Inherited Extinction 2 Aaron

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Chapter Twenty Five

I thought we were walking but it would seem not as Marina leads me over to a van, car thing, it is long, and sort of lozenge shaped and painted two colours pale blue on the bottom and white on top with a row of windows. I know it is a Volks wagon camper van from the car books I have read but it’s far more modern.

A huge grin covers my face as I gaze at it; I run my hand over it feeling the cold metal beneath my fingers. A voice breaks my rapture and I jump slightly.

‘You like it then?’

‘God yeah it’s amazing,’ I reply without thinking. ‘How does it work what fuel do you use,’ I hear a deep chuckle next to me.

‘If you pop the hood, you’ll find a sealed metal box with a micro hydrogen fusion cell in it. That bad boy generates enough electricity to power this things motor for about the next half a million years.’

‘How does that work?’ I ask in wonder.

‘Not a clue I’m afraid. It fuses hydrogen atoms to generate energy, don’t ask how because I don’t know, that it then stores the energy given off in a set of really powerful capacitors. They are in turn attached to a modulator that supplies the correct amount of electricity to power the motor. Paula over there she knows exactly how this works. If you climb aboard you get a ride in it,’ the voice chuckles and I look up into a pair of blue eyes nearly as blue as mine, framed by light brown hair set in a perfect face, an Adam. He laughs at the shock on my face.

‘Ed,’ he smiles holding out his hand.

‘How,’ I stutter gazing at him, I am completely floored how can this be? He is much older than me, well past retirement age he has lines around his eyes and mouth indicating he laughs a lot.

‘Aaron,’ I manage shaking his hand.

‘Yes, I know my wife never stops telling me about you and your gorgeous baby,’ he chuckles.

‘Oh…um sorry,’

‘Is Florence your match?’

‘No…she died, my match, having my son,’ that wasn’t exactly the truth and I don’t know why I said all that. I look into his blue eyes and shrug. I don’t really understand all this matching stuff. He frowns at me and shakes his head as if puzzled by me.

‘Right well better get going, who is looking after you today?’ I can tell he is embarrassed by my answer. Who wouldn’t be don’t know why I said all that?

‘Um Marina,’ I answer still in a state of shock as I try to process everything. I look up alarmed I can hear motor bikes. Ed grabs hold of me and puts me in the bus.

‘Aaron, go sit down and stay with the other kids okay,’ I nod my head at Ed as I do as he says sitting next to Robert, I put my arm around him and hold him tight.

‘Aaron do you think they will punish us because we ran away. I like it here, I don’t want to go back,’ he looks at me his eyes swimming with tears.

‘We won’t, Ed will look after us,’ I tell him trying to reassure him. As Ed climbs on the bus just as a shot rings out Robert jumps and the tears that were threatening to fall run down his cheeks as he buries his head in my chest clinging to me.

‘I want to go home to my Mother, but she is dead,’ he whimpers, and I know exactly what he means as I hold him tight. The bus rumbles to life and I look up meeting Marina’s eyes. She looks as if she is going to speak and then changes her mind as Ed drives away, I can hear bikes roaring.

‘What’s going on Ed?’ one of the girls asks as we speed away two bikes either side of the van.

‘Well girls these two little Adams we have amongst us are no ordinary Adams and lots of people want them.’

‘Cool, we will protect them won’t we girls,’ another girl shouts and a hell yeah is cheered throughout the van. I can’t help it and a grin twitches my lips, even Robert lifts his head and wipes his face with the back of his hand and manages a watery smile.

The bikes push aggressively against the van causing Ed to swear about his paint work. Ed pulls his pistol out and opens the window and shoots the offending bikes front tyre out sending it flipping into the verge and through a hedge throwing the rider into the air.

‘Circle round Ed head back to the camp if they drive us off the road here, we will stand no chance,’ Paula instructs and Ed throws the van into a tight turn causing another bike to crash off the road and slide on its side across the grass field. The girls give a collective cheer it doesn’t last as deafening bang crashes around the van as a window is shot out, a couple of girls scream as glass showers them.

I push Robert to the floor and cover him with my body picking glass out of his hair as he whimpers. ‘It’s fine Robert, you are fine,’ I whisper in his ear and feel him relax a little.

On the floor I can’t see anything and all I can hear is a gun and Ed using some very colourful swear words. My point of gravity shifting drastically took my brain by surprise and it was a full five minutes until I realised, we had crashed. As I am showered with yet more glass and the screech of twisting metal, intermingled with the screams of the girls is all I can hear, I hold tightly to Robert as we are thrown about like clothes in a washing machine.

The van finally comes to a stop and the silence is deafening until the sobs of the girls starts and Ed slowly crawls toward me half his face covered in blood. I gingerly lift my weight off of Robert and peer down at him. He too has blood trickling down his face, but he manages a smile to show me he is okay.

I glance around and it is carnage. Somehow Robert and I were shielded by the seat but the girls on the side that hit the ground were not nearly as lucky. Ed reaches my side and looks me over placing his hands on my shoulders and pulling me up onto my knees.

‘Are you hurt?’ he asks concern and fright on his face.

‘No, we are fine,’ I manage pulling Robert out from under the seat.

‘We need to get out, come on,’ He turns, and crawls back the way he came. I grab Robert and push him in front of me. By the time we climb out some of the girls are out now and huddled around Ed who is bloodied. Some of the girls are battered but amazingly no one died, and we all seem to just have cuts and bruises.

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