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War: A battle for survival

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Since the ancient times the Earth has been divided, demonic creatures dominates the Earth. the mermaids and sirens wreck havoc in the seas. Humanity is on the brink of extinction, until the rise of a young man, Silas. Born of lowly birth, he was made fun of by his peers. All he ever wished for was a change in status. On a certain day his prayers were answered. A book fell from the sky and it dropped where he was practicing martial arts. By opening the book, his destiny was rewritten.he was raised from grass to Grace. From being a poor and lonely boy, he became the only hope for humanity. With a pitchfork in hand…cough…cough… With a trident in hand, he fought with orcs, elf’s blarfs and vanquished demons on his path to immortality and to restore hope to humanity.

Adventure / Action
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In the ancient times, the Earth was a peaceful planet, devoid of war or strife. Though there happens to be strife amongst the nations, but it doesn’t last long( not on a large scale).

On the first day of the month of December in a certain year which seems not to be recorded in the annals. A war broke out among the celestials in the upper world.

The thunder rumbles in the sky, the wind did not cease to howl.the heavens was dyed black; as if mourning for it’s beloved Earth.

The moon seems to have relocated to another planet.

The Earth was stopped from moving it’s rotation around the sun

The world was cast in darkness for what seems to be tens of years. On the hundredth year of the darkness filled Earth, a space was tore in the sky, and there seems to be something coming down from the tear in space. The ‘thing’ was cloaked with a blinding light as it makes its way towards Earth.

As if waiting for the ‘thing’ to arrive, the moon came back from it long vacation, the Earth was given free pass to rotate freely among the other planets traveling around the sun.

Due to the fact that the Earth was returned to how it was before, many people were able to see the thing that was making its way down to earth clearly. It was actually a sword.


It was plunged into the Earth which resulted into an earthquake. The Earth unable to take the rampaging energy surrounding the sword was fractured into several fragments.

Many lives were lost on that day due to the earthquake, parents lost their children, many children became orphan.

Confusion rules the day, but it was also a blessing in disguise.

With the tear in space, spiritual energy seeped upon the Earth.

But a sliver of demonic energy also makes its way down to earth, the demonic energy does not affect the humans much due to their high level of intelligence and mental resilience that they posses.

The wild beast due to their low level of intelligence, they were beguiled by the sliver of will inside the demonic energy .

“Bow to me and I will make you rise to the Pinnacle of this world, obey my command and you shall inherit this world”

Though those lines of words sounds awful but somehow the beasts were unable to come to their senses, and they were left with no choice but to serve the demonic silver of will.

The spiritual energy became the source of energy (oogun) for mankind, likewise the demonic beasts also hunts down the humans in order to devour the energy stored in their body. And this brings about the war between the humans and the demonic beasts for thousands of years.

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