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What will happen when the Alpha of the world's second strongest pack finds out that his mate is the Alpha of the World's strongest pack? Also his whole family is somehow attached to her. And he finds her suspicious, will he accept her with her deep secrets? Let's find out with this story! (Okay.. It was shitty I accept it. But it's my first time and I'm not very experienced so.. Sorry. But please give it a try.)

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Damian pov

I slumped heavily on the bed, my body glazed with sweat, and closed my eyes. I felt manicured fingers on my chest which were slowly traveling toward my face. I caught her hands and threw her on the floor. She shrieked and fell with a thud. “Damian! How can you do this to me?“, she screeched in her high-pitched voice. I scrunched my nose, can’t this girl understand that we have enhanced hearing? Does she need to shout every time talking to me? “Damian? Are you even listening to me? I’m your mate. How can you do this to me?”
Huh? Mate? Where did this come from?
I sighed heavily and pinched my nose. I got up from my position and sat up straight. “It’s Alpha to you, Linda! And when did I say that you are my mate? You are nothing but a slut who fulfills my needs.“, I said with my best poker face. At listening this tears began to gather in her eyes and she started to cry. “You asshole! You jerk! You manwhore! How dare you say this to me?“, she said. Huh? Manwhore? And what was she? Saint? “Enough” I boomed, “Get the fuck out of here before I snap your pathetic excuse of a neck.” She practically bolted out of the room. I sighed. Why can’t these girls believe that they aren’t my mate? I’m waiting for my mate for the past 12 years but I never found her. It frustrates me. These girls are a good fuck but they can’t be my Luna. I’m the Alpha of Blood Moon Pack the second strongest pack in the world. I need a mate who can be a strong Luna to the pack and a loving mate to me. I don’t need this trash. I sighed again and glanced at the clock on the side table. 11:00 pm. I need to sleep. I got up from the bed, even though sleeping sounded tempting right now, I need to wash the dirty slut off of me. I mind-linked an omega to come and clean my sheets and stepped in the shower. I took a nice hot shower and came out. My bed was smelling of fresh sheets now. I dropped the towel, locked the door, and got lost in my deep slumber.

The next day I woke up to my alarm. I sighed and got up. I went for a run to my favorite place in the pack it was a cliff that overlooked the entire pack and forest. As I was running I heard a crunch behind me there was no need to even see I knew it was my brothers Daniel and Darren. “Hey, bro! You woke up early today?“, asked Darren. “I didn’t wake up early big boy, you’re late today.“, I said with a smirk. “Smartass”, he commented. I just chuckled. “I didn’t even want to come today. This guy here practically dragged me from my bed.“, he said. I raised my brow at Daniel. He shook his head in amusement and said, “Running will make muscles pretty boy, playing games the whole night will not.”
Darren huffed at this but didn’t say anything. They were always like this. “Why didn’t you wake me up?“, came Dael’s voice from behind. We all stopped and turned around to look at her. Dael was our younger sister who was 20 years old. “You were sleeping soundly I didn’t want to wake you up.“, Daniel said.
“Never mind, I got up on my own.“, she said catching up to us. “This is so unfair! Even I was sleeping soundly. Why did you wake me up then?”
“Because you snore like a pig.“, Dael replied smirking. Daniel smirked.

“What are you, five?” I said looking at both of them. “I’ll go now. I love you, Dame. Catch up to me if you can Lazy ass.“, Dael said running fast into the woods. Darren chuckled and went running after her.
“I saw Linda coming out of your room yesterday.“, Daniel said when we were alone. No. Not this topic again. “Why? You need a release?“, I asked instead of giving him desired answer. He shook his head and said nothing. I’m thankful that he said nothing. Because he is right. I know whoring around will take me nowhere. We completed our run silently after that.

“Damian, Daniel”, came the voices of my siblings as soon as we stepped our foot inside the house. I and Daniel were tackled to the ground by the two devils. “Woah there devils. Do you need to do this every single day?“, I said. They started laughing. Dean and Diana were my youngest siblings they were twins and as I said, devils. “Why do you guys always leave me in their mercy?“, came Daisy’s voice. I picked Dean from my torso and got up. “What happened?“, I asked. “Like you all don’t know. They’re difficult to handle.“, she said frowning. Daniel picked up Diana from his torso and placed her on his shoulders. My baby sister started giggling at that. I smiled. “I’m sorry baby. But you know that we need to go for a morning run.“, he said placing Diana down. Daniel was known as a cold-blooded wolf but when it came to our younger siblings he was as soft as cotton maybe? I can’t imagine him to something soft. He is a man after all.

Daisy frowned again but sighed. “I know. Leave it it’s okay.“, she said. I smiled and picked her up. “Hey! I’m fourteen no longer a baby.“, she shrieked. “You’ll always be a baby to us, darling,” I said and continued my way to the dining room where the twins were already sitting on the chairs waiting for breakfast. I chuckled at them. “So.. What do you want for breakfast?” I asked. “Chocolate pancakes”
“Chocolate waffles.“, both of them shouted at the same time. “Waffles” “Pancake” “Waffles” “Pancake”.
“Enough both of you. Are we doing this again? No, seriously it happens every day.“, Darren said entering the room. “He/ she started it”, both of them accused each other at the same time. “We’ll make both.“, Daniel declared entering the kitchen.

We all like pancakes it’s only Diana who doesn’t like them. She likes waffles like our mom. It’s not that we don't like waffles. But somehow, pancakes are better. I shook my head and joined Daniel in the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

As we were having our breakfast John came in. “Hey man!“, he said looking at me “Alpha”, he said looking at Daniel. I chuckled. John was my beta and my best friend. I was the Alpha of the pack but he only called me Alpha when something official was going on. But nobody in the pack dared to call Daniel by his name. Well, no one but his best friend. It was his reputation. He is also known as the Blood Alpha. People think that he is ruthless and stone-hearted. But he has just made this image to intimidate people. He is a bit cold but not heartless. He can give everything to the people he loves.

“Hey John.“, I said. Daniel just nodded his head to acknowledge him. “What’s up?” I asked. He showed me an envelope. “What is it?” I asked as I took it from his hands. “Invitation to the Annual Charity Gala.“, he said. “Oh! Of course.” I scoffed.

The Annual Charity Gala was held every year at different places. This time it was in New York. It was the same shit every time. Alphas, betas, and deltas of packs all over the world came and flaunted their wealth. It was just a waste of time. But it was mandatory to go, so we had to go even if we didn’t want to.

“The same shit.“, Darren said. “No, it’s different this time,” John said. “What’s different?“, Daniel asked calmly from his seat. “I heard that The Alpha of The Thunder Moon Pack is also coming this year,” John said.

Alpha of the Thunder moon? Thunder Moon was the strongest pack in the world. Even if us Alphas needed to attend the gala this one Alpha never appeared in this event. Only the Beta Antony Benson and his beta female and Delta Rick Matthews and his Delta female and some of their head warriors came. How do I remember their names? Well, they were only the ones who didn’t flaunt their wealth. Why? Because they didn’t need to do that. Everyone knows how rich the Thunder Moon pack is. People even say that they eat food on golden plates. Huh. Stupid people. Actually whatever people I’ve seen from Thunder Moon are all very practical and elegant. They’re... I can’t describe them they have this different aura around them that I can’t practically put my finger on. Their Alpha must be someone interesting to see.

“He’s coming this year?” I asked raising a brow. “Yeah, and I heard it's she not he,” he said. She? It’s becoming more and more interesting. A Female Alpha whose pack is the world’s strongest pack. Wow! Female Alphas were rare but not impossible. There were some packs that had Female Alphas. But, some of them got defeated and some of them made their mates the Alpha.

" She doesn’t have a mate? How come she is still the Alpha?“, Daniel asked.
“No Alpha. She didn’t find her mate until now. Rumors are that she is attending the gala to find her mate.“, John replied.
I nodded. “Okay. It will be something interesting to see this year then.” I said.
Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

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