Inherited Extinction 2 Aaron

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Chapter Twenty One

I lay in the hospital and I know I am in trouble. They have no idea what I am and everything they give me is making me worse. The sound of Florences voice is such a relief I want to cry, in fact I am not sure I didn’t cry, just a little bit, silently.

‘I am so sorry Aaron. This should never have happened,’ she strokes my face as she talks to me. ‘I need to find someone, I have a friend she will know what to do, just hang in there,’ I hear the door swish open and someone else steps into the room.

‘Who are you and what are you doing?’ They demand and I recognise the voice but just can’t place it.

‘Oh, thank god, he is dying the wound in his side is infected and we don’t know what to give him?’

‘Calm down Florence, I am here now,’ the movement of air indicates they are moving around my room I don’t open my eyes, but I can hear baby crying. The door swishes again.

‘Oh, who is this little person,’ Naomi cooed.

‘It is his, but I don’t know if it will survive,’ Florence’s voice is resigned to the inevitable.

‘Oh, Florence trust me if he is like the other one, he will pull through now here feed that child,’


‘Now what are they giving him the standard medicines, what he needs is a saline solution to flush his system,’ I open my eyes to see Doctor Naomi going through some cabinets, finally finding what she is looking for she walks back to the bed I am laid in.

‘Right this should do it,’ she removes the bag currently attached to the line going into my arm and replaces it with the one in her hand. She then pulls down the sheet and rolls me on my side I can see Florence feeding the baby. It distracts me momentarily as Naomi pulls the bandage free, I cry out.

‘Sorry honey nearly done,’ She cleans the wound and I groan in pain.

‘Will he get better now?’ Florence asks and I hear her voice hitch slightly.

‘Yes, he should feel a lot better soon,’ Naomi answers as the door swishes open again and someone else enters the room.

‘Who are you? You are not authorised to be in here, what are you doing?’ the new person demands.

‘Saving him, you don’t know what he is do you, he is an Echo child his body will purge anything you give him you idiots,’ Naomi snarls. I feel a scratch on my hand and try to pull away.

’It’s okay Aaron this will help, just a sedative; you will start to feel better. Naomi talks to me while holding my hand but whatever she just gave me is making me sleepy and I can’t stay awake any longer.

I wake feeling a bit better, I won’t lie I still didn’t feel brilliant. I am surprised to see Naomi sat by my bed holding baby.

‘Hi,’ I whisper, and she smiles at me and climbs to her feet. She steps to my bed and takes my wrist and feels for my pulse, she smiles.

To start with I felt better slowly recovering. The saline solution Naomi gave me washed out the drugs the medical staff gave me. It didn’t last as my body now has to purge the contraception drug that killed off the men made the girls infertile and almost destroyed the dominant species on this planet.

I am curled in a ball drenched in sweat and shivering; my body is shutting down no longer able to cope with the strain it has been put under. The vaccine is in everything, what I drink and eat and eventually my body has to purge it, just too much for my body to cope with, this is worse than when I was young, just so tired now. Maybe I will join Rita.

‘He is really sick, again,’ Florence worried voice drifts around me. ‘Is this a normal reaction for him?’ I feel the bed dip.

‘Yes, it’s a form of anaphylactic shock, his body is amazing, he can purge the vaccine, but he is under nourished and just generally exhausted so he can’t cope, he probably hasn’t been exposed to the vaccine in the large quantities like this since he was freed. His whole system is trying to shut down,’ another voice patiently explains. ‘Mentally he doesn’t want to survive. He doesn’t have a reason to live.’

‘Surely the baby s enough,’

‘Not if what he says is true. That will have affected him mentally cutting it out of the woman he loved. Being reminded every day what he has lost,’

‘It was Dread riders but why kill a pregnant girl when they are so rare it just doesn’t make sense. Naomi it is a boy,’

‘What’s a boy?’

‘The baby, it is a boy like him they both are we have to get the other child back if it is still alive,’

‘Little fighter that baby could do with giving some to its father,’

‘We need to get him to your mother, she can help him,’

‘We can’t he is far too weak look at him so delicate. Have you seen the other one?’

‘Adam, yes he is pretty and delicate but there is something about him got a will of iron that one. Andrea is keeping him safe she enjoys his company which is amusing,’

‘I bet and Gillian?’

‘She adores him, got him running the office, he is solving the Adam Program mess at the moment. Not that he knows that. Celina checks on him he is safe,’ Naomi paused. ‘We need to give Aaron a purpose a reason to live,’ I feel the bed dip as someone brushes my hair off my face.

‘I feel a but,’ Florence answers.

‘Sophie is home and she has a son, a beautiful son and says the boy is the father and she wants him back.’

‘I don’t see the issue, Gillian knows he isn’t one of hers,’

‘It’s not Gillian that is the problem it’s the boy he made a deal and he feels he is honour bound to keep it. The only thing that would persuade him to break his promise is him,’ she turns to look at me.

‘No, he is not fit enough mentally or physically to survive Gillian,’

‘Not Gillian, he was her companion for many years he gets Gillian. Lady Arellia as that is who you think has his son it makes perfect sense,’

‘Damn it those Dread Riders have been a thorn in our side for years,’ I hear a pause. ‘No that is madness Gillian wouldn’t,’

‘Gillian suggested it. Wants a reason to shut that lot down and set an example,’

‘I would need to train him. How long do I have?’

‘Three months!’

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