I Have My Ways

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She struggles to archive her dreams as a complete tourist but has a lot of boundaries before her. Her past is evidence of her presence when the man she hated comes back to her life with a triumph of revenge. Her friends help hand in gloves to put him down as they struggle with their challenges of life. So many incidents start opening her wounds after discovering her parent's secret and a supposed stranger she didn't expect to fall in love with. How could she bear the weight and gravity produced from her side alongside that of her best friends? Can love save her? Will this be the end of her journey or the beginning of a new life with her dream career?

Adventure / Romance
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That's how I work

BrithneyWimpbell POV



<< Shit! >> I cursed in my mind while waking up.

Twisting my face displeased of the sudden loud sound waking me up this early, I sent my hand to turn off my Alarm.

<< I barely have rest due to my tight schedules. And now that I really need sleep, this damn Alarm spoils everything! >> I said to myself

Looking around, I realizeit is dawn.

Due to the reflection of the sun through my window to my entire room, my iris automatically contracts coursing me to crook my eyes trying to control its brightness from penetrating.

Laying with my back against my bed, I sigh exhaustively at the thought of the truck of work that will be set before me at my job site.

<< Could you ever imagine having dreams and always lived to see yourself in it but end up doing something else which is not an inch related or matched up to what you wished for?

Well, that is exactly where I land. On an island with no planes, ships, or birds to come to rescue me.

I have been working in my present job for 3years now, and will soon quit because I have invested enough and need to start pursuing my own dream as a tourist.

It is time I rise and make a move. I have always loved being a tourist. That is my passion.

I have written down all these in my diary which I have had for 10years now.

Though my friends say I am old enough to keep things like this, it does not move me as I write the more with pleasure.

The only difference between me and a teenager is that I do not write about love affairs.

I never had a record for such because it has always been a torn to my flesh.

I look forward to being an independent woman. Not being bound by “Love”, Kids, marriage, and all the like.

But I do believe Love exists for some people and I respect that.

What I do not believe is if it exists for everyone. If so, why do some people have marital issues till they get old?

Why would people give themself to someone who will throw him/her away later?

Why would people have to marry someone if that person could easily divorce them someday?

Why would people say I love you now and later say, I have never loved you?

Why would people say for better and for worse but at the day end, they give up?

These unanswered questions are proofs love is not for everyone.

I am social and very confidential. Not that I am perfect, but people confide in me about their personal life.

Sometimes I wonder why people do not get to mind their business.

Is it because of frustration or they look to be noticed?

It is quite unfortunate that the people the back bite about are the ones being noticed.

I say this because so many people come to me with questions like “Are you a lesbian?“, “Do you have kids?“, “Are you divorced?“, “Did you drop school and why?“, “Are you ok? I heard your parents drove you from their home” etc.

Yes, my parents drove me from the house when I was 19years old.

They wanted me to do what they like. They did not allow me to choose my career.

And that is the main reason I found myself not completing school at the university level and doing the most annoying job on earth.

Some people including my colleagues say they love their job. But sincerely, the opposite is true.

They just say that to stop people from gossiping and calling them names for being failures in life.

I am not going to play that game with anyone.

I HATE my job and dislike my boss. He is a big clown that disgusts me.

Whenever I get to work, I make sure to keep my maximum silence. That is, I try not to take part in any form of discussion. Except with clients online.

He keeps coming towards me with lust attention and a mischievous smile.

Trust me you will not like being or having conversations with such a person. Even if the business is involved.

Every time I see him coming towards my side, I make sure I get myself busy with anything I see around. Even if it takes me faking a phone call.

He is one of the main reasons I dislike my job.

I live in New York City. It is an excessively big and busy place as all know.

The only time I could really enjoy it is beauty peacefully without any business calls or mad Boss getting me on my nerves is at night after work.

I always go out with my girls (Katty, Apriva, and Ciara) to a party or watch a newly released film, or just go to the park and watch some crazy kids playing around or how their parents handle their psychology.

Especially when a child causes scandals. Damn! That usually annoys me to the ridge.

My friends and I have different goals and we respect that.

Katty is currently in a relationship so, we may be losing her soon and that’s so heartbreaking.

She is always the one having places to bring us after work, organizing parties, and all sorts of lively gatherings. You can name them.

Oh! Another day is up. I should get on my knees and thank God for the morning for at least a minute. >>

Rising from the bed, I kneeled and prayed.

After two minutes passed, I rose and went to take tidy my home and make myself some breakfast before heading to the bathroom to take my bath.

After 15minutes, I was done.. getting out of the shower bath, I received a phone call.

Moving closer to my phone, I found out it was an unknown number.

Furrowing my brows, I cut the call instantly.

<< I am not a fan of strange numbers. Some people will say “Why don’t you just pick it. It could be especially important“.

I agree with that but, except I am expecting a call from someone I know and, having gotten his/her number or, I applied for a job somewhere and expect feedback, I will not answer an unknown identity.

If that person is unknown and I expect a call from him/her, that person must have gotten my e-mail as well.

I do not give people my number without giving out my e-mail. That is how I work.

So, if this unknown number cannot reach me through my line directly, he/she will e-mail me for sure. >>


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