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~The King Trials~

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"Destiny is an ancient calling, one that cannot be silenced or be ignored. Your destiny calls out to you, Aurora. And one day, you will be ready to answer it." *** The death of the High King's only son initiates the King Trials, demanding the eldest pureblood descendants of the Decuria. Hera Aurora is the only female among nine other Herems. She must fight not only to win for the sake of her Regnum but to prove her worth to all who undermine her because she is a woman. However, things take an unexpected turn when she attracts the eye of the Commander that is tasked to oversee the Trials. But it becomes clear that the other purebloods are not her only distraction or obstruction. The realm of Urium is rife with discord, anti-monarchist factions growing, inciting rebellion across the nine provinces. Despite it all, a greater peril looms over the realm, revealing that the King Trials are not what any of them fathom, all of them but pawns in a much larger game.

Adventure / Fantasy
A Believer
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Death Comes.

The Orese hellscape is primordial.

Bursts of black clouds collide, crimson streaks illuminate the riotous sky. Lightning flares and morphs into forks of blood red, writhing in pain. Something about the silent chaos reminds him of his fallen son.

Vilnus overlooks the dark realm from the tower of his stronghold, the hellish black structure shaped like a massive, sprawled claw. Rivulets of molten lava spill from the splay of jagged limbs, streaming into the gaping abyss.

A shadow soldier approaches him from his rear with his face fixed down. Aware of his presence, Vilnus’s back remains turned to him, his intangible, floor-length cape billows behind him, a mantle of black mist sieved with crackling sparks of fire.

He unsheathes his sword, kneeling behind him. He holds the blade before him.

“Your Eminence,” he says with a boisterous voice. “I bear good news.”

Vilnus rotates his head stiffly, barely looking at him from over his shoulder.

The soldier risks a glimpse of him. “The Dophan has perished, and his death has forced Urus to convene with the High Tribunal.”

A smile splits his face, sharpening into a lethal leer. “They will initiate the King Trials.”

“Yes, Your Reverence,” he confirms with mutual anticipation.

“And the Vulkra?”

“All is arranged,” he reassures with confidant certitude. “They will wreak destruction upon Urium.”

A deep-throated growl rumbles from Vilnus. “The High King is the cause of Urium’s destruction; destruction that will tear the realm asunder. Their arrogance has spelt their annihilation, their primitive prejudices have divided them, and so how easy they will fall.”

Fervour sets his eyes alight, flames of blood roaring. The darkened expanse overflows with Ulris forces. Battalions of black-armoured troops arranged in faultless precision, unending rows fill the spread below, lengthening as far as the eye can see, full of shadow armies.

“No, we will wait. Urium will soon plunge itself into blood and terror. Let the new Ruler rise, so that all of Urium can fall.”

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