Inherited Extinction 2 Aaron

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Chapter Thirteen

I am currently stood in the stable. My hand on Milton my horse his nose velvet soft. He snuffles my hand looking for another carrot. My thoughts are on Rita and what we did. Somehow, I know I shouldn’t have done that with Rita, that there will be consequences. With a sigh I lean my head against Milton inhaling his scent. She bought him for me and taught me to ride.

I enjoyed our days together. They were fun and She was fun to be with. The anxious air about her seemed to go and it didn’t feel like she was teaching me to survive without her. I was well aware that she wasn’t going to stay, that I was being trained for something that wouldn’t involve her. ‘Where are we going?’ I bite my lip as nerves and indecision flood me.

‘Home, my home and it will be your home,’ she grins at me.

‘But we don’t have Andrea,’

‘I will keep you safe I promise,’ her hands clutch my face, so I have to look at her. Andrea left earlier that morning promising to meet up with us in the capital. ‘I have a plan,’ she says smugly.

‘You do?’ surprise, I am sure is written all over my face.

‘Yes of course I do,’ she chuckles, and a small smile pulls at my features.

‘Good because I don’t,’ she snorts at that in a very unlady like way and my smile expands.

‘Now help me with the horses. Then get changed,’ she throws my riding boots and jodhpurs at me.

This feels like flying as we gallop across the countryside. Horse riding is something I excel at and thoroughly enjoy. The wind in my hair blowing in my face. The feeling of this magnificent animal beneath me. I have no idea where we are going but I trust Rita to keep me safe. We finally slow and Rita comes alongside me.

‘Village up ahead it is mostly abandoned but we can overnight there and rest the horses okay,’ her pale eyes rake over me as a smile twitches her lips.

‘Where are we going?’

‘To find the Gypsies,’ she grins at the look on my face, I guess. As it must be registering the shock her words filled me with.

‘Why are we finding the gypsies?’ Don’t get me wrong I am utterly fascinated with the gypsie’s having only read about them in books.

‘It is far to dangerous to travel alone through Europe. They will keep you safe and if you do get sick, they will know how to care for you. I will get you to Tribe I promise,’ her voice is so sincere I smile.

‘I know you will Rita I trust you,’ her beaming smile is reward enough. I do trust her, and I reckon between the two of us we could get to this place called Tribe.

The house is run down but intact enough. The horses are in an equally dishevelled barn, but it will do. Sniffing the air my nose wrinkles at the musty smell. Mould is growing up the walls that can no longer keep the damp Scottish weather out. Following Rita up the stairs she has organised a room we can sleep in. she has a fire going in the grate and now it is warm it doesn’t seem so bad.

‘Here,’ Rita hands me a sandwich as I sit cross legged next to her. Rummaging in my bag I pass her a bottle of water.

‘Do you know where they are?’

‘Yes roughly,’

‘Roughly!’ Oh, so not sure about this.

‘A day’s ride if we don’t run into any trouble,’

‘Trouble what sort of trouble?’

‘The desperate kind of trouble you are very valuable,’

‘Oh,’ swigging my water.

‘Right I want an early start, so I suggest we sleep now and start again at dawn,’ Rita has already unpacked our bedding looking at it I realise we will be sleeping together again.

‘Your horsemanship is excellent,’ Rita murmurs as we lay snuggled up to each other.

‘Andrea thought it would be useful and I like horses and animals in general,’ Rita is snuggled into my front it is quite nice. ‘Rita have you been to Tribe?’

‘Yes, I come from there,’ she turns I can see the light reflected from her eyes. Reaching up she brushes my hair from my eyes. ‘You are so beautiful,’ I snort.

‘Yeah even though I look like a girl,’

‘No, you don’t,’ she mutters her lips brush mine so soft I close my eyes to savour the sensation.

‘You are my match. Will we be expected to breed,’ my voice barely above a whisper?

‘Does that frighten you?’



‘I would have to meet people talk to them be…intimate,’

‘You managed that with me?’ her body is pressed against mine and it feels nice, soft, natural.

‘I…you are different you are my friend…you have no expectations from me,’ she chuckles. ‘You sort of forced me to be your friend,’ I smile.

‘I did no such thing,’ her indignation is amusing.

‘Yeah you did, you were everywhere I had a choice either complain to Naomi or accept you into my life,’ I chuckle.

‘Well I take offence to that and now I am stuck with you,’ she grumbles but I can hear the smile in her voice.

‘I think it is me that is stuck with you,’ leaning forward I plant a kiss on her lips. My eyes widen as she kisses me back pushing her tongue into my mouth making a small growl in her throat as she pulls me closer her leg hooking around mine. My hands drift under her top feeling her ribs and the indentation of her waist. My belly seems to coil in anticipation as she rubs against my groin and I can feel my excitement. ‘Rita,’ I manage to gasp.

‘Hush Aaron and enjoy,’ she answers as she kisses her way down. We lay a sweaty mess.

‘Rita we shouldn’t have done that,’ I mutter almost incoherent.

‘Was it nice?’ her voice soft as she tucks her body into mine.

‘Yes, amazing. Nothing like…well with her,’ I hear her chuckle.

‘Did you love her?’

‘No…I don’t think so. We were both lonely I suppose. She was fun, clever and she was a little like you,’

‘How,’ I smile at the indignation wrapped around that one word.

‘She had no expectations. All she required was my company when she was home,’ I shrug finding it hard to explain.

‘Have we made a baby?’ I ask hesitant. She scrambles up to look at me. ‘We are compatible, and you are my match after all,’

‘What no. Aaron do you know how babies are made?’

‘No not really,’ I confess. ‘In a lab in a test tube, I think. Hence the milking,’

‘What about the natural way?’

‘I…no not really. I do know it is illegal to have a baby without Gen-Corps permission and you have to go to one of their centres,’ Why would I know this it isn’t required for me to have this knowledge. I grumble as I try to get comfortable annoyed that she thinks I am stupid.

‘Go to sleep Aaron,’ she leans down and kisses me.

‘I would like to give you a baby,’ I mutter sleepily.

‘I would like you too as well,’ she replies snuggling into me.

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