Dreaming of Becoming One

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Valerie, is a girl who has a lot of dreams. Dreams that she wants to accomplish. But, during the summer break, she changed her mind. She wants to focus on “that” dream that she really want to pursue because it is her dad’s dream that became her dream too. Let’s find out what will happen to her journey. #NonFiction #Dreams #Goals #Accomplishments #Novel

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DoBC - Prologue

When I was a kid, I dreamt of becoming a veterinarian since I have a dog. My dog’s name is Maya, an aspin. Whenever she sees me, she’s starting to wiggle her tail and barks at me. Another reason why I want to become a veterinarian is because I want to protect her, take good care of her, and to make her stay by my side until my last breath. But of course, we all know that she have a shorter life span than us, humans.

That was just an childish dream, others say. But of course, I believe in myself that I can really become one. Not until, I was beaten by a cat. The cat was owned by my auntie ever since. It was like this, I was eating with my grandfather, when the cat scratched my legs and then, afterwards she jumped at me until she reached my lap, ready to attack me. It was such a relief when my grandfather remove the cat from my lap.

That was the reason why I have a phobia with my animals, and I also changed my mind. I don’t wanna be a veterinarian anymore.


I am done with my first task, thank God.

Hello everyone, I am Valerie Ann, a first year student of Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Your future media practitioner and your future soldier.


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