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Mya ~ The Mother & Great One The good and the bad will be there but as we move into the knowing we realize many things that we had not seen before. As we start to trust the process of the universe we uncover the many blankets we once layered ourselves with because we feared the coldness in the world.

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Chapter 1


“Today is the first day of a significant change. One seen and felt through the seasons wherein.”

Autumn is here again, and Mother Nature is working. Working overtime to get us ready for this wonderful change.

As Mya sets her lover’s breakfast on the table, she reminds him of their promise to find more time for one another.

“New places to go, babe,” such as a faraway cottage.

🎶Somewhere only we know🎶~Keane, May sang.

“The scent and tastes of hot cocoa will be brewing in the mornings.”

“Wood on the fire in a toasty warm atmosphere, classical music playing on an old phonograph.”

“Me wearing my comfiest outfit, with you. Fancy sweater, preferably white, satin pajama pants warn well and a little tight”.

“I’ll have my hairdresser give me a new look blond hair braided straight with light curls at the ends.”

These are the things Mya whispers into her lover’s ear as she poured him a cup of coffee and placed it on the side of his breakfast on the dinner table.

“Feeling ready for vacation, please, babe she whispered.”

He looks at her with love, and he sees her vision. He loves Mya with all his heart, so he says “Yes!” with excitement. To fill her with joy.

“Zade, she says I am so happy, and I feel so lucky to be with you .″

Zade walks over from the dinner table to the kitchen where Mya is standing. He placed his hand on her face and started to kiss her intensely.

It leads them into deep passion long overdue for the days, Zade lifts Mya to their bedroom.

Throughout the day, they were making love and spebnding time together.

They order take out and barely ate, as they went through the night, into their midnight bliss.

He lifts her onto their bed and touches her skin very softly, then he pulls her in close and begins to love on her sweet and softly.

Mmm... Mya moans as Zade sends her intense, passionate strokes with all of his love.

They enjoy each other throughout the night, Zade brings Mya to great satisfaction.

Thursday when Mya & Zade decided to take this day off away from all of the day's hustle.

Weeks before this night, Zade had been working. He worked so much he had not had time to see Mya.

Mya being busy at work, too, still kept communicating with Zade through video chats and texts.

Often it was hard for these two to meet since they put in a lot of work for their companies.

Zade is a Surgical Doctor who worked around the clock. Mya is a Health Coordinator who worked in a large Catholic Medical facility.

Mya was devoted to her line of work. Not only did she love solving problems, but she loved solving problems that lead to innovative changes in the facility.

She was a visionary at heart. Zade was a skilled Surgeon who had graduated from Saint Francis Xavier college after 7 years of studying medicine.

Zade was one of the best surgeons at Lebanon Medical, and he prided himself on that.

He was a man who came from very little and worked hard to finish his education.

Zade was a child of five. His mother and father are Palestinian’s who worked hard to raise Zade and his four siblings.

Zade’s Father was also a Doctor but a Doctor in Internal Medicine.

His mother, after working as a Registered Nurse for so many years, had decided to stop.

Zade & his siblings were growing up, and his mother decided it was time to retire from nursing.

Zade’s Mother and father wanted to make sure that all of their children were steered to finishing their education. This was the reason for Zade’s mother stopping her career.

Zade and his siblings were headed off to colleges and studying.

Zade’s father invested in his own Internal Medical practice and opened his own office. After Zade and his sister, Neetu graduated from Medical school, Zade’s Father hired them to run the Medical practice.

Zade’s father also worked closely with other colleagues that he had grown close to throughout his years of working as a doctor.

He also worked closely with new graduates needing the experience of the medical world.

Zade was a surgeon, and part-time, he worked as a physician at his father’s office.

Mya had also participated in the family practice to keep clients and outside vendors in good company.

Mya also has a large family, and Mya lived with her mother and stepfather growing up and her younger siblings who worked in different areas of studies than herself.

Mya’s background was Haitian & Cuban. It was a wonderful mixture of children Mya’s Parents had.

Her oldest siblings are her brothers, who have been acquired in their lives before Mya finished college.

Mya’s mother always wanted Mya to be a nurse. During Mya’s first four years in college, she studied nursing.

During a particular course, she realized that many things went unresolved in the medical field and got swept under the rug.

Mya decides to become a Health Care Manager. Her way of overseeing and feeling reassured of what type of care she wanted to see people receive.

This was a perfect combination of both Zade & Mya. They met during a meeting with the hospital director at Lebanon Medical, where Zade works.

He had noticed Mya in the hospital's eating area she was documenting her observation for what she had gotten out of her conversation with the director.

It was regarding a particular group of staff for which the director was concerned about and wanted to realign in the ways of responsibility and delegate them without jeopardizing the patients' relationships.

Mya worked in two locations, including Zade’s family business, but before these two had come together. Mya was a tough cookie to crack.

Zade went up to Mya and decided to sit at the table she was working on. He never asked to sit down. He just did.

Feeling a breach with all the scattered documents that she had in front of her, Mya gathered the documents quickly and stood up, leaving the area where Zade had sat down.

Mya never spoke a word; she exited the eating area and headed out of the building.

Zade had gotten up once he noticed Mya exit the eating area, so he decided to try his luck again. He reached Mya side by side outside of the facility. He walked her to her car, and as he did, he started to introduce himself.

After he started questioning Mya, asking for her name and possibly her number.

Mya got into her vehicle and left. Two weeks later, Zade and Mya met in the medical facility for a staff meeting.

Mya was the coordinator for all the staff and their scheduling, and she had worked very hard on this presentation, which she had submitted to the hospital’s Director for review. Everything was approved for this meeting, and the staff was ready.

Zade was surprised at how amazing and grounded Mya was.

He thought she was knowledgeable and a little powerful with her skill.

He wanted her all the more, and he was determined to get to know her.

After the meeting, Zade walked up to Mya and asked her for a moment of her time.

Mya agreed and walked with Zade to her vehicle. This time stopping in front of her car and conversing with him.

Zade was charming. Mya thought to herself she wanted to get to know him more.

Mya gave Zade her number, and from there, the rest was history, in the making.

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