Inherited Extinction 2 Aaron

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Chapter Twenty Nine

‘Aaron you awake?’

‘Hmm,’ I moan I feel horrible and Naomi was in earlier giving me some lecture on getting a grip and stuff. I pulled the pillow over my head and ignored her as best I could.

‘I brought you something to eat, you must be hungry you have been in here nearly two days now.’ Marina coaxes me and I reluctantly sit up as the aroma of burger wafts around me. She passes me a paper bag and I fish the burger box out and open it. Inside is the most fabulous thing I have seen in ages. I grin at Marina and eat it as she eats hers. She passes me a large cardboard cup with a lid and a straw. I place my lips around the straw and suck up the drink glad when my mouth floods with cola.

I finish my burger and lay back with my drink and leisurely eat my fries, letting out a loud burp making Marina grin as she does the same, we both giggle and I feel so much better.

Marina tidies up the food wrappers and shoves them in the large paper bag they came in and then comes and sits on the bed with me.

‘You alright Aaron?’ Marina pulls her legs up and shuffles about getting comfortable.

‘Yeah, feel much better,’ I smile as we lapse into silence again.

‘I got a right telling off from Naomi,’ she giggles.

‘Yeah Naomi gave me a lecture on getting a grip,’ I chuckle.

‘That’s better, that’s the Aaron I know and love, what happened to you?’

‘Everything, I lost Her, she sent me away, Rita died in front of me and…and I lost someone,’ I look away. ‘I’m a pathetic excuse of a man, how can I be normal, be around Florence and baby, when I can’t protect them,’ I look at Marina searching her face for the look of disgust at what I have done.

‘Oh Aaron, you aren’t pathetic you silly boy, you are brave and strong and loyal to your friends, and from what Naomi and Florence have said you were put in a horrible position and through it all you have protected your baby son. How do you handle all that, you get drunk that is very normal, we all love you, you idiot.’ Marina pulls me to her in a hug as tears stream down her face and mine. I pull back slightly and crush my lips to hers tasting the salt of our tears as our mouths join. It’s not enough, I want to feel her skin against mine as I pull her clothes out of my way, she doesn’t stop me as her hands touch me. I need the release physical and mentally.

‘You know this is becoming a habit,’ I chuckle as I lay curled around Marina.

‘A nice habit,’ she laughs back as she turns so she is facing me.

‘Yeah a nice habit,’ I lean in and kiss her.

‘You gonna get out of bed then and stop wallowing in self-pity.’

‘Self-pity, I was properly depressed, how rude,’ I splutter. ‘Yeah baby has had me up already with his demands, who put him in here anyway?’

‘Oh, that was Florence she thought it might help,’ Marina climbs off the bed and collects her clothes. I watch her as she puts them on, she smirks at me. 'Like what you see?' she teases and wriggles her bottom at me as she bends over the crib and gazing with what I can only describe as longing at baby. 'He is just adorable can I hold him?' She looks at me waiting for my permission.

‘Yes, go ahead I need a shower anyway,’ I climb out of bed and walk around the room to where she is holding baby. 'Maybe you have one in your belly now,' I kiss her cheek.

‘I doubt it I am not your genetic match, but nice thought,’ she cuddles baby and he snuffles her chest making me smile as I amble to the door that leads to the bathroom, smiling as I listen to Marina coo at the baby. . I stand under the shower and lean against the tiles and let the hot water run over me. I find clothes in the drawers. I finish doing up the buttons on the blue shirt I had finally settled on, to go with the light brown chinos I had on, I turn to Marina.

‘Do I look respectable now?’ I ask my eyes twinkling with mischief.

‘Now you have shaved you do.’ She giggles, come on people want to talk to you and I think this little fella needs Heidi as she has a working set of boobs,’ Marina holds her hand out to me, in her other arm nestles baby.

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