The Artifact (Book 2, Time Trilogy)

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Chapter Thirty-Seven: Pleasures Given and Received

July 2023
Morgan’s Home
Richmond City, Virginia

}}}-----> WAHYA <-----{{{

“Ohhhh, Wahya...,” Morgan utters, sending even more waves of desire to the brave’s manhood, as his hand gently roams over her now-bare breast. “Mmmm...”

Wahya never dreamed that he’d really be here in Morgan’s bedroom this afternoon, discovering what pleases her, as they explore what he hopes is only their first instance of foreplay and love making. He had been enchanted by her body dressed in only the scant undergarments, the color of glowing orange embers - especially the top, partially covering her breasts, cradling them with just enough space that they appeared plump and delectable. Uncertain how to go about taking off the garment himself, he was happy that she took it upon herself to unhook it from behind, allowing her breasts to spill out as he lay alongside her atop the soft and plush comforter of her bed.

Not wanting to rush her, Wahya, leans on his forearm next to her, feeling the blood rushing through his veins, with an especially definitive pulse flowing through the throbbing organ between his legs, as she confidently guides his hand over her right breast. The silky-smooth skin is instantly addictive to the touch, and she looks into his eyes, drawing him in with surety. But it’s her melting reaction to his instantaneous kneading that goes straight to his manhood. He had never wanted anyone more than he wanted her now. And hearing his name on her lips, between her sensual sounds, furthered the pleasure to all of his senses.

Now, with her hand on his bare hip, Wahya finds it easy to roll her gently down onto her back, and leans over her, feeling his erection hard against her leg as her hand moves tantalizingly across his smooth buttock. His hand still cups her breast, and he feels her nipple harden against his palm, urging him to knead deeper. Seeing the pleasure across her face, with her eyes closed and head tilted back, Wahya releases his hand, taking the mound of flesh into his heated mouth, the need to taste her skin and lap at her bud with his tongue, overwhelming. Suckling gently at first, he reaches for the other breast, massaging the nipple to life, warming the cool skin. Morgan, in turn, arches her back slightly, “Ohhhh, yes...”

As her hands firmly slide up his back, Wahya amplifies his attention, watching her face from below as he teases her nipple with his tongue, obviously sending pleasurable sensations through her body as she tenses and moans in reply. He wants, no he needs to hear her again, so he releases her, blowing gently on her now-hot, wet nipple, the cool air sending a different sensation through her body. Moving his lips to brush along her chest, then to her opposite breast, he uses the pad of his thumb to gently, but quickly play over the nub he’d just left - back and forth, again and again. Grazing his teeth over the other, igniting sparks in both sides simultaneously, he adeptly slides his free hand down over her ribs and belly, aiming for her thighs. With his intentions clear, Morgan gasps for air, opening her legs as his fingers reach her panties, caressing over the satiny fabric unlike any he’s felt before.

She’s hot and wet through the cloth, and Wahya urges himself to remain calm and take it slow, the hunger to be inside her intensifying beyond words. Morgan may be his Hummingbird [Walela], but her scent, taste, sounds, and feel call to him as though she were made from sweet life-sustaining nectar herself.

“My Walela, you are ready, too, aren’t you?” He seductively teases under his breath.

It’s as though she understands his words as she releases her grasp on his body, sliding her hands along her own waist, and raising her bottom enough to tug at the undergarment, pulling it downward as she breathes, “Wahya, I need you!”

The urgency in her tone translates her words and with a racing heart he helps her pull the panties the remainder of the way down before she pushes them off with her feet. His eyes roam her now-naked body, and he wonders at the beautifully smooth, fair, and supple skin, so much lighter in tone than any he’s seen before. Her breasts are creamy white, lighter than most of the rest of her body, and obviously unused to the sun, save for the dark pink nipples and skin where his suckling has swollen the delicate flesh. Worried momentarily that he’d injured her, he meets her eyes looking for any sign of pain. Instead, the enormity of their feelings and desire for one another are laid bare, as clear as day - and Wahya knows there is no stopping, no turning back, for either of them.

Wahya rolls them so that their warmed, bare bodies face one another again, with his erect manhood firmly against her thighs. Resting his hand on her hip, he kisses her lips with sincerity and tenderness. But Morgan has more fire in mind, as she slides her hand down his chest, over his torso, and down further to his hardened length - her touch over his body sending bursts of electricity to his core. It’s Wahya’s turn to inhale sharply through his nostrils as Morgan’s fingers slip along the underside of his ready shaft, firmly wrap around his hardness, then slowly slides upward along his length until reaching the tip.

“Mmmmm...,” he returns the pleasurable moan that she’d so readily given him before, his heart pounding so hard he’s sure she can see it thumping through his chest.

As she slides her hand back down to the base of his lengthy member, he groans again, deepening their kiss, pushing his tongue firmly against hers. Morgan, in turn, matches his ardor with her own mouth and tongue, and also with her hand, using far-from-fast, but decidedly constant and firm strokes over his most sensitive place, repetitively sending waves of pleasure through his entire body.

Sliding his own hand from her hip, he moves downward with an unbearable need to feel her warm center, in the flesh this time. As he nears, Morgan, apparently just as ready for his touch, opens her legs just enough for him to slide his fingers between her thighs, and he feels yet another surge of desire flow through him as his fingertips slip easily between her folds, wet and hot with desire for him. He knows he’s touching her in all the right ways as she halts her euphoric stroking and her grip on his manhood tightens, while her entire body tenses, and her thighs clench his hand in place. She breaks from his kiss, her eyes snapping open as she gasps for air, letting out a low and determined, “Ahhhhh!”

Her darkened blue-green-yellow eyes, glazed with desire, spur him onward, and he quickens the tiny strokes his fingertips make across her extra sensitive core. Forcing herself to gain some control again, Morgan resumes her own strokes along his length as though to keep up with his touch. Wahya’s heartbeat quickens even more and his body’s temperature rises further with the quickening of her breath, as the combination of her touch on him and the feel of her womanhood on his own fingertips is almost more than he can take.

“Ohhhh, woman!” He calls, louder than before. “Ahhhh!”

Realizing just how close to the edge he is, with his free hand, Wahya reaches around her wrist, reluctantly pulling her away from her pleasure-inducing grasp around his shaft, and whispers hoarsely, “You’ve got to stop, Walela. Otherwise, I won’t be able to hold off until I am able to satisfy you as well.”

He shakily places her hand on his shoulder instead, and Morgan smiles knowingly at him through her own haze, seemingly satisfied with her own work and understanding his meaning. She pulls him over her, rolling onto her back as his torso covers hers, then hooking her arms under his, grasping his shoulders from behind to keep him there.

Gazing down at her sultry expression, with his body on fire, he can’t help but tell her, “Woman, I want to make you climax in ecstasy, over and over again... Starting... right now.”

Kissing her deeply yet again, he once more builds friction with his fingers over her now more accessible womanhood, applying just the right amount of pressure on her blonde mound with the palm of his hand, while his fingers work their magic inside. To his delight, her fingers dig into his back, and as she breaks from his kiss, heaving with anticipation and trembling at his touch, she exclaims, “Ohhhh! God, yes!”

Harder and faster, he works, as her breathing becomes equally quick and hard, and at last she can take it no more...

“Ahhhh! Ohhh, yes! Yes...”

Her delicious, orgasmic cries of pleasure and spasms into his hand are gratifying beyond measure. And he can’t help but watch, enraptured by her expression of ecstasy, as her body arches and contracts while he continues to thrum until she satisfyingly completes her climax, and her body stills. When at last, the contractions of pleasure slow, Morgan wraps him closer in her arms, pulling him to her, and making him feel content in a way he’d never experienced. Morgan moves to kiss his lips again, as he runs his hand up her soft pelvis, then her belly, and ribs. Running his warm palm over her full breast, he hesitates momentarily, brushing over her nipple, before sliding up her chest, over her neck and then fine jawline. He cups her face, drinking in her lips, tongue, and mouth - more gentle now, but with just as much passion as before. He never knew how satisfying giving pleasure to someone could be, for making love in the past hadn’t been near so heated.

Before long, Morgan wraps her leg over his hip, hooking her heel so as to move his hips over hers. He hadn’t thought she’d be ready to continue again so quickly, which only serves to heat him again. With renewed life building in his loins, Wahya lifts his body over hers, hovering directly over her delicate frame, his pelvis inches away from her opening, as she brings her legs up at the knees, firmly planting her feet on the mattress, while widening the space between her smooth thighs. She clutches his shoulders - his hair falling around both their heads, as he sinks his upper body down to plant light, but sensual kisses, first on her neck, then shoulders.

“I need you, Wahya! Please!”

The pleading in her voice is evident, as she breathily sighs between his soft kisses and the closeness of his length to her own center. But he wants her senses to build with the intensity of want and desire, and he teases her opening with a tiny taste of his pointed offering.

“Not yet, Walela.” He teasingly breathes into her ear, before taking her lobe between his teeth and pulling slightly.

“Ahhh...,” she moans again and begs. “Please, Wahya!”

He more-deeply kisses her skin, nipping at the crook of her neck, then at the other side, and he revels as goosebumps appear on her arms. Nuzzling her above with his face, and below with his manhood, he whispers into her ear - deep and low, “Are you ready, my love? For I am ready for you...”

Her breath hitches from the implications that his tone brings, and he knows she’s as wound up as he is. Finally, inching his shaft into her willing opening, her eyes shoot open, her focus on his face, embracing the intense moment as he pauses, allowing her to adjust to his size. But his own heartbeat jumps up another notch, as she digs her fingers into his skin, arching her pelvis closer to his. He inches further inside her yet, halfway down his length before pausing again as she gasps slightly and inhales sharply. Her own tight hold on his circumference already giving him pleasurable friction, and he knows he’s not going to last much longer once they reach ultimate deepness within her walls.

“Mmmmm... Morgan.” His breathing is getting harder as the further he slips into her entrance, the closer to ecstasy he comes, “You’re so tight... Just right...”

Finally, unable to stand it a moment longer himself, he slides the remainder of the way inside and they both groan in ecstatic pleasure, as he fills her completely. He lowers his upper body onto his forearms covering Morgan’s body with his, and capturing her mouth yet again, as he gently begins to rock his hips into hers, slowly and carefully at first. Holding him tightly, Morgan finds the rhythm of his hips easy to match, and before long they slowly build a steady beat together. He gazes into her face. Watching her with her eyes closed and head tilted back, as she seductively undulates in time with his thrusts, bringing him near the edge.

But Wahya needs her to be there with him when she comes for him again. With his hands, he holds either side of her face, and runs his thumb along her delicious lower lip - her mouth open, already taking in ragged breathes in time with their pulsating bodies. Then placing his thumbs on her cheekbones, he tilts her head up, hoping she understands his request. His own breathing hard with anticipation and fervor.

“Morgan,” he heaves. “Open your eyes, Walela. I want to see you when you come.”

Upon hearing his voice, Morgan opens her eyelids, allowing her jewel-like eyes to capture his soul, and he lowers his face until all either can see are the emotions of the other, in their most pure and honest forms, reflected in one another’s eyes.

Allowing her to set the pace, the lovers continue the rhythmic joining of their heated bodies - sweat lessening the friction, making it easier to glide relentlessly and satisfyingly against one another. Morgan’s eyes dilate, and her moans grow with intensity, and Wahya knows she’s again on the edge of orgasm - as is he. With fervor, she calls out his name, “Wahya... God, ohhhh...”

He can’t hold back any longer! As she begins to crest the last wave, entering the pure ecstasy of orgasm, he follows with his own cataclysmic release. Her already tight opening closes around him even tighter as she climaxes, and there’s no stopping the overwhelming flood of pleasure that pulsatingly floods from his body into hers.

“Yes... Morgan! Don’t...stop!” He begs, never having a release as intense in mind and body as this.

The pair cry out in unison, their trembling bodies pumping fast and hard with determination as they reach their individual peaks, both intent on maximizing the experience by riding out their climaxes until spent. Finally, their simultaneous pumping slows to a stop and the two lie frozen, intertwined with one another, while Wahya’s length continues to more gently pulsate as Morgan’s muscles contract sporadically around him. His heart pounds throughout his body, and he thinks he’s sure he can feel Morgan’s equally rhythmic heart as he lays atop her also panting body. It would be so easy to remain in this state forever he thinks to himself.

Breathing heavily, Wahya leans his forehead against hers, both of them closing their eyes, attempting to catch their breaths, unable to think or move as they come down from their intense and sensual high. After several minutes, Wahya lifts his head, caressing Morgan’s flushed cheek, as she tentatively opens her own eyes again, her breathing slower now. Taking him in, a smile plays at her lips, matching his own satisfied and endearing smile.

He enjoys the sensation of his now-spent member enveloped warmly inside her, but knows he must eventually pull away, his body being much larger than hers. Reluctantly, he eases off her, rolling to the side, while she rolls on her side to align with him again; a beautiful, sweet smile across her lips, and her hand caressing his cheek, brushing the untamed locks of hair from his face.

Wahya wraps her cooling body in his arms, holding her tight as his heart slows, and they languidly relish the moment in silence. Morgan nuzzles her body against his, resting her head over his heart and Wahya, alive in a whole new way, thinks to himself, “It is just as Badger [Inoli] had said - I don’t think I have really known what love was before. I am ashamed to have teased him so, for if this is anywhere close to the love that my friend tried to tell me about, then I would be satisfied for the rest of my life to have this feeling forever.”

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