Seperated in the World

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After a devastating plague raged across the planet, Aria and Kaitlyn find themselves in more trouble then they thought. Going across the world to rescue friends, defeating enemies, and befriending those that they thought were evil, everything seemed to changed in front of there eyes. With the sense of time running out, there first job is to find where there friends are, even if it means leaving behind what they truly hold on to.

Adventure / Fantasy
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The earth was on a brink of collapsing when the plague came. The demon plague.

It showed up out of nowhere. Suddenly, everything the human race knew became completely non-existent. The plague spread across like wildfire, bringing death and demons wherever it went.

The Demon plague was discovered to either instantly kill the person, or turn them into a demon. But, there was a slim chance that a person would survive, completely human. But that only happened to young children.

But, those young children that survived became immune to the plague, something the demons did not expect. Because of this, these children were hunted down to be experimented on. Due to this reason, the children that were left fled there homes, or even countries, to escape imprisonment.

In a the country of America, however, the surviving children created two distant groups. At one time, they both were just one group, united under a boy named Roy Meridith. But, after a misunderstanding, the group became two groups.

Nightmaria, the first group, was for those who preferred night over days, secretly going out to gather as much food, supplies, and clothing for the members. They’re usually quiet and stealthy, and see quite well in the dark.

Dayna, the group of day, is the opposite. This group was for those that liked daytime overnight, and typically very skilled in weapon making. They go out during the day, gathering metals, wood, and other resources. As well as water.

The two groups work in harmony, but don’t always get along. Because of this, the two groups elected leaders to meet to discuss the problems, typically with Roy overseeing it. Sometimes, those problems are too big for the two leaders, and so the two groups meet to hear and listen to the leaders of the groups to solve those issues.

This went on for months. But of course, they didn't stay hidden for long. Often they would have to move to new locations, losing some members while gaining new ones. Many different hiding spots, eventually discovered by demons.

Then they discovered a old warehouse in the middle of an dense forest, the building itself being three floors, the third floor hidden from any view. This is where the groups set up there homes. Nightmaria on one side, Dayna on the other.

Not very long, news reached the groups of a hidden city of human survivors was somewhere in the world, but finding a way there was a different story, as well as task. Aria, the elected leader of the Nightmaria group, wanted to try to find that city as safely as possible, contacting multiple known human survivor groups to gather information about the city. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn, the elected leader of the Dayna group, wanted to go out and find it right away.

Because of this, Roy Meredith needed a compromise, and proposed the a small group of the older members and himself will go out and try to find the city, and will keep in contact with the two groups.

Both groups, as a whole, agreed to the compromise, and Roy went out with three other members to see if they could find the city.

Weeks had passed before communication with the small group went dead, several months had passed before a couple Dayna Members stumbled upon the body of Roy Meredith, completely scratched up. The two girls hurried back just before nightfall, and reported there findings.

Aria was horrified. She cared a lot about others, and typically helped others, but when the new was broke, she became quiet, focused on just keeping the group together. very rarely would you her speak when it wasn't about business.

Kaitlyn, Aria's polar opposite, went into rage. She attacked anyone the got close to her. She couldn't help it either. She was extremely upset, for she looked up to Roy. His loss was worse then the loss of her family, which told a lot about herself that day.

After that, the two groups ceased to communicate, very rarely talking to each other. The only two the would talk was Kaitlyn and Aria, the leaders of the groups, simply because they both did not want to lose there relationship, despite being rude to each other.

But soon, they would be discovered by the Corta, a group of demons bent on getting them as test subjects. And soon, they will go through the toughest test of all.

The test of survival.

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