Springs Revelation

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With the long awaited birth of the next Mother Nature announced. Ash, king of the spring elves is tasked with checking on the health of mother and child. What he discovers will set in motion events that will span the centuries. Present day. Willow has a headache and its cause isn't because she is gaining the gifts that will enable her to become Mother Nature. At sixteen her primary concerns centre around boys. Two boys, one is her childhood best friend the other she met the previous summer. One is human the other elf royalty. When an arson attack destroys her home events propel her to Canada setting in motion events that will put those she loves in dangerThis I am afraid is now just a sample as it is about to go under contract. This is now just a sample as it is with the publisher and under contract.

Adventure / Fantasy
Claire Booth
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Chapter one

’Primrose, where are you?’ Ash, the king of the Spring Elves marched along the corridor of the manor house. He smiled as he pushed the door to her bedchamber open.

’You could have knocked,’ Primrose spun around a frown marring her brow. Seeing his faltering step, she smiles before rushing into his arms, feeling him wrap around her.

’Wow, I can get my arms all the way around now,’ Ash chuckled. ‘Can I see her?’ Ash untangled himself from Primrose.

’Um, Ash, about that..., I need to explain,’ Primrose stuttered, trying to put her body between him and the cradle.

’Primrose, you know I have to see her. The Elder Council want to know,’brushing his black hair back he peered into the cradle, his eyes opening wide with shock as he sucked in a gulp of air. ’Primrose, there are two,’ Ash whispered.

’Yes, it would seem so. Oh, Ash, what do we do?’ Primrose looked at him with tears in her eyes. ‘What will the Elder Council do?’

’I...I don’t know,’ Ash frowned, as he looked at the twin girls.

’Do we have to tell them? You know, we could just not say,′ Primrose pleaded.

’Primrose, we can’t have two children of nature, we can’t have two Mother Natures,′ Ash explained, as he gazed mesmerised by the sleeping babies, his mind in turmoil. He needed to go to the Elder Council, Hyperion was the wisest of them all and he would have a solution. ‘We need to tell the Elder Council. This is unprecedented, only they can decide.’


Ash stepped out of the tree its glowing door dissipating as he stepped away. He walked with a somber gait through the glade to the log cabin that stood just at the edge of the clearing. This he knew would be where he would find his younger brother and king of the Autumn elves and his sister queen of the Spring elves. He walked up to the cabin and went around the side where he could hear the sound of wood being chopped.

Laran was stood, his shirt hanging from a nearby tree, as he chopped logs and threw them into a pile. The late afternoon sun highlighting his dark auburn hair as his honey toned skin glistened with sweat from his exertions. He looked up startled, his axe in mid-air when Ash appeared.

’Ash, great to see you,′ Laran put his axe down. Picking up an old rag he wiped the sweat from his face and body. ‘What can I do for you?’ Laran enquired filling a basket with fresh split logs.

‘You erm finished?’ Ash indicated the basket.

‘Yeah, just wanted enough for tonight,’ Laran answered as Ash tossed him his shirt.

’Is Anahuit about?’ Ash asked.

’Oh yes, she is inside cooking dinner, are you staying? Say you will,’ Laran pleaded.

’Yes, I will stay,’ Ash answered as he walked round to the cabin door, he pushed the door to the cabin open to find Anahuit inside dressed in traditional costume for the period. Her black hair in a plait over her shoulder, Ash shrugged and smiled.

’Ash, what news?’She asked, watching Ash’s face seeing his expression change to sadness, as his smile faded, and his mouth became a thin line.

’The baby, Is it alright?’ Anahuit asked.

’Yes, it’s fine,’ Ash managed.

’Primrose, she is alright?’

’Yes...Its twins Ana, I don’t know what to do?’

’Twins, Ash really, I’m not falling for that you idiot, be serious.’

’I am being serious, she had twins.’

’Twins, how can that be?’ Laran demanded from the door of the cabin, through which he had just entered. ’There can only be one child of nature at any one time, those were the laws that were laid down in the beginning,’ he demanded, placing his axe against the wall.

’I’m not sure, it was so long ago, I don’t really remember,’ Anahuit replied with a look of confusion.

’Well Ash, you’ve got a good memory, you must remember what we need to do,’ Laran asked.

’Well, I usually have a good memory, when I’m not drunk,’ he replied with a chuckle.

’Surely you weren’t...’ Laran asked with a mixture of shock and disgust.

’At the beginning, oh yes, completely trashed, to be fair it is all a bit of a drunken blur before 4,000BC.’

’I actually cannot believe you right now,’ Anahuit scolded him.

’What, you were no better yourself.’

’Meh, true,’ she responded.

’Enough, Andarta will remember, and Hyperion will know what to do. We need to call a gathering,’ Laran ordered.

’You’re right,’ Anahuit agreed.

’Alright, I’ll arrange it; you two stay here and keep on with your weird cabin in the woods thing you’ve got going on,’ Ash said as he walked towards the cabin door.

’Anyway, I’ll be off now, you two have fun,’ Ash said as he opened the cabin door and strode off into the early evening sun.

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