Inherited Extinction 2 Aaron

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Chapter twenty Seven

I hear shouting, the shooting has stopped. I listen and I can hear my name being called. Roberts body is lifted away, and I am led to my caravan.

‘Are you hurt, let me see,’ Naomi fusses around me.

Naomi it isn’t my blood, I just need a shower and a change of clothes,’ I sigh as she runs her hands over me. ‘How is Ed?’

‘He is still unconscious, but he should wake up soon.’

'No one else died then?'

‘No, Aaron I think you should have a sleep, recover, we can’t afford for you to get sick,’ Florence turns the bed back and then starts my bath.

‘Florence who are you? Where are you taking me after this?’ I remove my clothes I do need a bath and I am exhausted.

‘Aaron you know who I am!’ she says over her shoulder as I undress. ‘I am taking you to Tribe as Rita would have done to keep you safe,’ her voice is muffled by the running water. She emerges from the bathroom. Her gaze sweeps my body checking for damage I suppose. ‘Have your bath and a sleep I will care for baby tonight,’ she smiles. I can see the sympathy and worry she thinks I will break again.

‘Aaron keep it together, it’s the shock,’ Florence soothes me as I start to shake. ‘You were amazing,’ she puts her hand on my shoulder. I curl up and shake finally giving way to the tears as everything seems to crush me.

‘Aaron talk to me, what’s wrong?’ I hear Florence her voice and it sounds so far away, and I want to talk to her, but I can’t, I just curl into a tighter ball as the sobs rack my body.

‘What the hell happened?’ I hear Naomi, angry and unsure.

‘We were attacked Robert died,’ Marina huffs. ‘In his arms as he tried to save him,’

‘Who the hell were those women the same ones that killed my sister,’ Florence paces she does that when she is thinking. ‘Why do they want him?’

‘Can’t you give him something you know to calm him,’ Marina asks.

’Noo, oh no very bad idea, he wasn’t bluffing when he said he wasn’t a normal Adam,' Florence says as she sits next to me her arm going around me. ‘Aaron it’s okay you are safe now,’ she murmurs in my ear as she strokes my hair away from my face as I let oblivion take me.

I wake alone, I don’t care, or wonder where everyone is, not even baby. I stumble out of bed and head to the door the only thing in my head is I want a drink and I don’t mean a cup of tea. I pull the door open and gaze around eventually I spot Marina. I jump down the steps onto the grass feeling it tickle my bare feet as I make my way toward her.

’Aaron what are you doing out of bed? she surveys me and smirks. ‘Did you forget something?’ I frown and then realise I only have my boxers and a t-shirt on. Shit who took my clothes; I look at Marina and then start to laugh.

‘Aaron you idiot,’

‘Yeah I know but I need something,’ I growl frustrated.

‘Do you really I thought you would never ask,’ she winks at me suggestively and wraps her arm around me.

‘No, no, not that, I need a drink, alcohol,’ I manage and then gaze at her with expectation.

‘Oh, do you now well I might just know where we can get you some hmm,’ I nod with enthusiasm and follow her toward some caravans set slightly away from the rest. 'If I do this what do I get in return?' Marina asks all innocent and I know exactly what she wants.

‘I will mate with you,’ I answer hoping I have injected enough nonchalance, so she thinks I don’t care about what I am offering.

‘Deal,’ she grins and bangs on a blue paint peeling door. It opens and a very cross old woman glares at us both.

‘What you want Marina?’


‘Got money.’

‘Yes,’ Marina pulls some folded up notes from her jean pocket and hands them to the old woman, who examines them for a minute and then goes inside slamming the door in our faces. We stand for a few minutes hearing what I assume is the woman looking for the whiskey. Eventually as I am losing my nerve the door swings open again and an arm and hand reach out with a bottle of what I assume is whiskey’.

'Thanks,’ Marina says as she grabs the bottle and then pulls me away and back toward the rest of the caravans. She doesn’t lead me back to my caravan but takes me to a different one set behind some others as we approach, I can hear music. A small smile settles on my lips, its time I decide to act my age. As we get nearer, I see people sat outside smoking and talking they look up at us as Marina leads me to the door.

‘What you doing with him?’ one asks as in my undressed state I can’t be mistaken for a girl.

‘He wants to play,’ Marina retorts and they smile.

‘Does he now,’ one says, she looks me up and down. ‘Here boy try this,’ she passes me the thing she is smoking I take a drag and then cough, a lot, my eyes watering, I take another drag and let the smoke fill my lungs, I feel all relaxed and I can’t honestly remember why I was so anxious.

‘Thanks,’ I mutter as they go back to their conversation and smoking.

Marina leads me inside, there are more people drinking and smoking and the music is louder. As Marina leads me through the crowd some smirk at me and I feel a couple of hands touch me, for some reason I really don’t care.

‘Is the back room free?’ Marina demands and a voice belonging to a girl with hair that I can only describe as lilac although it could be pink, but she is surrounded by so much smoke it is hard to distinguish the colour exactly.

‘Yeah, it’s free, is he legal?’ She laughs and ruffles my hair. I scowl at her and she laughs at me.

‘Let’s hope so,’ Marina counters back and the place erupts into laughter.

I enter the room at the back of the caravan and Marina pushes me down, so I am sat on the bed, she hands me the bottle and I open it and take a swig as she locks the door, I frown at this.

‘We don’t want Naomi or Florence barging in now do we?’ She says as she moves to the bed and climbs up beside me, I pass her the bottle and she takes a large mouthful.

‘Better,’ she asks.

‘Yes much,’ I reach over and kiss her, she doesn’t need much encouragement and removes the bottle from my hands she places it on the floor. She then returns her attention to me removing my t-shirt and her top she places my hands on her large breasts as she kisses me again her body covering mine, I push my hips into her suggestively, I hear her moan softly and that’s all the encouragement I need.

We lay later drinking the whiskey, I would say I feel better but in truth I just feel numb and now very drunk.

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