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eyr (singular),eyrs ( plural)-comparable to elves, manipulative trouble makers. forte is mind control. subordinate to fyrs.

fyr (singular), fyrs (plural)- comparable to elves and werewolves, can perform elemental, dark, and runic magic. forte is strength and endurance. superior to eyrs.

mate- a mate is the person you are fated to be with, involuntary.

qip- humanoid creatures, live in mountains, mostly found in large herds, herbivores, forte-brute strength

moon fire- the sacred fire that has been burning since the beginning of time, seemingly without fuel. believed that it would burn out if some chief is corrupt.

familiar- a part of a magician's soul in an animal, rare occurrence, the magicians and his/her familiar share a mind link.

moonchild-title given to orphans

rule of three- when you do something good or bad it will come back to you three times better or worse.

nebulae- extremely powerful creatures with enough power to equal a supernova, known to be the ancient race or the first race. forte- summoning a large amount of power from the elements.

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