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Genevieve was always on the safe side, never did anything wrong or out of place. Until she moved with her family to a small town in the middle of nowhere. Her first day in town, she meets Donovan, a mysterious guy that she`s willing to sacrifice her very soul for and give up everything she has known.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter One

Luck has always been on my side since the day I was born. Everything went wrong that day and I never got to meet my Mom. It was both a happy and sad day for the family.

Dad was a surgeon and got the promotion he always wanted, the job as the Chief surgeon in a little forgotten town he grew up in. He worked crazy hours and never got enough time at home to spend with us. We understood that he needed this, just like we needed our things to cope with all that has happened over the past few years.

My brother was the best at everything he did, well in sports that is. He ended up becoming a coach and got a job at the new school I was going to. He was like a parent and best friend, all wrapped up as a sibling. Dad was grateful for everything Jeremey did for the family and he never complained about anything, he was like Dad’s right hand and always helped where he could.

I got good academic grades and did nothing wrong. That’s only because I do nothing. I keep to myself and study, and that’s about that.

Dad and Jeremey had a lot on their plates, and I didn’t want to add to them. I tried to be a good kid for them and make everyone’s life easier.

Unpacking boxes after living in one house in one town for 18 years was new to me.

“Genevieve?” Dad called from downstairs.

I sighed, “coming dad!” I shoved the boxes away from the door to get out of my room.

I ran down the stairs taking it two at a time, I found Dad on the porch yelling at Jeremy to ‘be careful’ as he carried boxes from the truck.

“Yes?” I asked him as I stopped next to him and smiled.

He frowned at me, then remembered what he wanted, “I’m off to work and Jer found some kids to help with the unloading, try to make some friends Gen?” He grabbed his coat from the rack and came back outside, “Please?” He kissed my temple, and I nodded and waved in a shoeing motion for him to go already.

I watched as he drove down the street and ran to the truck and grab another box; I found one of mine and carried it back inside.

Walking up the stairs was a little hard to do when you couldn’t see anything in front of you. I got to the top and my foot slipped. I tumbled, and I heard someone swear before something grabbed my arm to steady me, when I was back on my feet. That something took the box from me.

“You okay there?” a voice asked in a chuckle from behind the box.

“Yes, thank you,” I said sweetly and fiddled with my hands.

He moved out of my way so I could take that last step and when I saw him; I took a step back and almost went down the stairs. His hand flew out and grabbed my wrist and kept me in my place. It happened so quickly that my mind couldn’t process it fast enough.

“WOAH there, sport!” he chuckled, and I just gaped at him.

He was just wow. I had no words for him. He had black hair, green eyes, and a jawline that made my knees buckle from under me. And he was so unearthly beautiful that I lost all coherent thoughts.

He smiled and oh my lord; he had dimples!

“Where do you want this?” He gave the box a little wiggle, and I snapped out of my stupor for a moment.

I pointed down the hall, “my, my room.” I stuttered and walked towards it. Trying to keep my blush to myself. He followed me and placed it on top of another box. He smiled at me.

“Nice room.” He smiled and held his hand out, “I’m Donovan.”

I shook his hand. “Genevieve,” I said politely.

He nodded slowly, “hm.” and walked out of the room. His hand was warm, warmer than anyone I’ve ever felt.


Later that evening Jeremy came into my room and frowned. “you cannot be serious?” he said and looked at the empty boxes by the door, I have unpacked more than half of mine.

“What?” I asked him with a giggle.

He shook his head, “come get some food?” He said and went back downstairs.

I trotted down the stairs and went to the kitchen, and I heard talking.

Jeremy was sitting with three other guys, one of them was Donovan, and lucky me, next to him was the only available seat. I sat down and grabbed a slice of pizza and took a bite, minding my own business. Or trying to. He was like a magnet pulling me in.

A cold object pressed against my arm and I shot a look at it, it was a can of coke. “Here, before these asshats drink them all,” He angled his head towards the other two guys.

I smiled and took the can from him. “Thank you.”

I ate two slices and listened to them talking about sports; I greeted them and went back up to my room. I took a quick shower and then went to bed, read a book before I call it a night.

Jeremey popped in around an hour later to let me know that he’s going to bed and that he had locked everything up. I switched my laptop on and had a look at the school’s website and read articles about the town. Nothing was interesting about this town and turned the light off and went to bed.

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