Inherited Extinction 2 Aaron

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Chapter Twenty Eight

‘What happened to you? Where is the baby’s mother I know it isn’t Florence,’ Marina takes my hand linking our fingers.

‘Dead,’ I answer as I draw circles with my finger on her flat belly dipping it into her belly button now and again.

‘Oh Aaron, I am so sorry.’

‘Yeah, yeah, so is everyone,’ I say as my hand travels lower. A commotion outside drawers our attention as the music stops and I hear the unmistakable voice of Florence.

‘Where is he, you had better not have harmed him in any way,’

‘Course we ain’t, he just wanted some fun, who are we to deny him that?’ Someone answers and I hear Florence snarl back a reply as I pull my clothes on what little I have anyway. I take the bottle and drink some more whiskey as Florence barges in. She stands momentarily as she takes in the scene before her, me drunk and Marina naked next to me.

‘Jeez Aaron what the hell,’ she strides to the bed and grabs hold of me yanking me to my feet, I sway and grin at her offering her some whiskey. ‘Marina what have you done to him?’ Florence glares at Marina. ‘You are supposed to watch him keep him out of trouble,’

‘Nothing he didn’t want to do,’ Marina glares back her eyes flash with anger, and I giggle as her tits wobble as she moves, glaring at Florence. Maybe if you saw him as a person he wouldn’t be so messed up in the head,’

‘Leave me alone Florence, I am having a good time,’ I pick the bottle up and take an exaggerated swig and grin at her.

‘Aaron honey come on this isn’t like you.’ She goes to take the bottle, but I dance out of her way giggling.

‘Mine, don’t want to share,’ I giggle and drink some more. ‘What do you know about me…nothing. You don’t love me like she did hell you don’t even like me,’ I slur taking another mouthful of the whiskey.

‘See leave him alone if he wants to party that’s up to him, get lost Florence,’ Marina climbs off the bed and squares up to Florence I pass her the bottle and she drinks some.

‘Oh, put some bloody clothes on and I am taking him with me.’ Florence growls unimpressed.

‘Piss off Flo, maybe if you let him have some fun he wouldn’t be such a mental wreck,’ she shouts back, she thinks I’m a mental wreck, yeah she is right I am. I giggle again and stagger about, I really can’t walk and now I feel sick. I rush to the window and open it just in time to throw up outside. I groan and sink to the floor, my body deciding to purge the alcohol like it would a poison.

‘Oh, great and now he is ill, do you know this could kill him?’ Florence snarls as she strides over to me, scooping me up into her arms.

‘Well better that than what you have planned for him, does he know, no of course he doesn’t, or he would have run by now,’ Marina growls back and then laughs mirthlessly, I wonder what she means but I really don’t care anymore. I rest my head against Florence’s chest.

‘Florence do you love me?’ I slur, I am so drunk.

‘Yes, Aaron I do,’ her voice quiet and I can hear the hurt in it.

‘I killed them both,’ I hiccup. ‘Careful I don’t get you killed,’ I hiccup again.

‘No you didn’t you are brave, and sweet and I am sorry,’ she kisses the top of my head.

‘You can put me down now.’

‘Can you walk?’

‘No, probably not,’ I giggle, and Florence rolls her eyes.

‘You are a ridiculous drunk…why are you drunk, what’s going on Aaron?’

‘Everyone I love is dead?’ I snivel, I am a pathetic drunk.

‘Oh Aaron, is this what this is about?’ I nod as I feel her hold me tighter, I shut my eyes and pass out.

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