Inherited Extinction 2 Aaron

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Aaron had no expectations kept in a facility by Gen-Corp since he was fourteen he had no dreams of being free. The events that his brother set in place was going to change that and it might cost Aaron his life. A chance encounter though with a girl called Rita builds a friend ship he has been denied his whole life. Aaron is being hunted because he is the key to saving humanity and all tribe have to do is keep him alive long enough to fulfil his destiny.

Adventure / Romance
Claire Booth
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Chapter one

Today I am in Gen-Corps main medical centre it is part of the building I spend most of my time in. It is alright here I suppose, although I am alone. Which I mean to say I am not always alone. I was moved here when I was fourteen just after my brother died. We get sick like all the time and normally we can shake it off but not that time he died, and I was moved here.

I am an Adam one of a few thousand scattered in various locations carefully bred to keep the Human population from extinction. To be honest I think that is inevitable. I am not an ordinary Adam, oh no. I unlike the rest of the population can make baby boys. If matched to the right girl. The reason I am here is because besides the baby thing I am also immune to the contaminant that is hastening the human race to extinction.

So here I am a seventeen-year-old perfect male specimen. Just shy of six feet lightly muscled in all the right places. Perfect features set of by bright blue eyes and a mop of unruly or slightly tousled blonde hair depending on how you view these things. They panicked when he died my identical twin brother and shipped me here.

Cleaner, safer, they said. Then I met her. Worried I would be lonely, socially inept or some such tale they told me. She came. She isn’t like me she is a natural born. Oh, don’t get me wrong she is far from ordinary. Long auburn hair and intelligent blue eyes she has genius level intellect. Her education tailored to her taking over running part of the biggest company on the planet.

I wouldn’t say I love her, but I would be a liar if I didn’t say I enjoyed her company.

A companion they said at the time and for the most part that was true. Now though…now it is a whole lot more.

She doesn’t stay for long, which is a relief as her nocturnal activities can be a lot to cope with. A part of me feels slightly violated. The other part misses her when she isn’t here.

I am currently laid on my back on a bed in a hospital type room. I am not alone two doctors are stood in the room watching me and talking. Apparently, they’re my personal doctors, the tall skinny one is Patricia she is a beaky looking woman in her forties her grey brown hair is always up in a bun and there is nothing friendly about her, she is cold and clinical. Her colleague is a mousey looking woman called Deborah who rarely speaks and views me as an inconvenient problem that often annoys and doesn’t give the results she requires and right now I am being particularly annoying.

‘How are the results then girls,’ I smile cheekily and they both blush.

‘Well, if we can stabilise your antibodies, we may be able to culture a vaccine that we could use, but that is proving difficult,’ Patricia frowns and studies her notes.

I am special apparently, as I am immune to the contaminant. They are currently giving it to me and then taking blood samples in the hope they can culture a vaccine and eventually a cure. That is fine! I don’t mind that, if I can help cure this world, why not. The downside is every time they do that it makes me really sick, and I don’t know how long I can cope with it all.

They also believe my brother is alive and hidden somewhere. They think they need both of us that he has something I am missing, so you need both of us to make the cure.

‘So, not found my brother yet then,’ I smirk as I throw my tennis ball at the wall and catch it, I know it annoys them, but I don’t care. I would tell them he is dead, but I know they don’t believe that.

‘That information is classified, and you know it,’ Deborah rebukes me and I stop throwing my ball for a second to scowl at her.

‘Can this be my last day, girls,’ I ask, I ask this every day and I already know the answer, but I still ask.

‘No, we want to run a few more tests,’ Deborah informs me in her clinical way. They always have a few more tests.

‘Look at these results, his weight has plummeted and he isn’t eating, if this keeps up I want him moved so that he can be force fed,’ Patricia tuts and I hear the rustle of paper as she examines my notes, as I scowl at her, I don’t like that idea.

‘Hmm, perhaps,’ the rattle of the trolley and the door swishing open indicates the girl that brings my meals has arrived.

‘You could just let me be, you know give me a day off,’ I retort and stop throwing my ball, I turn over and get comfortable. I am so tired; I don’t know what they are giving me, but I am always exhausted.

‘Hi, Aaron, ready for lunch, you must be you didn’t eat your breakfast,’ she sits on my bed, she always does, and, in a minute, she will touch me, I usually growl at her but today I can’t be bothered.

‘That was breakfast, jeez I thought you were getting me a pet and that was its dinner,’ I grin and then go back to ignoring her, throwing my ball against the wall.

‘Yeah, yeah, very funny, I see you are your normal happy self.’

‘Always,’ is my answer with a smirk pulling at my lips, obviously looking her over.

Her white coat is open revealing her shirt and jeans; she rarely dresses in anything that isn’t casual. The look suits her, with her slim figure and short hair it accentuates her cheeky look. Her mouth is turned up in a cheery smile and her eyes dart over me taking in every detail. Despite her ditsy appearance she is highly intelligent and shouldn’t be underestimated. She pats my shoulder like a naughty child and turns her attention to the doctors.

‘Hello doctors, going to stick more needles in him?’ She raises a perfectly shaped brow that gives her a slight pixie look. I think I would like her if circumstances were different.

‘No, Naomi, we are not, we want to know why he isn’t eating,’ Patricia answers her tone annoyed and sulky at the same time. I can’t help myself and smile.

‘Oh, that’s easy, he’s depressed,’ Naomi answers in her happy cheerful voice. Stroking my face with her fingers, I bat her hand away and scowl at her.

‘Yeah, I am so depressed, can I have some happy pills,’ I drawl and Naomi scowls at me this time, so I smile sweetly back.

‘Ah, yes prescribe him some tablets,’ Patricia answers in her dead flat voice, she doesn’t view me as a person, just her latest project. I let out an audible sigh and go back to throwing my ball.

‘What no,’ Naomi glares at them and me. ‘I thought you were meant to be clever,’ she huffs, a frown wrinkling her perfect brows.

‘Well I am, but I can’t answer for you girls,’ I remark flippantly causing the doctors to glare at me.

‘We are clever, how else do we make him better if we can’t give him medication,’ the tall scientist frowns, marring her perfect features. She looks at me and a look of annoyance settles on her face.

‘Give him back his freedom, show him the garden, let him go outside,’ Naomi glares at the two doctors. Oh, way to go Naomi.

‘We can’t do that, he will run away,’ Deborah answers as she studies me. I sigh, run away, I haven’t the energy to walk away, let alone run.

‘Don’t be daft, where would he go, there is nothing outside the fence,’ a laugh escaping Naomi’s mouth. ‘Besides, you can just give him his own bodyguard,’ I perk up at this, it sounds like they might let me outside.

‘Please let me out, I promise to eat my lunch,’ I beg, hey I’m not proud. I stop throwing my ball and sit up straight looking at them all.

‘She has a point, there is nowhere for him to go maybe it would be better,’ Patricia runs her finger along her bottom lip as she gazes at me dispassionately, totally ignoring my pleas.

‘Yes, the last batch failed, we are missing something important, maybe we should see if he can do it naturally as we can’t do it artificially, as soon as we take his sample it degrades at an alarming rate. I am beginning to believe we can only use him if he inseminates naturally,’ She looks at me her finger tapping her chin a sour expression on her face, which is directed at me. ‘Doctor Echo’s notes are so incomplete, until we get a live result I can’t compare,’ the two scientists turn and leave the room talking about their failed experiments; I shudder as I know what they are referring too. I go back to throwing my ball against the wall.

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