The horses human sister

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There is a girl named Emily and she is the youngest and her biggest dream is to have her own horse sence her family runs a farm and she has been very jealous because her big sister Olivia and her big brother Jack has there own horse. but they all live in a big country.

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chapter 1 The closer there family

Once upon a time there was a happy living family. They run a farm with horses cows chickens and lots of other animals. A girl named Emily had always been very jealous because her big sister Olivia and her big brother Jack they both have a horse jacks horses name is Pobalo and Olivias horses name is Marshmello because it was white. Emily always wanted a horse. It was her biggest dream. Once it was night time Emily went to go to the bathroom and she went to brush her teeth and to brush her hair. But then Emily saw a butifull black and brown horse so Emily went to go and tell her big sister but she said'' go lay down'' and then she told her brother and he said '' yeah right''. So Emily ran down stairs into the kitchen and grabbed a flash light and tippie toad out to the front door so she could'nt be heard. Then when Emily walked out to the front porch she walked to the horse carfully and the horse was still but it wasn't still for much longer when Emily tripped over a huge stick and the flash light dropped and the light shined through the window and the light was so bright that it woke up Emilys mom. Then when Emilys mom woke up from the bright dim light she got up and looked out the window to see what was going on and then she saw Emily with a horse out front so then Emilys mom ran out the door and saw the horse then Emily asked her mom if she can keep the horse and her mom said yes. So then the next day eveyone woke up Emily did her mornig stuff then went down for breakfest. When she went down to the kitchen she said ''morning mom morning dad'' and they reasponded good morning hun. So after breakfest Emily went out to ride her horse but before she got on the horse she wanted to name the horse so she named her Rocko. after a few days Emily tought rocko some tricks and how to let Emily ride her. After 2 months Rocko and Emily were like sisters and they would sometimes share the same food and even play with eachother all day and everyday so when school started Emily would see Rocko after school but in art class Emily would always think about Rocko and even draw pictures of Rocko. but at night Emily would sing a song for Rocko. ''Hush my sister u are always their when i need you maybe some times i think about you and miss you but that doesnt mean ill leave you''. Then the next morning Emily went to go and say good morning to Rocko nut she wasnt anyware so the Emily asked her mom ware is Rocko and her mother said ''she is getting stiches on her foot''. And Emily asked ''why'' and her mom said ''there was a bad storm last night and the railing flew over and hit her foot so''. Then after 2 days Rocko came home and Emily RAN to her and then hugged her and some how the horse wasnt in pain no more.And they lived happely ever after.
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