Inherited Extinction 2 Aaron

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Chapter Twenty

It had been days now and I had tried so hard to keep myself and him alive. I am losing that battle. The infection in my wound was inevitable as I couldn’t get all the shot out. Milking the cows was impossible now so I was running out of milk for baby not that it was the right milk.

The sound of horses clattering into the yard frightened me, but I couldn’t do much about it I just hoped it would be quick. As the voices rang out through the house. I gave into the pain.

‘Search the house they must be here somewhere,’

‘Florence, we found two graves freshly dug in the meadow,’

‘No, please,’ Florence looks around at the mess evidence I am there. She picks up an empty bottle with a frown.

‘Florence there is a dead boy and a new-born baby in the bedroom,’

‘What…there is a what and a what in the what?’

‘A dead boy and a new-born baby in the bedroom,’

‘Are you sure he is dead? And where the hell did a new-born baby come from? Where is the toddler?’

‘He looks pretty dead, as in he doesn’t look very alive. Gunshot wound in his side, looks a mess infection probably killed him. The baby is very much alive. Oh, oh that’s nasty.’

‘What the hell happened here,’ I crack an eye open as the girl whose voice I heard bends down and feels for my pulse.

‘Leave me. Save him please,’ I mumble.

‘Not happening fella,’ she scoops me up. ‘Good grief where have you been to be in this state,’


‘Well I suggest you don’t go there again,’

‘Very funny,’ I manage as I pass out.

‘Naomi, I need you here now. Hello sweetie,’ she smiles at the baby. ‘I wish you could talk where is your mummy hmm,’

‘Dead,’ I mumble she turns toward me. ‘At last you are awake,’ she smiles.

‘Florence,’ the feeling of relief is overwhelming.

‘Aaron what happened we got reports of vigilantes in the area came to warn you all.’

‘Yeah well they found me and killed my wife and family,’

‘Who found you?’

‘Bikers, they killed Rita and Sara. Took Charlie,’ the effort to speak to much and I pass out again.

I can feel wind on my face I am in something moving rapidly, and someone is talking to me, I concentrate as the noise forms into words.

‘Aaron come on you need to wake up now,’ Naomi, who is she, do I trust her, she isn’t just a doctor, does Florence know? Is Florence what she seems? Yes, I need to wake up, but I can’t?

‘Who did this?’

‘Why do this, is the question you should be asking,’

I would have smiled if I could. Everything fades again and I sink into the darkness.

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