The Boy at school

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Jake is a regular boy at school until he meets Katie he falls in love with her but something happens along the way. You have to read to find out!

Adventure / Drama
D. Sheperd
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Jake woke up excited for school not knowing what was going to happen. He was so excited that he skipped breakfast. Meanwhile Katie was at school already she was a staff kid. Jake had just moved from his old school. Jake got to school for his first day. And there she was Katie! He couldn't stop drooling. Jake had soon found out that Katie was in the same class as him. Jake had a test but he did not have to take it since it was his first day. But Katie did she got the best grade in the class! At lunch Jake introduced himself to Katie. After that a bully named Kristian came and pushed Jake because Kristian had a crush on Katie too. Jake didn't know what to do so he hid. He soon found a friend named Jacey. They became best friends. Soon elementary wa over and Jake had to move to San Francisco California. Jake was so sad that he could never see Katie again.
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