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Child Of The Moon

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“One choice tore us apart. How would our fates differ if that choice was never made.” ___ “M- miss?” I hear a voice call out from somewhere in the distance. That's just great, just when I think things couldn't get any worse. I look up and see the prince of Elips slowly approaching with his hands out in front of him. “S- Stay back!” I yell out to him. What was he even doing here? Was he working with the people selling solis blossoms? “Are you- are you doing this?” “Go away!” He keeps coming closer and any second now he will draw his sword and end my life forever. Looks like I don’t have to make a choice about what side to fight on, I won’t get to help anyone. The ground is shaking so violently now, tree branches are starting to fall, I heard the earth started to rumble. I dropped to my knees and placed my hands on the opposite arm. I hope the prince will hurry and end my life before this earthquake gets any worse. Now the prince is just a few feet away from me and I'm expecting him to draw his sword any moment now. I close my eyes, preparing for the strike from his sword and the next thing I know I feel gentle warm arms wrapped around my shoulder and waist.

Adventure / Fantasy
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The Last Child of the Moon

“One choice tore us apart.

How would our fates differ if that choice was never made.”

~Fairy Tales for children after the war of light and dark.

My powers, my gift, what did I deserve to deserve them? This is the question that has haunted me for years. Why me? My gift is supposed to be seen as a blessing but so many see it as a curse. I am the last child of the moon and the last living vessel to wield the gifts of the moon. I am the last Moon child.

Many centuries ago the first sun and moon children were born into the world. They were not born the same way humans were. Children blessed by the sun and moon originate from flowers. However they don’t just come from any flowers, sun children come from a flower called solis blossoms. These flowers are a deep gold color and have a slight yellow glow to them. They have petals like roses and have circular leaves. Unlike roses, they bloom as a single flower, and after they bloom you can see small flakes of gold inside the petals of the flower. In time these golden flakes will slowly mature and form a human-looking baby.

The most common way to visibly tell if the baby is a child of the sun is by the mark that will form on the baby’s soft skin. The mark for children of the sun is eight black suns no bigger than a quarter that will be in the shape of a star. The mark can be anywhere on the child from the top of their forehead to the tips of their little toes.

It is a similar process for the children of the moon. Instead of a golden rose like flower children of the moon have a pale blue lily like flower with a slight blue glow. These are called luna flowers, and they have small blue specks flowing inside the petals and over the course of a few months, a child of the moon will be born.

Children of the moon have a mark to identify them by as well. Children of the moon have eight black moons no bigger than a quarter in the shape of a circle.

Children of the sun normally have brown to golden blond hair and dark or peachy skin. Their eyes are either deep blue or hazel brown. Children of the moon have hair ranging from ghost white to jet black. Their skin ranges from light gray to pale peach. Moon children have eyes the color of jet black or ocean blue.

The children of the sun and moon never got along. It is only natural that the light and darkness were not too fond of each other. It will come as no shock that humans were more doting to the children who can give them warmth and fight off the darkness rather than the curses and despair they believe moon children to bring.

It is because of this reasoning that my kind was killed off by the king and his knights over twenty-three years ago. They dug up all of the luna flowers they could find. Unfortunately for my species, luna flowers only come from living women blessed by the moon after they become of age. Women of the moon must be sixteen in order to produce luna flowers. The same goes for women of the sun.

As far as I know, I am the last moon child. I have never met anyone from the same race as me. I am a female but I cant produce Luna flowers without another male. I was born from a surviving Luna flower after the war. I am sixteen right now and have accepted the fact that I will never have children. Although I am well aware that after I die moon children will be gone forever.

That brings us back to the present day. My name is Lulana and as far as I know I am the last living moon child. I suppose you could say I live in Madiea village; or rather on the outskirts of it. The village of Madiea is one of the five villages belonging to the Kingdom of Elips. I have to be careful about going into the village because of my appearance. My mark is easy enough to hide because it is located on my hip and my dress covers it without a problem. However, my looks don’t help much. I have jet black hair and big blue eyes, my skin is as pale as the moon itself and there is not much I can do about it. I can use some of my gift to turn my eyes green but that is about all I can do for my appearance.

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