seemed too eager now to get this show on the road, “I plan to shrink the ball using a Citrine Stone. I will touch it to the nightshade and push it through the portal that it forms. Then I will set it in place with an articulating scope and a high powered magnet. Once in place… it should in theory accept your consciousness as its own.”

Gwen looked down at the yellow stone resting in her tactical glove and shook he head. She was understanding a little better now how all this was going to come together. Gwen remembered the portal that had been made when she had touched the Citrine Stone to the corps of the nightshade back in the Generals Office. It had shrunk her to the size of a walnut in a matter of seconds. If it could do that to her… then it could do that to the ball. Once it was small enough they would just shove it down the monsters throat! It was genius!

“And after that we teleport into Prewitt Labs and shake things up for the bloody bleachers. We catch them by surprise and uproot there whole operation!” Said Gwen as she watched The General returning with the examination table. The white hair man was maneuvering the thing around the rubble in the electro Lab. He was singing the tune from Gilligan’s Island.

“I don’t know about uprooting everything just yet,” said Dr. Howard cautiously. She wasn’t liking how excited Gwen was getting about this idea now. The Agents excitement could cause her to get sloppy and make mistakes while at Prewitt Labs, “What we need to do is just teleport you into Prewitt Labs. You gather information on the whole situation and then come back here and let us decide what happens next.”

“I am ready to do this!” said Gwen as she smacked the General on the back and breathed out a huge volume of air. She had never felt so alive in her life.

Dr. Howard rolled her eyes at this. The army bimbo wasn’t listening to her, “We need to gather intelligence first Agent Garcia. Then we can uproot our enemies later. Bob Orton says that the whole operation is headed at this Prewitt Labs Facility. We sneak in undetected; drawing as little attention to ourselves as possible… and then get out!”

The General set the table next to Gwen and helped her climb on top of it.

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I get what you are saying” Said Gwen passively, “This isn’t my first rodeo Dr. Howard.” She tugged on the blatherskite around her neck. The things was itching like crazy now, “And do I have to wear this thing the whole time?”

“Unfortunately yes,” said Dr. Howard as she watched Gwen lay back on the table, “I am going to monitor your vitals using that device while you are away playing nightshade. I should be able to communicate with you through the device… but I haven’t tested that theory out yet. We can do a diagnostic on the Nightshade body when you have successfully transformed.”

Gwen closed her eyes. She was doing this for her sister, “I am ready.”

“Something tells me that’s a lie,” said Dr. Howard as she pushed the enter key on the computer and started the synthesis of the agents continuousness.

Gwen’s world went black.


Gwen breathed in the stale air of the Electro Lab and opened her eyes. Her tongue twitched in all directions as it gathered in the unique flavors of the world around her. She swallowed the thick spit forming in her mouth and tried to figure out the essence that teased her. Her thin white lips had never tasted something like this before. It felt like someone had lightly coated them with rich seasoning. Her stomach growled at the thought of consuming it whole.

“What is that heavenly smell?” asked Gwen as she sat up and looked around the room for the source. Her deep red eyes landed on the two human standing next to the table. They were staring at her with concern.

“Agent Garcia, are you in there?” asked Dr. Howard.

“Her skin is shifting,” said The General. “It doesn’t look like the original.”

Gwen chuckled at this nonsense. The both of them were treating her as if she were some kind of wild animal, “Of course I am in here. Who else would be in here?”

Gwen stood up and breathed in the heavenly smell again. The whole damn Electro Lab was covered in this strange flavor. It was liked Dr. Howard and General Dilk had done some fancy cooking while she was sleeping. Gwen could smell it on the both of them. Her stomach growled as she looked for the food source again. Nothing could be seen in the lab… it was just the three of them. Gwen frowned at this. These two idiot were playing a joke on her, “Which one of you was cooking before you woke me up? It smells so good in here.”

“She is going to eat both of us…I know this was going to happen!” said General Dilk as he took a few steps back and gripped his side piece. He wasn’t going down without a fight, “I have seen this look before, Dr. Howard, and it isn’t any good. They are tricky little things. I say we put her down now before it’s too late!”

“Shut up,” Said Dr. Howard as she walked up to Agent Garcia and placed a hand on her shoulder, “She isn’t going to eat us. She is still getting used to the way the body works. Gwen do you know where you are right now? Can you answer a few questions for me?”

“Of course I know where I am…” Gwen paused and blinked for a minute. She was trying to think about how she got here. Her pointed ears twitched as she breathed in the smell coming off of Dr. Howard, “That ridiculous flavor can’t be coming off the two of you?”

“Here it comes,” Said the General.

“Shut Up!” said Dr. Howard. “She is slowly piecing it together.”

Gwen leaned in and smelled Dr. Howard’s dirty lab coat for confirmation. The sensation got stronger as she got closer to the husky woman. It was at this moment that Gwen realized what the nice flavor was. It was the smell of human flesh that was teasing her senses and causing her stomach to growl with hunger. She pulled away quickly and almost fell back onto the examination table behind her. Her own thoughts started rushing in to fill the void. This was nothing but an experiment they had conducted to see if she could become a nightshade.

Gwen’s heart was thumping loudly in her chest and her skin crawled. She tried to push away the thoughts forming in her head about the two humans in front of her. The transition from human to nightshade had worked perfectly. Gwen felt a sense of vertigo wash over her as she stared down at her new body. Her knees suddenly gave out from under her and she collapsed onto the ground like a pile of sticks.

“Just Great… She’s rejecting the transition,” said Dr. Howard as she reached down to stabilize the woman with both hands. The nightshade’s skin was hot and clammy now. Gwen was on the brink of passing out, “She is hyperventilating.”

“Let her die!” said General Dilk. “It’s for the better.”

“You’re not helping Thomas. The girl is in shock right now!” said Dr. Howard as she gripped the nightshade by the shoulders and looked it in the eyes. It look like the thing was going to puke all over the place, “I need you to try and control your breathing, Agent Garcia. Try and focus on breathing in… and holding it for a while… and then letting it go. You can’t pass out right now. I need you to stay awake!”

Gwen’s body started to shack now. Everything felt so wrong, “How long was I out?”

“You were out for 50 minute,” said Dr. Howard. “But try not to think about that right now… just focus on your breathing. Try and calm your body!”

“Body?!” said Gwen in a panic. Her dark claws shot out from her finger tips and scored the pavement in front of her. She hissed liked a python as she thought about her own body, “This isn’t my Body! Where’s my real body? Where did you guys put it?”

“She’s going to eat us,” said General Dilk as she shook his head and put his weapon back in the holster. He folded his arms over his chest, “That noise she made was a hunger cry! There is no way this ends well for the both of us. You can see the hunger in her eyes!”

“We placed your body in another room Agent Garcia,” said Dr. Howard as she indicated to the lunch room across the Electro Lab. “I don’t think you are ready to see it just yet. You need to calm down and breathe for a minute or two. We need to go over a few question and make sure you are okay.”

“Am I still alive?” asked Gwen. “Please tell me I am still alive!”

Gwen hissed again and clicked her jaw at the husky woman. Why the hell was she hissing so much? She sounded like a stupid cat!

“Yes you are still alive,” said Dr. Howard, “Your vitals are all good.”

Gwen retracted her black claws and pushed the Husky woman away from her. She stood up and tried to suppress another python hiss rising in her chest. Her boots thudded loudly on the pavement as she walked past the General on her way to the lunch room. Gwen paused halfway there and looked down at herself in puzzlement. She was fully clothed in her tactical gear. The name on her vest read Agent Garcia. This was different… Gwen didn’t remember changing into these clothes and she didn’t remember the Nightshade being clothed. How the hell did I get these clothe on? Thought Gwen. She turned to the two humans in the room and stared at them in disbelief. Had these two idiots clothed her?

Dr. Howard and The General stared back at her in confusion

“Did you pull the clothes off my human body?” asked Gwen disgusted.

“Well yes,” said Dr. Howard defensively. “The goal was to infiltrate Prewitt Labs as a Nightshade! You can’t do that if you are naked! People will ask questions.”

The General shook his head at this, “Believe it or not… but walking into a government owned company completely naked draws a lot of attention.”

“Eww!” Yelled Gwen out loud and with frustration. She had never felt so violated in her entire life. She looked at the General and then over to Dr. Howard and hissed at both of them. Gwen pointed to the General, “Was he present during the undressing of my body?”

“For some of it,” said Dr. Howard cautiously. There was a surge of energy in the room that couldn’t be explained. The lights on the ceiling dimmed and then suddenly got brighter. The angrier Gwen got the more the energy increased in the room. Dr. Howard tried to calm her down, “I wasn’t sure how to hook the battery pack up and take the tactical belt off. He didn’t see any of the lady parts however! I made sure that he saw none of that!”

“That’s beside the point!” yelled Gwen. Her jaw clicked and her abdomen flexed habitually. She could feel the heat in chest grow, “Didn’t any of you think that I could dress myself after waking up as a nightshade? We need to talk about privacy around here.”

Dr. Howard was going to respond when portals started randomly opening up around the room. Items were falling through the floor and slamming into the walls. Gwen was somehow tapping into the power of the nightshade.

“You really need to calm down before you tear this place apart!” Yelled Dr. Howard as she ducked under a table, “I undressed your human body for a reason. I thought it may be traumatizing to have you do it….and in all honesty…I think I might have been right on that one. You could barely handle the news of the transformation without going into shock!”

“These Portal need to stop,” said The General, “they’re tearing apart the Elector lab.”

Gwen focused her attention on the portals she was creating. She couldn’t quite figure out what was going on. A strange green Icon appeared in front of her as she relaxed her abdomen. The lettering underneath the thing was written in a completely different language. Gwen’s red eyes fell on the only thing she could read.


She reached out to the Icon and ran her hands through it. Dr. Howard and General Dilk watched as a portal open up underneath Gwen. The Electro Lab went still as she disappeared through the cosmic rip in space and time.

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