Inherited Extinction 2 Aaron

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Chapter Two

‘Aaron, honey, you have to eat?’ Naomi puts her hand on my shoulder, and I flinch. She frowns and takes my wrist and takes my pulse, making me drop my ball, she picks it up and hands it to me, peering at me with her brown eyes as she does so. I feel bad about being horrible to her, as she tries her hardest to make it all bearable and sometimes, I get the impression she doesn’t approve of any of this.

‘What, yeah whatever,’ shuffle up the bed getting comfortable so I can throw my ball again, effectively dismissing her. She ignores my blatant rudeness.

‘Thom is right you are a right moody git,’ she smooths her coat and pulls her shirt down about to flounce out.

‘Wait, how do you know Thom?’ I sit up and narrow my eyes at her as she turns to look at me.

‘Of course, I know Thom. You didn’t honestly think he would let you be in here without someone watching you, making sure they don’t terminate you, by accident,’ she glares at me and then moves to the door, stopping she looks back at me. ‘You need to start eating again, Aaron,’ I settle back against my pillows and think about what she said.

‘Why should I, they are never going to let me out of here so what is the point,’ I glare at her and feel satisfaction when she flinches slightly.

‘Because,’ she steps nearer. ‘Thom has found him,’ her smile can only be described as triumphant and I think I hate her that little bit more.

‘Who has Thom found,’ I say this slowly and clearly so there can be no mistake.

‘Your brother,’ she puts her hand up pressing against my chest, stopping me leaping out of bed. ‘There is one small problem and you are not going to like the solution.’

‘Tell me now,’ pushing her hand off me as I lean up.

‘He escaped, ran away, looking for you apparently,’ she sounds annoyed and amazed at the same time. I for my part can’t help the chuckle that escapes my lips. ‘It isn’t funny,’ she is indignant now and I find that even more amusing.

‘So where is he now?’ I ask around my chuckles.

‘Um…well, that’s the thing not entirely sure,’

‘So, what’s the plan what do you need me for?’ I gaze at her with an intensity that makes her blush and elicits a smile from me. ‘He is in trouble, isn’t he?’ I raise a brow as her blush deepens.

‘Well Thom has an intelligence report that indicates this particular group have been looking for Echo children. Looking for him.’

‘So, what do you need me for?’

‘Thom wants to use you as a distraction,’ raising my brows in surprise at this suggestion. ‘Give him time to locate your brother and keep him safe,’

‘Um, how?’

‘Thom is going to leak information to them. Reveal you are here and hopefully they will attack this facility.’

‘That’s crazy, what if you get hurt. What if I get hurt?’

‘Oh, you care,’ she ruffles my hair in a very annoying fashion, and I push her away.

‘What does She think?’

‘Thom hasn’t told her!’ Naomi looks away so she doesn’t see the incredulous look on my face.

‘Bloody hell,’ I mutter.

‘So, eat your dinner and I will get permission for you to go outside, you need to be strong Aaron, if this idiot plan is to work.’

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