The Artifact (Book 2, Time Trilogy)

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Chapter Thirty-Nine: Time Warps, Cookies, and Ice Cream

July 2023
Morgan’s Home
Richmond City, Virginia

}}}-----> WAHYA <-----{{{

“Time warp.”

Wahya repeats the phrase in his mind over and over, wondering what it directly translates to in Morgan’s tongue. Though from Morgan’s unsettled reaction to his awkwardly drawn depiction of yesterday’s storm above the cliff, and now that she related it to the painful episode in the lab the day before, he’s not exactly certain she knows what to call it herself.

“These ‘time warps’ really seem to worry her. Not that it does not scare me, but I thought they might be something known to the people of this world... I mean time. With all the advancements of her society, if it is all just as much a mystery to her as it is to me, then that only means it must involve the world of the spirits. Worrying isn’t going to help or change anything - not when the spirits have their say.”

To Wahya, so long as he was alright now - because she had been there to give him the gorget - there was no reason to continue to dwell in a dark mood over it. All was well now, and since there was nothing either of them could do about it besides ensure he had the gorget at all times, he intended to keep his own spirits up.

He watches her contemplatively as she attempts to let his drawings about not worrying anymore, accompanied by his native words sink in, and the crease of concern eases across her brow. As she studies the happy drawing of herself that he’d torn from the rest of the page, a thought occurs to him that he hadn’t considered much before. Perhaps Morgan’s concern isn’t necessarily over her fear of the time warps specifically, but more for fear of his well-being.

“Does she really care about me that much?”

Outside of the past few hours of passion with Morgan, this particular glimpse inside Morgan’s feelings for him, through her unspoken body language and obvious emotions, makes Wahya feel something that he’d never felt for any other woman before. Not even Usdi Agisa [Little Doe].

“I already knew I was in over my head with her but could this be what Inoli [Badger] was talking about - love?! That is what this must be! It is too much like what he described, and the feeling is only growing. I am not sure if she loves me back just yet, but I do believe she really cares for me, too! And I do not like to see her worry so!”

As Morgan rests her hand on his face, and looks into his eyes with genuine feeling, he determines that her unintelligible words tell him that she can’t help but worry for him, and he knows that he would worry for her in the same way if it were her who had somehow appeared in his world with magical and disturbing occurrences causing her pain.

Morgan must sense his sappy emotions he thinks, as her smile glimmers suddenly with fun mischief. He recognizes her return to her usual self, happy to have her attempt to uplift the somber mood in the air with her teasing atmosphere. Wahya, now familiar with her body language on a whole other level, feels his own body heat at the upbeat, yet suggestive tone in her voice and the sexy twinkle in her eye. Whatever is on her mind now will be sure to make them both forget about storms and time warps, for at least a little while.

Wahya smirks in response, as Morgan leans closer across the corner of the table. His entire body is suddenly ready to have her again. He braces for her slightly opened mouth as she nears. Her lips brush feather-like against his, then pulling away, she suddenly giggles. She utters one word under her breath as she pulls back further to gauge his reaction, the gleam still in her eyes, “Cookies...”

Wahya pauses, raising an eyebrow, sure that he misunderstood her, for he remembers ‘cookies’ being the delicious, flat dessert with chocolate chips they’d made earlier today with Andy. What did cookies have to do with the moment right now? It’s her lips, not cookies that were going to make him forget about their worries!

“She is teasing. She knows exactly what she does to me and is trying to fluster me by taunting me with a kiss, then talking about eating cookies instead! If she wants cookies, let her have cookies! Two can play at this game.”

Trying hard to feign a look of interest in her suggestion, he replies with gusto and an affirmative nod, glancing around the kitchen as if in search of the elusive dessert, “Vv. Vv, cookie!”

Rising from his chair, smooth and quick as the hunter he is, Wahya suddenly towers over her. He’s tantalizingly close, the ability to show her what he really wants well within reach. Yet, he continues to play as though he’s waiting for her to retrieve the dessert. In turn, she simply stands there, a bit taken aback, not expecting him to actually go along with her tease.

“Oh. Okay,” she sounds disappointed. “Cookies it is,” Morgan smiles and straightens, turning to go get them - not terribly unhappy about it, but still looking a bit dejected.

She took him seriously, and now he panics inside. He knows Morgan wants him just as badly as he wants her and that neither one wants the silly cookies. Grabbing her by the shoulders, he easily spins her back to face him.

“Tla,” Wahya commands with ebony eyes that have grown dark with desire again, barely wetting his lips. Morgan’s breath hitches as she translates the Tsalagi word for no. “Tla cookies, Walela.” He moves close to her ear; his voice is seductively low and gravelly as he carefully enunciates the other delectable dessert that had led to their first arousing display of affection at her table.

“Ice cream.”

He senses her confusion at first, though admittedly likes the idea of cookies and ice cream together. “Later!” He tells himself as he watches her catch on to his innuendo. Unable to wait any longer, he crashes his lips against hers fast and furiously. Morgan inhales sharply before moaning satisfyingly into his mouth, meeting his match with her own sudden intensity, while her body relaxes naturally into his, and her hands hold his face.

Her lips taste of the sweet red wine they’d drank with dinner, and he’s suddenly more hungry for her now than ever, drawing her lower lip into his mouth as she inches around the corner of the table so that nothing stands between them. She doesn’t hesitate to make her own intentions known, as her fingers find the opening of his shirt and run along his abdomen, sending delightful chills through his spine and heat to his groin. He feels her hands fervently move up his chest. Then, with determination, she yanks his shirt off his shoulders, as she partakes of his kiss as though she were starved for his affection. This unexpected fire in her heats him in a completely different way than before - not necessarily more or less than the tender and careful lovemaking of earlier, just with a different intensity.

She continues to kiss him as she guides him backwards to the table’s wide-cushioned bench against the wall, only to break away to push him with gentle force to sit, her hands on his shoulders planting him to the spot, giving them both a moment to suck in deep breathes. Needing more space, Wahya shoves the table back with his foot, the legs loudly scooting across the tile. Spreading his legs enough for her to stand between his thighs, he sets his hands on her hips, pulling her closer as she again plunders his mouth, eliciting a moan from him in return.


With his pulse racing, he reaches under her sweatshirt, his hands splaying across her back, as hers run through the thick hair at his temples. Adjusting her kiss, Morgan runs her lips feverishly along his jaw, much like she’d done during the ice cream episode, but with more urgency, her heavy breathing meeting his and their heart rates climbing together. With her lips dipping down to the nape of his neck, and her teeth grazing the extra tender spot near his clavicle, she leans over him and Wahya shivers with ecstasy, “Ahhh, Walela!”

Her fierce kisses move to the other side, taunting his senses further, and he swiftly pulls her thick and cumbersome sweatshirt over her head, not caring where it falls. The feel of her bare, warm skin on his is medicine to his soul, and he presses her smooth abdomen to his, sliding one hand down over the backside of her panties, bringing her closer yet. Morgan’s eyes are on fire - a dazzling blue, green, and yellow fire - and Wahya is sure that he’s never seen anything so dangerously beautiful in his life. Scooping her closer yet, he draws her already pert nipple and breast into his mouth, expertly consuming and fondling her nerve endings until she shutters with a gasp.

Morgan pulls him to her, cradling his head in her arms, and much to his delight, climbs onto his lap, straddling him with her knees comfortably settling on the tan-colored cushions. She leans back with his hold around her secure, as he moves to the other breast, his ardor building with every moan he brings from deep inside her throat. His manhood stiffens quickly against her center through both of their thin undergarments, and he can’t help but raise his hips to entice her with even more pressure and friction. To his own pleasure, Morgan takes him up on the salacious offer, sliding her hips back and forth against his length, building the intensity of need inside him as he feels himself bursting with desire to be deep within her well once more.

Soon he breaks from the warmth of her bosom, his own glazed eyes meeting hers in wild desperation. He pulls her hands from his shoulders, firmly planting them behind his neck as a sign to hold on, while he grasps her bottom, so she doesn’t fall. Raising his hips off the cushions slightly, Wahya pushes his boxers down to his feet, giving his throbbing member the freedom it so desires. He settles back onto the bench, and Morgan leans forward again pressing her forehead to his, their eyes locked together with pure sexual want.

It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t understand her words, raspy and hoarse, but commanding all the same - he receives her message loud and clear, as she rubs her silken pantie-covered center over his erect and now-bare member. The only reply he can utter is a low growl, emanating from deep within his chest, as he plunges his free hand between them.

Desperate to rid them of the cloth barrier hindering his penetration, his fingers fumble to pull the fabric aside unveiling her slick entrance. With his eyes still trained on hers, Wahya sucks in a deep breath as he feels Morgan’s domineering touch around his erection as she guides him smoothly between her hot folds. They both sigh and groan in unison, as she sinks assuredly onto his shaft, the sensation sending electricity through his spine. Removing her hand from between them, Morgan places both her hands on the wall on either side of his head, bracing herself as she pushes her forehead away from his, keeping her line of sight steadily on him.

Wahya, moves his thumb caressingly over her womanhood, ready to intensify her pleasure. “Now, Walela,” he commands in Tsalagi.

Wasting no time in building a rhythm, Morgan smoothly rocks forward and back, drawing him in and out, with greater intensity at every sigh and groan. Wahya finds his other hand on her hip, as she pumps against him faster, his breath coming in equally quick and ragged. His testosterone-based instincts rise as this bolder side of Morgan stokes the blazing fire inside of him.

“Harder. Come on, harder woman!” He urges as he rubs his thumb hard and fast against her pleasure center, willing her to plunge further than before. Her moaning breathes build the pressure within his own length. Her near-crazed gaze and the urgency of her moans tell him just how close to the edge she is. But it’s far more than merely her physically body enveloping his length that brings him closer to release.

“More, Morgan, more! Give it to me!” Wahya ushers her on as she gives in to the moment.

Her breasts bounce in time with their bodies and her breathing becomes more ragged, furthering his own arousal, if that were even possible.

“Ohhh! I’m coming, Wahya! I’m com... Ahhhh!”

Wahya pants heavily, releasing her from below, as she begins her sexy climax, filling the room with loud, long moans. Needing to peak with her, he takes both her hips in his hands, helping her to maintain the fast-paced pumping, harder and faster than before. She screams out in ultimate ecstasy, eliciting a rumbling moan of utter satisfaction from deep within him, as his member willingly and uncontrollably spills its essence into her, and his entire body spasms in pleasurable response.

Wrapping his arms around her bare hips, Wahya holds her tightly to him while they both contract in time with one another. Neither of them sure where the pulsating sensations begin or end.

Beaded with sweat, they bring their foreheads together once again, clasping each other in an exhausted embrace, both drained, physically and emotionally, as Morgan breathlessly touches his face with her fingertips. Her body rises and falls in time with his heavy breathing, as she still straddles his pelvis. Wahya smiles at her, both of them coming down from the erotic high.

“I love you, Walela,” he whispers to her. His only hope being that she understands somehow, and that she feels the same for him. When they finally pull away from one another, Wahya gently leads Morgan to the bedroom to sleep. He’s never felt so exhausted and energized simultaneously in his life, and now he just wants to sleep with the woman he loves in his arms.

Morgan willing follows suit, with the pair leaving their scant amount of clothing on the kitchen floor. They walk down the hall to the bedroom, hand-in-hand, where they contentedly fall asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms all through the night.

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